Roe V Wade Should Have Been Undone

There is no Constitutional “right” to anything. Any thing granted by the State (i.e., a constitution) is a privilege that can be taken away. A Right is inherent to the act of existence and is a priori. Rights are not derived from the State. The Constitution and Bill of Rights limits the States ability to interfere, abridge or take away a Right.

The State cannot grant a Right or take away a Right. The State can oppress. The State can abuse. The State can only abridge and suppress and violate rights. The State can be commended to protect a Right from interference by the State or other actors. No Right is derived from the State. Only privileges can be granted by the State.

Witness the #roevwade abuse ongoing across the States at this moment. The arguments against abortion are based on religion almost entirely. That is, technically, unconstitutional. The separate States, such as Kentucky, are now abusing human rights by disallowing abortion and interfering with the self care of a private human body.

Yet, this is the fault of the Left as the Left pushed the State (Federal) to grant a privilege of abortion via a court ruling.

The Left has controlled congress and the Presidency many times over the past 50 years. Yet, they, each time, ignored abortion and passed no legislation barring the State (or the States) from interfering with private decisions made by Citizens as concerns their personal bodies.

There is a reason for this and it is not because the Left cares about you. If they had passed such legislation, the vaccine mandates and other abuses by the State would not have been possible.

You voted for these people. This is your fault.