The US Government and Vaccinations: Why Would Anyone Trust Them?


Tuskagee Experiments — The USG infected Americans with a disease and allowed them to suffer and die. This occurred over the course of 40 years.

If our government could be trusted to disclose full truths and risks associated with vaccinations, I think people would be far less likely fight programs such as this.

However, the USG has lied to the American people constantly. God only knows how these vaccinations and the Vax vehicles are harming us even as they save us from mass disease issues.

The USG doesn’t mind a small percentage of citizens being harmed or dying as long as the whole of the tax base or a “too large” percentage of the tax base isn’t killed or debilitated. Most American Citizens are much too trusting of the USG. A majority of Americans are oblivious of the sins of the past committed by the USG. We are an ignorant people for the most part with a blind trust in the same government which time after time has failed us, lied to us and, in some cases, outright murdered and stolen from us.

The USG will lie. The USG has lied. They’ve been caught in their lies time and again. Yet, these folks would have us believe that the USG has our best interests in mind.

Tuskagee should resonate loudly in the minds of all Americans when discussing these issues.

Vaccinations have been said to contribute to or cause Down Syndrome. Vaccinations used in the military (as well as many other meds and experiments) have caused massive health challenges for service members. Yet, as in the case of Agent Orange, the USG denies until enough of those affected have died to mitigate the payout for resolution of their earlier miscalculations, lies, etc.

After all of these lies and outright criminality by the USG, some wish for us to simply trust the the USG is doing the right thing and looking out for our best interests.

For all of those folks, I have some excellent ocean front property which I would love to sell you in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. Largely a peaceful region. Not dangerous at all. The locals love outsiders.


Why are Americans so Scared of Everything?


I have often wondered why Americans seem so fearful. So easily “fear-mongered.”.

I read and speak to folks in America and I watch the media sensationalize everything into an unhealthy fear of the unknown. I say unknown because it is obvious that these folks have no experience outside of America. I’m not counting that two week vacay to Aruba.

I travel quite frequently to places like Cambodia, Egypt, Turkey. I work in places like Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Kuwait, etc. Any time I discuss these places with my mother, I’m assailed with information and emails about how “dangerous” each place is. Many (most?) Americans seem to be of the same mind. To them, every place outside of America is fraught with danger. They seem to believe that one should just stay home…where it’s “safe.”

Having traveled widely in the world, I can say that none of these places are as dangerous as, it seems, the average American believes. I want to say grow a pair but having thought about the issue, I realize that it’s more ignorance of the world and inexperience than courage or lackthereof. Americans seem to be in their own little world. They also seem to be uninterested in the world about them. Only when something violent occurs in a country or upon news of some crisis do Americans learn of the wider world. Usually, the knowledge comes to them from the American Media.

This seems to produce in Americans some fear of the world and a hatred and distrust of the peoples therein. I can tell you from experience. The world is not as bad as Fox, CNN and MSNBC make it seem. The only way to learn this is to do one’s own research and to travel the world and meet its inhabitants first hand.

However, Americans historically have no interest in travel outside of America. I suppose this means that Americans will always be easily led by special interest parties who can lie to them and fearmonger Americans into hating, distrusting and cursing the peoples outside of America’s borders.

This is a shame for the world is a better place when America has courage.


Are Americans a Bellicose People?


I don’t think Americans are bellicose so much as completely unaware as well as detached. They aren’t bellicose. They don’t want war but war is something that the government sponsors as if it were a Super Bowl or an Olympics. America is completely oblivious to most of the actions of the American government.

I have returned from overseas and talked to people about “the war.” Most often people inquire superficially about my experiences OVER THERE and they want to call me a “hero” which I think is completely idiotic.

Many Americans are conditioned by the media and our government to think of our military as heroes. Whereas many are just guys and gals who happened to be in or to have been in a war zone. They did nothing more heroic than taking a piss on a FOB.

It’s all about programming, re-education and the propaganda machine. It’s funny that Nobel Laureate Lord Obama speaks of the wars in the same terms as did Bush II, Bush 1, Clinton, Reagan, Carter and the rest all the way back to Polk and Madison.

We carefully craft the war message in America or, rather, the Corporate masters of American governance carefully craft the message.

It is not the American or the American people who are bellicose. It is American Corporate interests who are bellicose and it is all fed by the mass greed by Corporate CEOs, Bankers and power brokers who are unaccountable to the American people.

Bush, Obama…any American President…they do not make the real decisions to go or not go to war. Those decisions are made behind the scenes by the power brokers.

This has been proven/shown to be true time and time again and nothing and no one ever seeks to bring resolution to the despotism, power grabbing or greed of Corporate America.

But we are not the first or the only. This same dynamic occurs in Britain, Australia, France and even Japan.

The most “peaceful” nations of Europe are also controlled by and manipulated by these same Corporatists.

This is why the majority of our wars occur where the most profit is to be made/created.

It’s not Americans. Americans are, relatively speaking, a docile and easy going people. UNTIL they are riled up by the propaganda machine.

And, yes, one reason that Americans are so easily brought to their full and effusive ire is that most of us have never truly seen the horrors, deprivations, catastrophe and suffering of War.

The South is the only region of America that has ever been conquered and occupied. We still remember it somewhat…it resonates within our histories but we are also, many of us, Scottish and Irish in heritage in the South. This is changing as America is evolving away from a pure white culture but this will not occur all that swiftly in the American South. In the cities, perhaps. In the suburbs and rural areas, no.

Americans, individually, are not really bellicose. The most bellicose individuals whom I know are those who have been to war and seen it’s horrors first hand. Everyone else whom I know who is or has pretended to be for “going over there and kick, kick, kickin’ some ass” is a poseur and has no fucking clue as to what the hell they are talking about or what they are promoting.

It is American Corporations who get the ball rolling and put America on a war footing and start the media machine turning wars into corporate sponsored events and they have no shortage of assistance from Corporations in Europe and Asia.