My Adolph Rupp Collection

I’ve got a signature from every Coach except for Calipari.  I’ve tried to get a Cal signature several times but something unfortunate has always prevented me from obtaining it.  I don’t want to purchase it.   Rupp is the only one that I have purchased thus far as he was long dead by the time I was cognizant of Kentucky Basketball.



Vandy Unable to Surmount the Great Wall!

Vandy guard Jenkins proves unable to shoot over the defensive presence that is John Wall.

In the closing seconds of the game, Jenkins attempts a 3 point shot.  John Wall gets a piece of it and the shot is off the mark.  More last second heroics by Wall who had made the winning shots for Kentucky only seconds earlier.

This Kentucky Team refuses to lose.  The swagger is definitely back at Kentucky.


Billy Gillispie Gone? It’s official?

With the loss to Notre Dame in the NIT, Billy G is gone.  So say the talking heads. It’s all over the message boards. I think UK is making a mistake.

I think given the time and space to grow into the job, Billy G would have made a fine coach at UK.  Let’s face it.  UK has no Roy Williams waiting in the wings.  That may never come to pass now.  In years to come, UK will regret this day.  Billy Gillispie is going to go somewhere and take some team to the Final Four.  He’s going to win some Championships.   And he’s going to do it with a team of players that he recruited.

UK and it’s fans are going to look on ruefully and be left with thoughts of what might have been.  We may be looking on happily.  Having recently watched our Team win a  Championship with Calipari or some other coach.  If the UKAA makes the right hire post-Gillispie.  Or we make look on wistfully.  Wishing that we and the UKAA  hadn’t made the mistake of a precipitous decision to fire a coach who just needed a bit of time to turn it all around.

I’m a bit saddened by all of this.  Two years ago, I was excited.  It was the end of the Tubby era.  I thought we would enter a Golden Age with the gunslinging, Dr. Pepper drinking man from Texas.  I had a rug made in Herat, Afghanistan and mailed it back as a welcome gift to Billy Gillispie.  I wonder what will become of that rug.  Will Gillispie take it with him or leave it for the next coach.  It won’t be something that he will look on with fond memories if he takes it with him.  For all I know, it winds up in the garbage.  Hopefully, he’ll pass it on to the next coach if he doesn’t want to keep it himself.

Both sides have made mistakes.  Both sides need to step back and re-evaluate before they move on.  Billy G needs to sit down and realize that UK is not just any other job.  Mitch and Pres. Todd need to realize that they have a coach who can win and who needs the time to make the transition from the small pond to the Big Blue Ocean.  The fans need to make this same realization.  G needs to learn how to manage this program and be it’s caretaker and not only it’s coach.  Patience is called for here.

If not, I think we are making a mistake of epic proportions.  I’m no one to whom anyone will listen.  No one to whom anyone should necessarily listen.  These things may have already been discussed by one side or the other and dismissed for all I know.

Something just doesn’t feel right, though.  And the truth doesn’t seem to be out there.  Those outside the circle may never know the truth.  Certain people have an invested interest in keeping the truth away from the general public.  Such is always the case.  Some folks are saying that they are only telling “10% if the story.”  Perhaps, there is a lot more out there concerning Gillispie that we don’t know.  If it’s in the interest of the UKAA for it to come out, it will be made plain.  If not, we will never find out.  Perhaps, that’s simply damage control.

Lots of the things that people are complaining about seem to be small to me.  If Gillispie were winning already, he’d be forgiven most of this.  But since it’s taking longer to win, he’s been hit hard.  I don’t think Gillispie realized how big of a jump he made and how fast he was expected to produce.

It’s probably all moot now.

It seems as if the regretful decision has been made.  We’ll see.

I know this much.  If Mitch doesn’t hit a GRAND SLAM Coaching Hire this time around.  He’s next!  If not, Lee Todd should be.

The next phase of UK Basketball, begins Friday.   Will it be the beginning of a new Coaching Era or an extension of the ongoing era.  I’m hoping that G stays on and leads UK to many victories.  I’ve never liked the media anyway.

Billy Gillispie has been fired! Huh?

That’s the word I’m hearing from some pretty solid sources.

Actually, I was hearing that Gillispie will not be fired.  If G leaves, it’s going to be more of a split due to irreconcilable differences.  A mutual decision to part ways.  I’m sure there will be a buy out involved.

UK is jumping into the abyss.

I’ve also been told the following:

The player mutiny is nonsense rumor mill tripe.  Certainly, there are a couple of players who dislike Gillispie.  Meeks and Patterson are NOT those couple of players.  Meeks and Patterson are not considering the jump to the League because of Coach G.  They support G and are declaring or not declaring based upon their draft status.  They will decide based upon real world criteria and not the fantasies of internet rumor mongers and the media.  The players who won’t be coming back are guys who shouldn’t be coming back.  The Carruth wannabees.  Think AJ and Deandre.  Team Cancers.  From what I’ve been told AJ doesn’t see the purpose or value of an education.  He hasn’t lived in his dorm for most of the season.  Krebs has been all by his lonesome.  Liggins is another problem child.  Think that Vegas trip was his only refusal to go in a game.  Think again.  He’s supposedly done it throughout SEC play as well.  Deandre is playing the game right now.  The only way that he’ll be back is if he continues his change of attitude.  If he doesn’t convince G [or the next coach], he’ll not be returning.  Supposedly, he’s been a real challenge this season and I have a hard time understanding why G has put up with it.  Don’t be surprised if both AJ and Deandre are sitting on some other bench next year.

Folks who are concerned about the contract and why BCG hasn’t signed it.  Some think it’s the clause that sets down the criteria for BCG to be fired.  Some think it has to do with charitable contributions and foundations that is the sticking point.  Others are saying that it has to do with a “personal life” clause.  I’m hearing that such is not the case.  Word on the wind is that it’s the same clause that kept Billy D away.  Apparently, Mitch wants final say on recruiting offers.  He wants final word or veto power concerning recruits.  BCG [and most other Coaches who are worth a damn] will not agree to this.  Coaches should have final say in recruiting.  As long as the guy meets NCAA guidelines, BCG and almost any other coach should have the final say in recruiting.  Not the AD.  This isn’t the NBA and the AD is not the General Manager.  Apparently, Mitch thinks that everyone is as inept a recruiter as TLT.  There seems to be more than this but that’s all I got.

Last thing, the media is brewing this storm because of their personal distaste for BCG.  My opinion on that is screw the media.  Not everyone needs to be at their beck and call and on bended knee.  The media does ask stupid questions that are a waste of time.  And the media picks it’s heros and it’s villains based upon who kisses up to them.  Sycophants like Coach K get all the good press.  Any coach who doesn’t kiss their collective asses gets bad press.  Wooden was a God.  Despite his teams being bought and paid for by a booster.  USC gets a free pass in Football.  UNLV and UK get burned because Rupp and the towel biter didn’t play their game.  Apparently, Matt Jones has a hard on for BCG because Matty was not treated with kid gloves by BCG at an early press conference.  If so, Matt has a pretty large ego.  He’s a freakin’ blogger.  He’s not a real media figure.  He’s lucky he gets a media pass.  That’s funny, though.  Matt Jones was the biggest Tubby Homer on the planet.  Almost as big a homer as the guy who runs A Sea of Blue.

On the recruiting front.  If BCG is fired, UK better hit a GRAND SLAM on the coaching hire or Daniel Orton is gone.  Larry Orton was being polite when he stated that Daniel Orton would reconsider his options if BCG was fired.  I’m told that there is no chance that Daniel comes to UK if BCG is not the coach.  “Zero. Actually, less than zero.”  Is what I’m told.

There is also the tale being told that the UKAA canvassed the players.  Asking if they’d return if BCG was fired.  I guess they are weighing their options.  Fire Billy and these guys leave/stay.  Don’t fire Billy and these guys leave/stay.  Jockeying for leverage in contract negotiations?  Trying to gauge how hard the program will be hit with a BCG firing.  UKAA has to know that they will hurt the program by firing BCG this year.  Allowing the pressure to build, though, allows them to have maximum leverage in contract negotiations.  Playing hardball, I reckon.   Mitch not making a statement of support allows the pressure to build.  He apparently thinks this will aid him in the negotiations after the season and will allow them to get the concessions they desire.  Will Gillispie give that much control over recruiting to the AD.  I don’t think any coach would do that.  I think Billy G will allow some contract concessions such as making the hand shake circuit and being nicer to the media.  But ceding recruiting decisions to the AD, I don’t think it will happen.  BCG and any coach that UK will want will walk away from that deal.

The last thing that I’ve heard is that it’s all over.  The “that’s not in my job description” statement was the straw that broke Billy’s back.  Billy has supposedly been told that he will not be returning next season.  The players are said to know as well.  But they supposedly “demanded” that he be allowed to coach them through the NIT.  The word is that there is an anointed individual in the wings and he’s still in the Tournament now.  Calipari?  Pitino?  Wright?  Dixon?  I don’t know.

So that’s the latest that I’ve heard.  Could all of that be true?  If it is, this program is a mess.  Perhaps, it’s time to part ways with Mitch unless he has some magic up his sleeve that puts UK in the Final Four in 2010 or 2011.  This whole mess is inexcusable.  From the TLT departure catching him off guard to the Billy D fiasco to this mess with Billy G.  Does Barnhart have a clue?  I’m beginning to think that he does not.

Just things I’ve heard around the water cooler.  I’m no one to whom anyone should pay any heed.  After Kentucky plays the last game of the season, somethings going to happen.  I don’t even think G and Mitch knows for certain what that might be.  No one else knows for sure either.  That’s simply my opinion.

Kentucky Madness — Rumors of the end of the Gillispie Era


They’re out there. Thousands of folks running around. Rumor mongers galore.

I’ve heard that Gillispie is out as soon as he loses the last game of the year.  Because everyone or most everyone is convinced that he will lose.  Probably to Creighton.

Miller, Meeks and Patterson will transfer or go to the NBA if Gillispie returns.  Liggins is gone.  Mike Porter is going to graduate early and leave no matter what happens because of family issues.  His wife is about to have their baby and Mike needs to get a job and support his family.  

Calipari is already on board

Pitino is in the wings waiting.  But he might be on his way to Arizona as well.

Donovan has changed his mind [again] and wants to create his own Camelot.

90% of the Big Blue Nation is supposed to want Billy G gone at year end.

A Big time Booster who owns a bank or two is financing the buyout of Billy and the hiring of Calipari.  Calipari supposedly wanted to come last time but was blocked by his contract and boosters at Memphis.  This time.  Nothing stands in his way.

I have no idea what is going to happen.  G is still recruiting as if he is staying.  The JUCO kid, Konner, just signed and he’s supposed to be the real deal.  Instant Impact.  As opposed to flighty JUCOs Galloway and Harrelson.

There are so many rumors floating out there that I can’t keep up with them.  Bloggers are going crazy.  Sportswriters are swearing that he’s gone.  Bromley, Bozich, Seth Davis have all come out stating that G is as good as gone.  Citing “sources close to the program” or “sources within the program.”

And it’s not that Billy G is losing at a clip that makes Tubby look like a winner in his last two years.  It’s that Billy G doesn’t seem to understand the role of a Kentucky Coach.  He seems to think that he can coach and play his X’s and O’s and it ends there.  He doesn’t seem to understand that he’s expected to BE the program.  He’s supposed to kiss babies and shake hands and represent the program in the news.  He’s got to glad hand the boosters and give autographs.

Then there are the rumors that he’s all over the parties on campus doing his best Bruce Pearl impression.  These rumors are completely unbelievable.  In this age of instant celebrity and sleuthing/outting via Youtube and webcams and cellphone cams and video recorders, there would be a record of any shenanigans.  Thus far, NADA.  Not a single video or picture of a drunken Billy pawing on College Frosh at Sorority or Fraternity parties.  Not a single pic of a sloshed Billy G.  Not one.

But that doesn’t stop morons from spreading the rumors or the gullible masses from believing every and anything that they hear concerning these rumors.  It seems that some people live to tell.  And the rowdier the rumor, it seems the more people are willing to believe it.

Come Monday, we’ll see.

If Billy goes up to Omaha and his boys lose, next week is judgement week.  The dirty truth comes out.  

Will he resign?

Will deep pocketed Boosters buy him out and bring in a big name like Calipari?

Is Pitino the “once and future” coach of the Cats?

Will Donovan pull a Roy Williams and come the second time he’s asked?

I have no idea.  We’ll know soon enough.

My favorite rumor is this gem from you tube:

DUI got caught drinking with ramel bradley while he was a senior last year… tisk tisk silly redneck i guess thats what you’d expect from a school with a hick tradition like kentsucky.