Young Afghans Step UP!

The Afghan military needs leadership.

They have some good young leaders out there. Hopefully, a few of them decide that the sacrifice to help their people is a worthy effort for them. Gather these soldiers. Train them up. Lead them.

The Afghan political leadership is weak and corrupt. If they truly loved Afghanistan, they would get out of the way and let some young turk lead the way through this current crisis and into the future. The old, corrupt men need to get out of the way. Their way has led Afghanistan to disaster. They are selfish, decrepit old men. They need to go.

Afghanistan is a creation of the West. It’s a money cow and nothing more. The old men like Karzai, Abdullah and Ghani have failed because they lined their pockets and the pockets of their cronies for the past two decades. It is time for these and other greed driven warlords to get out of the way. They’ve done immeasurable damage.

I don’t know if Afghanistan will survive. I don’t even know if it should exist. Centralized government has never existed in the geographical area that we call Afghanistan. The Soviet Union tried to install one. The US tried to install one. Perhaps, it should not exist. It may never exist.

If Afghanistan is to become a real nation as opposed to a puppet government based entirely upon some outsider nation’s patronage, the old line must give way. The young leaders must step forward and step up.

It’s either that or Afghanistan splinters and we will get some mix of Taliban (Pashtun), Tajik, Hazara and possibly Da’esh led mini-States constantly warring upon one another as proxies of Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, the US, India, Russia and China.

The Taliban cannot accomplish much on their own. What no one is talking about is that Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are arming and supporting these Taliban groups. Make no mistake. There is no monolithic Taliban power in Afghanistan. These Taliban groups are not warring in a vacuum.

I’m sure that China and Russia have pet groups in Afghanistan. I’m equally certain that Iran has their set of pet groups.

Iran does not want a Sunni Taliban power on their border.

India has no love for the idea of a Pashtun Wahhabi bent Taliban led power in alliance with Pakistan.

Neither China nor Russia want a Wahhabist Sunni (Salafist) Taliban fomenting Islamic Extremism into Western China, the Central Asian Stans and bordering regions.

The US should be working with Russia, China, and, yes, Iran to put the Taliban down and to keep their Saudi-Paki induced madness from spreading into the Central Asian plains, China and Eastern Europe. We should have been doing this for the past 20 years. Alas, we’ve allowed our arrogance to make us ignorant and we are here at the end of our Afghan epic having wasted two decades and two trillion dollars with our greatest triumphs being the creation of Dubai as a financial center of the Middle East, flooding the world with Afghan opium, Afghan multimillionaires and a few thousand newly minted Americans in the Afghans who served as interpreters. We also brilliantly created a National Defense force that has fallen apart in the first minutes after our departure.

The Approach to No Regrets

The approach that I’ve attempted in my book No Regrets is to simply tell the story.  Lay out what happened/happens in Afghanistan/Nation Building and let people decide for themselves if it’s good, bad or somewhere in between.  I try not to lead to an opinion.

My opinion is that the Afghans are not ready for “democracy” or even Republicanism/Pluralism.  They are still tribal, patriarchal, superstitious (religious) and, by our standards, medieval.  There is nothing that an outside force can do to elevate them to a higher plain.

For the most part, they still sell their daughters into marriage.  They still see dark people as inferior.  They still believe that non-believers (in Islam) are inferior.  Their politicians are corrupt and see that as the way of business and governance.

Warlords still rule every facet of political life, social justice and still guide the way through violence or the threat of violence.  Mullahs still rule the social sphere.  Islam guides their thinking to a large degree.

We can only influence and hope that they integrate some of our mannerisms, culture (political and social) and values into their way of life.  In many ways we have done this already — positively and negatively.  However, the people of Afghanistan are a long way off from becoming anything resembling what the West would recognize as civilized or modern.  They’re somewhere around 1500 in terms of Western attitudes and such.

Women have no real rights.  Factions vie for power in the post-ISAF Coalition Afghanistan, corrupt officials steal every silver coin upon which they can lay their thieving hands and Mullahs still spout lies that America or the West is trying to crush Islam when, in fact, most of the West could care less about Islam except to the degree that it violently affects our cultures because of their obsessions over Israel, Wahhabism and a new Qaliphate over all of the old Muslim possessions.

I still keep an ear to the ground in Afghanistan as I care very much what happens to that nation and it’s people.  I have friends there.  I’ve heard rumors that the Taliban, or some factions thereof, are leery about the post-Coalition Afghanistan.  These talibs worry over the influences of Iran and Pakistan.  They are suspicious of the aims of those two Muslim nations.

However, China is out there to play some role in the post-Coalition Afghanistan.  China has invested billions in the region and has a vested interest in a peaceful, non-fundamentalist Afghanistan.

I hope my books creates discussion of some sort .  I’d love that.  Aside from lining my pockets, it might enlighten a few muddled headed souls about Islam, nation building and the US Coalition among other things.  How’s that for naivite’ and arrogance all rolled into one?

There are, of course, many negatives to the story of Afghanistan and our efforts therein.  Yet, there are also stories of hope and kindness.  There are patriots in that nation that wish for a strong, healthy Afghan Republic that is free of insurgents, Taliban, coalitions, war and violence.  Many private citizens work hard in the private arena to bring business to the country and to bring employment and build a strong economy with which Afghanistan can forge ahead.

Within the coalition, as misguided as it may sometimes be, there are many who work hard during their tours of duty in the Stan to leave behind a lasting legacy.  Schools are built.  Water pumps installed in villages that, theretofore, had no running water.  Hospitals are established and staffed.  Fire Stations are manned and equipped.

There are many who wish work to halt corruption and to find a way to work for the future.

If these folks are supported and successful, Afghanistan may prevail.   May the Gods be with them, comfort them and carry them to a day of promise and fulfillment.


American “Soldier” Murders Civilians in Southern Afghanistan

Salway Kamees or Man Jams

It’s finally happened.  An American has gone off the deep end in Afghanistan.

This guy wakes up this morning.  Puts on some salwar kamees or Man Jams.   Man Jams being the colloquial term for the local fashion of the region.  They’re called Man Jams because they look like pajamas for men.  I own a couple of pair and they are comfortable.  This Insane Idiot grabs his rifle and walks off the base.  I guess when he woke up this morning,  He shit, showered and shaved.  Drank a cup of coffee.  Then he stood up and thought; “Fuck, I’m gonna go kill me some motherfuckers…” and strolls on off the base.

A few minutes later, he’s in the middle of Panjwayi District.  The Dude starts shooting civilians.  The rumor is that he may have wounded or killed up to16 victims.  One rumor has him walking house to house.  Shooting victims in their beds.  That’s the nature of war and rumors.  Every iteration grows in violence and strangeness.  We’ll have to wait for the real story and casualty count.  Once he’s finished, he walks back to the base and turns his rifle and himself in and tells his command what he’s done and that he’s crazy.  He thinks that he should be sent home.  The amazing thing is that he was able to walk off the base, kill several people and walk away unopposed and unnoticed.  No one seems to have known that anything was amiss UNTIL this guy tells them what he’s done.  No one had a clue.  WTF!

Everything is calm.  There are no tires burning.  No protests or demonstrations of which I am aware despite the photos in the attached media links.  I’m sure that most people aren’t even aware of it.  Most of the Afghans who are even aware that something occurred probably still think it was a local bandit.  The rest of Afghanistan is most certainly clueless about the event entirely.

BUT!  The US has released the information on the shooting to the local representatives of the international press.  The local press, of course, is printing the news all over the wires and the internets.  I’ve seen links from media in Pakistan (of course), Indonesia, the AP, Reuters and several others popping up over the last few hours.

It was insane what this guy did.  It was more insane to have released what he did to all points North, South, East and West.  This should have been kept on the down low.

This guy opened up the potential for many, many deaths.  His actions were onerous.  His actions were heinous.  He killed innocent people for no reason other than he was mentally imbalanced.  Someone should have caught that and that soldier should not have been here.

The one thing that is not really being discussed is that this kid is supposedly from the same unit where two soldiers were killed during the Qu’ran Burning Intifada over the last couple of weeks.  I’m sure that is what put the kid over the edge.  He’s here trying to make Afghanistan safe.  Afghans who are supposed to be our allies are murdering us over a couple of burnt books.  Quite a few Coalition Soldiers are angry that Afghans turned on us in such a manner.  There’s a lot of mission burn out over the Qu’ran Burning incident.  Not because the Qu’rans were burned but because Afghan Soldiers went native and started shooting at us and Civilians were so vocal thanks to the press about Americans “disrespecting Islam.”  Most of the Coalition goes out of their way to “respect” Islam.  We’ve spent Billions on this place.  We’ve shed blood in this place.  The Taliban is constantly murdering Afghans and no one bats an eye over it.  Americans burn a few copies of the Qu’ran and it’s a mad house.  Nah, I doubt that has anything to do with this.

But was it a mad house?  Were the demonstrations truly nation wide?  What percentage of the population protested and demonstrated?  From what I could tell, less than 1% of the population demonstrated over the burnt Qu’rans.  That same week of the Qu’ran burnings, I had an Afghan Officer tell me that “we have to pray that the Americans do not leave us.”  The press, though, made it seem as though the country was being over run with protestors and demonstrations were being held in every city, town, hamlet, borough and village.  The media, of course, lies and sensationalizes to sell advertising space or their agenda.

The US Department of State and the US Department of Defense are equally insane for having released the news of the shooting incident.  Lives are at stake here.  Not theoretical lives.  Real lives.  The potential for blood loss from a reaction to this is massive.  Of course, the media will sensationalize any reaction.  They’ll sit at the Serena Hotel or the Safi Landmark Hotel in their comfy chairs and loveseats and type out little white lies and no one will call them on it.

But!  I suppose that if we didn’t release the news in a timely manner, there was no way that we could have sent a swift and appropriately groveling apology for the incident to that thief Hamid Karzai.

The plus side of this, potentially, is that these were people who were killed.  Mere humans.  Political pawns to be played for sure.  They weren’t Qu’rans.  Many Afghans probably won’t bat an eyelash.  They’re inured to violence unless riled up by the local Mullah with a bone to pick.  Especially if it was mostly women who were killed.  No proper Afghan cares about the lives of women.  Especially if they’re past their breeding prime or if they haven’t squeezed out a few boys by the time they’re seventeen.  If they were little girls who were killed, many, if not most, Afghans won’t care much either.

Thankfully, the guy didn’t kill any donkeys or goats.  Then we’d have a real problem on our hands.

I’ve seen donkey deaths cause instant mini-riots.  I’ve seen Afghans shrug off the death of a little girl like it was a fly that had just been swatted.  These two incidents occurred on the Jalalabad Road.  Little Girl gets hit by a car.  They pulled the body off of the street and carried her away.  A donkey got hit and the owner went crazy.  The crowd grew dangerous and started throwing objects.   Both times, it was the French.  They seemed to be prone to these kinds of incidents back in ’05 and ’06.

Since no Qu’rans or livestock were involved, many Afghans will probably give this incident little notice.  Of course, the Afghan politicians (THUGS) will use it to soak us for more money and to show their influence by having Obama and the various ISAF Generals break dance with more groveling apologetic acrobats.  After all, the Coalition funding at their disposal to embezzle is slowly drying up as we near 2014.  The Afghan Parliamentarians, Ministers and Generals need issues like this so they might better fund their retirements.

Two Rocks


See the two rocks…

Well, some Muslims believe that it is forbidden to touch the penis (even one’s own penis) with one’s hands.

In order to urinate, they’ll take two rocks and hold their penis.

Being the polite and considerate culture that Islam is…they leave the rocks in the toilet so that they’ll be conveniently available for others.

Yes! The next guy WILL use those same two rocks to hold his penis.

And the next one…and the next one…and the next one…lol

Crazy Scheit!!!

Please Do Not Sell Your Women — Daughters, Wives or Mothers.

Sex Slavery

A great problem in Central Asia and India, among other places, is the selling of women into slaver.  Usually sex slavery.  Happens quite frequently in Iran as well from what I’ve read.

Women in this part of the world are seen as property.  A daughter or a “disobedient” wife can bring a family out of debt or help a family purchase a tractor or other items which can enhance a Father or Husbands wealth or standing in the community.  Daughters are not seen as contributors to a family estate.  They’re more a nuisance or a drain on resources.  A man who has only daughters can be taken deep into debt for dowries.

It’s not seen as fortunate on this side of the planet to have a daughter.

They’re expendable or worse.

We, in the West, find this attitude abhorrent.  At the top of the world, it’s merely a fact of life.

There are several excellent books which touch on this subject.  Sold, by Patricia McCormick, is an excellent fictional account of a young girl who is sold into slavery in order to bring her family out of debt and deceived into thinking that she will be a house servant in order that she go willingly.

This is a horrible fact of life for women in this part of the globe.  A less mentioned facet of the sex slave trade is the number of these women who end up in the West in back alley rooms and decrepit hotels on the wrong side of town.  They’re kept prisoner and when used up, murdered and tossed out like so much waste.