Hi Ho! Hi Ho! It’s Off To War We Go!


In America, we send young men and women off to war with parades and balloons. We make it seem as though war is a festival.

Soon, the worm turns.

The political beasts come out of the closet.

But whom do they attack?

Not the Politicians or their Corporate and Banking Masters but the very men and women who were sent off to die and kill.

This is America.

We are a shameful Nation.

The nature of the American Beast can be viewed in the reaction to the movie American Sniper which says something only about those who are using it as a tool of Leftist or Rightest Propaganda. The movie touched on many themes such as PTSD and the effects of war upon the minds and bodies of the men whom Democrats and Republicans sent off to fight wars for Corporate Profit. Remember, you, the people, elected the persons responsible for these wars and the ravagings that occurred to both Iraq/Afghanistan and the peoples who were sent to fight for “Freedom and Democracy.”

Those who would condemn this man because he believed in his National Mythology are as guilty as he. You sent this man to war. You built up our Military as heroes. I cannot count the times that I’ve argued with idiots across the political spectrum about this “hero ethos” with which we have yoked our military. These men and women are not heroes. They are humans. To be sure, some of these folks have acted heroically. By all accounts, Chris Kyle acted heroically at times. In other hours, he was simply human with all of the foibles and pettiness that comes with being such.

This movie speaks to the American Political Consciousness. The reaction of the left is despicable in that they are villifying a pawn for volunteering to fight for America. He volunteered to fight because of the propaganda spewed by American Political Leaders. All of the mad nonsense about the “Greatest Generation.” Now the left condemns him for volunteering. FDR and Wilson were guilty of the same dehumanization of Germans (WW1&2) and Japanese (WW2) and other enemies of America.

Men like Chris Kyle learned to dehumanize the Iraqis and Afghans as well as Muslims by listening to the messages of prior generations. Democrats worship Wilson and FDR. They are listed among the “Great Presidents.” Yet, they were guilty of the same “evils” of which Democrats accuse Kyle and others in today’s military.

The Republican Party is guilty of these same lunatic fabrications. Hero worship of the military. Placing enormous pressure on these men to be superhuman. The Jessica Lynch lies are all one needs to understand. The stomach turns at the fabricated stories surrounding Lynch and others. All in the name of bending the American will to the fight against the enemy. Lynch was raped. She was beaten. She was treated as if she were a dog. All lies. In reality, she was carried to a hospital and left alone. They could have driven up in an SUV and “rescued” her.

Republicans worship these heroes because they have no concept of war and it’s horrors. Obama is as guilty as Bush in all of the war crimes accusations that are being tossed around the dead body of Chris Kyle. The American Political Mafia that we call the GOP/DNC are nothing more than a crime family who use men like Kyle as pawns.

Any of the morons who vote Republican or Democrat in America have the same blood on their hands that they say colors the hands of Chris Kyle. Kyle was a pawn. He and millions of other men and women were used and are being used and will be used by Presidents Bush, Obama and their successors to wage war in the name of Corporate Profit, Open Lanes of Commerce and Western Greed.

The Euros were complicit in these acts as well…including the British.

All of this gnashing of teeth and lamentations to the heavens is only so much wasted energy.

If you play Chess, you win by capturing the King. The pawns are the lowest and least powerful. Kyle was a pawn. The idiots who are decrying and defending this movie can’t see the forest for the trees. Most of them are willfully obtuse. To see clearly would be to admit their own guilt.

In short, these folks are all fooking coonts!


Leftist Angst and Ignorance and the American Sniper

Sniper Chris Kyle
I’ve read that the true measure of heroism is lives saved. By that definition, Kyle was a hero. Many of the lives that he took with his sniper rifle saved the lives of American soldiers who were the targets of the persons whom Kyle killed. These were insurgents bent on shooting, rocketing or planting IEDs with the intent to kill Americans and Iraqis.

Don’t blame Chris Kyle for going to war. Don’t excoriate him for liking or not disliking war. Don’t mock him because he didn’t take a nuanced view of Iraq or Iraqis. Most of the folks who are criticizing this man’s life and military experience have no idea what it is like to be in combat. Most of them are missing the point entirely. Chris Kyle was a pawn in a larger game. Bush and Obama sent him to Iraq to kill and wage war on those whom the US government filled with your elected representatives claim were/are enemies of the United States. This war was never and is still not about Democracy or an existential threat to America. The wars of the past decade and a half have about control of resources. Both Obama and Bush played this game well. They simultaneously played the American people.

Kyle is an easy target. Especially so, since he is dead. The true target of your ire should be the Corporate CEOs, Bankers and Politicians. However, Kyle being the easier target, American Liberals (Democrats) will instead cowardly attack the dead.