Let’s Pretend That the President or Party in Power Actually Matters.


What person who has lived a life and made mistakes could run for office and win? Why would any sane person wish to have his or her personal life flayed and left open for the criticism of hypocrites.

While Clinton was being Impeached for sexing up the fat girl, it was revealed that Henry Hyde had had an affair in similar manner at the same age as Bill Clinton. When asked about it, Hyde responded something to the effect that it had occurred when he was a young man and didn’t know better.

I lost my appetite for many politicians…hell, for most politicians in the Clinton Era. They lied, schemed and generally did the opposite of that which was good for America in the name of party politics.

The only proof of corruption needed is to look at the Oil and Health Industries.

The American “health” industry is disgusting. It’s a death cult. Profit as much as possible from poor health and death. No one in the health industry are interested in saving lives. They’re only interested in profits. They’ll give you a pill for 500USD a month that could be had in Canada for 500CAD a year.

On one side, the market pushes you fat pills that crushes your health and on the other side, the market pushes “health” that crushes your finances. All pushed by a market and a government that wishes only to tax and spend us into oblivion.

The tech is here to move away from the petroleum industry that has sucked us into the Middle east and it’s interminable wars. Yet, in order for America to remain the global police, we push oil and refuse to reach for other energy tech. We export oil. Yet, somehow we find it wise to import oil from our enemies in the Gulf and countries such as Venezuela. How does this make sense.

We meddle and intervene everywhere using “terrorism” as an excuse to spread terror. How does this make sense? Saudi Arabia is the epicenter of terrorism. The Nejd is the origin of the ideas behind the Muslim Brotherhood, al Qaeda, the taliban and every other extremist form of Islam excepting only the Iranians and their Hezbollah.

Yet, Saudi Arabia is our ally.

Most Muslim Extremists are either from the Nejd or were raised on the teachings of radicals in the Nejd.

Somehow, we can’t figure out that this is a problem. It’s as if there is some black liquid in our eyes with a lush green sheet acting as some kind of veil (or hijab not to be confused with Jihad!).

America has created it’s own enemies out of paranoia (N. Korea, Iran & Vietnam) or Imperialistic greed behaviors (Iran, Iraq, Russia, China, Somalia, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, etc) for over half a century now.

We created the Khmer Rouge in the same manner that we created ISIS and helped to create the Taliban. We even assisted in the rise of Ho Chi Minh and Mao through our stupidity.

And pls don’t get me started on the early days of the Soviet Union and how we propped up Stalin so that he could fight Hitler.

Almost every problem we have today finds American finger prints in it’s DNA.

But let’s talk about Obama and how idiotic he is.

And let’s call anyone who makes such statements a “blame America firster.”

Our economy is based on banks who use US foreign policy to rape local economies and gamble constantly. They can afford these gambles because the Fed and the US Gov’t will bail them out as they have done since 1907. The American tax payer is nothing more than a battery compartment for Banking regeneration in a post-fail economic recovery. It has been this way since the turn of the century.

But, we’ll all pretend that the President or Party in power actually matters.


(This is a rant I first posted to facebook…lol)

Is “Wage Theft” a thing? Wages and the Corporate War Machine



Wage theft. Hmmm


Wage theft is the illegal withholding of wages or the denial of benefits that are rightfully owed to an employee. Wage theft, particularly from low wage legal or illegal immigrant workers, is common in the United States.[1] Wage theft can be conducted through various means such as: failure to pay overtime, minimum wage violations, employee misclassification, illegal deductions in pay, working off the clock, or not being paid at all. These violated rights have been guaranteed to workers in the United States since 1938 by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).


Purposefully depressing wages so as to drive up stock prices and CEO bonuses?  While fully realizing that the whole idea behind the free market is to make profit, I can’t help but wonder why it seems to be anathema to actually pay employees a wage that allows them to live and DREAM….to experience life and find enjoyment.  As opposed to what we have now.  And what we have now are corporations who seek to pay the LEAST to their employees for the maximum output.  Corporations expect an employee to give them their all. Corporations seek, in exchange, to pay employees as little as possible while remaining “competitive” in the job market.

This is one factor that is driving the Education bubble. Millions of over educated idiots in debt up to their ears because employers expect a college degree in order for one to be hired to work at jobs that require no such education.

That could be “wage theft.”

Or it could be something else entirely.

Technically, every job that I’ve had requires a 4 year degree. However, I’m great at building networking relationships and bold enough to tell employers that I am better than most of their “degreed” employees. I then set to prove that I am and, in most, cases accomplish this.
I have held several jobs that “require” a Masters and prior experience as a Major or Colonel in the Military. Yet, I have outperformed many of the folks who actually meet these requirements.  I can’t say that I’m a genius or all that special.

I believe that corporations expect too much and give too little in return.  Making matters worse is the US public education system is not designed to produce leaders or trail blazers. Nearly all of American brilliance forges ahead despite of and not because of the education system of America.   It’s all a sham designed to produce fodder for the Corporate War Machine.

This is my opinion. That is all.