The State Attacks Liberty

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – It was a massive raid with agents taking more than a thousand guns from an Albuquerque man’s home and business, but now that man is suing.

His guns were returned to him, but he said they never should have been taken in the first place. After the criminal charges were dropped, he said he’s still feeling the effects of what he says was an illegal search and seizure of his property.



This was a direct affront to Liberty. The Government stole this man’s property without cause. They damaged and destroyed his property. They damaged his reputation. They caused harm, discomfort and inconvenience to this Citizen.

This is unacceptable.

The Police, the State, the Politicians should pay. Let the rich Liberals who want to punish Citizens for exercising their Natural Human Rights pay for these excesses of the State. Why should the Citizens pay for their excess, criminality, corruption, incompetence and imbecility.

The Fourth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America prohibits the unlawful and unreasonable search and seizure of a Citizen’s property. This means that a Citizen’s home is his Castle. The government has no right to enter unless there is a justifiable reason to do so in the form of some probable cause or suspicion of a crime. The American Police and their Masters no longer respect this basic human right that is protected and guaranteed by the Constitution but not granted by the Constitution. Yes, that is correct. The Constitution grants no rights. The Constitution merely protects and guarantees this right. We do not hold these rights by virtue of the United States Constitution. These right pre-exist the Constitution.

The person who signed off on this attack on Liberty should be impeached and removed from the bench. The Police who conducted this attack on Liberty should be terminated. The State stooges and thugs who damaged this man’s property and reputation should be terminated and prosecuted.

The violation of Human Rights by the State has become all too common place. It is time to hold the State and its corrupt officials responsible for their incompetence and their hatred of Liberty.


America is either a Nation of Laws or it is not. Police cannot be above the Law.


On March 23, 2005, I lost a good friend. He was a rookie Police Officer. He’d been on the job about a year.

I helped Pete build up the courage to ask out his future wife who is one of my best friends. Pete was a good guy.  A moral man who would have been a good Cop.  I’m not sure if that would have helped or hindered his career. I would have hoped that he’d have risen through the ranks and tackled the hard questions of Policing in modern day America. I would hope that he’d have done some good and, perhaps, even gone on to bring change and accountability to the Police force of Louisville/Jefferson County, Kentucky.

However, his life was cut short. I would blame this on poor training. Pete wasn’t equipped, yet, to be out there on his own and survive. He wasn’t trained to survive. Like most officers, he was trained to respond and to “shoot first.” However, he wasn’t equipped to deal with a mentally ill 16 year old with a death wish. Because of that, he died. The Louisville Metro Police Department failed Pete massively.

I have an Uncle who is a career Cop. Another Uncle has been a Sheriff of a small locality right outside of Louisville proper.

I’ve spent 3 years in Afghanistan training Afghan National Police forces and working with amazing people who happen to be Police.  Some of them decry the State of the Police forces in America. Some of them…well, they are part of the problem.

By no means do I hate Police.  What I absolutely abhor is the corruption inherent in our American Police forces.

I was asked by Afghan Police constantly how they could combat the corruption that is rife within their Police Forces. I never had a good answer. Cops who fight corruption die. They are killed by fellow Officers. They are allowed to be placed into dangerous situations that lead to their deaths so as to rid the corrupt Cops of the rat. A good Cop who tries to do something about corruption is ostracized.  They’re run off the job. They are bullied. This is American Policing.

I have spent a good deal of time researching American Police. What I have found is rampant corruption and Cops who believe that they are above the law. The problem is that the US Courts have given them qualified immunity. This, in fact, does place them above the law.

This must change or America can not be a nation of laws or a nation of Liberty.

Why Should The Wealthy Pick Up Their Share?

Why should the rich pay more tax than the average American citizen?

The military since World War II has almost exclusively been used to safeguard markets, build markets and patrol the sea lanes for commerce.

If that’s not enough, low wages and job cuts caused technological advances among other things and by the desire inflate stock prices causes welfare rolls and public entitlements to increasingly expand.

United States corporations, as all corporations, pay the lowest possible wages for the most possible work. Americans are wage slaves held hostage at the point of a figurative gun. Mortgages are a gun held to the head of every family in America. Rent is a figurative gun held to the head of every American family.

Of course, we have the “War on Drugs.” This nightmare of American fascism is spurned on by corporations in order to inflate use and consumption of military hardware granting greater profits to the corporate heads of America’s Military Industrial Congressional Complex. The fascist drug war targets the poor in order to increase profits for corporations at the expense of the average American citizen who wants nothing more than to be left alone. Lobbyist for firearms, military equipment and armored vehicle manufacturers and police equipment manufacturers profit handsomely from this wretched endeavor.

The criminalization of the poor in America keeps our prisons full. To ensure that there is a place to housed our profit motivated, politically manufactured “citizen” criminals, primarily poor and under or unemployed Americans, we have given a boost to construction and privatized prison (gulag) builders.

The rich profit from all of this by creating the need via punitive legislation targeted at the poor.

This is not to mention the courts which the wealthy purchase at the price of the soul of America.

Why should the rich pay more taxes? Why should they not? They benefit from every facet of the lives of the poor.

For who fights our wars? What is the cost of the blood of American soldiers?

For the wealthy, who profit immensely from the flood of blood, the mountains of lost limbs and the lives of American soldiers, apparently, no price is to minimal to shirk.


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