He Was Complicit in the System…

The Big Thing on the Left now is the attack on Lin Manuel Miranda and his Hamilton play.

Hamilton is accused of being a slave owner, though, there is no evidence to support this.

Hamilton is then said to have been “complicit in the system” regardless of whether he owned slaves or not.

Well, I got some news for you folks.

Every Great African Power for the past ONE THOUSAND YEARS is complicit in the same system.

That includes Egypt, the Nubians, the Mali Empire and Mansa Musa.

White Europeans did not invade West Africa and enslave the people there. White Europeans docked their ships at trading posts in Africa and purchased previously enslaved Africans from more POWERFUL Africans.

If you are angry that your ancestors were enslaved, buy yourself an airplane ticket and head on over to Africa. If it weren’t for Africans selling Africans, the massive slave trade to BOTH the East and Islam and the West and the Americas would not have been remotely possible.

You want to talk about original sin.

The original sin belongs to the Africans who sold the ancestors of the millions upon millions of African whom they enslaved and sold for massive profit.

King Mansa Musa enslaved millions of Africans.

Europeans Did Not Enslave Africans and Send Them to the Americas

Europeans purchased Africans who were already enslaved by Africans.

Europeans purchased enslaved Africans from their African Owners.

Europeans then transported those Africans slaves whom they had purchased from Africans Slavers to the Americas.

If the Original Sin of America is Slavery, it originated in Africa with Africans.

Black Lives Matter doesn’t want to touch that one.

Neither do many Black Leaders or Leftist Leaders in America.

White People Did Not Invent Slavery

African Slaver sells Enslaved Africans
to European Slave Merchant

Brown People Invented Slavery. People of Color invented Slavery.

There would have been no Atlantic Slave Trade without the WILLING and HAPPY participation of West African Nations, Kingdoms and Tribes.

Stop lying to yourself and everyone else.

Africans profited immensely from the sale of enslaved Africans to Europeans and Arabs amongst others.

My parents’ home, in Umujieze, Nigeria, stands on a hilly plot that has been in our family for more than a hundred years. Traditionally, the Igbo people bury their dead among the living, and the ideal resting place for a man and his wives is on the premises of their home. My grandfather Erasmus, the first black manager of a Bata shoe factory in Aba, is buried under what is now the visitors’ living room. My grandmother Helen, who helped establish a local church, is buried near the study. My umbilical cord is buried on the grounds, as are those of my four siblings. My eldest brother, Nnamdi, was born while my parents were studying in England, in the early nineteen-seventies; my father, Chukwuma, preserved the dried umbilical cord and, eighteen months later, brought it home to bury it by the front gate. Down the hill, near the river, in an area now overrun by bush, is the grave of my most celebrated ancestor: my great-grandfather Nwaubani Ogogo Oriaku. Nwaubani Ogogo was a slave trader who gained power and wealth by selling other Africans across the Atlantic. “He was a renowned trader,” my father told me proudly. “He dealt in palm produce and human beings.”

How to Win the 2020 Election Cycle

Pass REAL Police Reform Legislation.

  1. Create a National Register of Police who have been terminated for cause and another National Register of Police with justified and proven Brutality Complaints.
  2. Ban No Knock Raids federally
  3. Restrict the use of SWAT to emergencies and abolish the use of SWAT for serving warrants and checking barber shop licensing and the like.
  4. Severely restrict the use of “Military Equipment” in Policing/Law Enforcement.
  5. Abolish Qualified Immunity
  6. Decriminalize narcotics. Especially Marijuana.
  7. Abolish Civil Asset Forfeiture
  8. Require Police training in De-escalation and conflict resolution. Also, mandate training on firearms.
  9. Restrict the use of Ball Ammunition against the civilian populace. Require Police to use tools that are not deadly force such as rubber bullets, CS pellets, and other non-lethal tools…AS A LAST RESORT.  Police should not look to shoot first and any Police who utters the words “I have a right to go home to my family at night” should be ushered out. Either they are there to serve the community or they are not.
  10. Mandate training on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. If you do not know the Constitution and the Bill of Rights AND understand it, you should not be Law Enforcement.  PERIOD.
  11. HOLD MAYORS and Police Chiefs responsible for Police Corruption, Police Brutality, incompetence, indiscipline and lack of training. Hold them to account. Have hard punitive measures enacted that target Mayors and Police Chiefs for the actions of their officers.

Police are being scapegoated by Mayors and Police Chiefs. Certainly, Derek Chauvin deserves to go to prison. He acted heinously and with a callous and oddly casual disdain for the life of a Citizen. That said, Mayors and Police Chiefs set the tone. The buck should stop with them. Not with the Grunt on the Street.

Those are first steps.

Make it happen!

Then campaign on that.

The #COVID19 #FlattenTheCurve #LockDown


This is all about fear. It is all about control. It is all about not missing the opportunity that a crisis provides the Democratic Party.

The Lockdown was supposed to be to flatten the curve. To keep deaths and infections at a manageable level.

The lockdown was never supposed to be until a cure or vaccine was found.

There have been more deaths from pneumonia in 2020 than from coronavirus. This is so each year. Why do we not lockdown every year to save these lives.

3,000,000 Americans die, on average, each year.

Why are the people dying from this Chinese virus so much more important than the 700,000 Americans who have died in 2020 from other causes.

Death is a part of life. If you fear death, you may as well stop living.

Why is the government acting in collusion with YouTube.com, Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media platforms to crush dissent and alternate voices?

Why is the State falsifying COVID death numbers?

Why are they lying to us?

Why are Americans sitting idly by as they are deceived, propagandized and controlled by tyrants?



I’m writing this in Bangkok, Thailand. 11 people in my neighborhood (Thonglor) were diagnosed within the last 24 hours. Here’s the story from the Bangkok post.


Thailand has reported 11 new coronavirus infections, bringing the total number of cases reported in the country to 70.

The 11 were part of a group of 15 who had been partying together in Thonglor, Bangkok between 27 and 29 Feb.

Health officials said the group became infected after they had been sharing a glass of drink and a cigarette while at the party.

One of the group had been in contact with someone from Hong Kong who has since left Thailand, Public Health Ministry Permanent Secretary Dr Sukhum Kanchanapimai announced during the daily COVID-19 briefing on Thursday.

Members of the group started to report feeling ill and from 4 March went to hospital complaining of respiratory issues.

Dr Sukhum said those in the group that had not shared the glass and cigarette had not been infected. Dr Sukhum said that news of the 11 infections should act as an important lesson, advising people to refrain from coming into close contact with friends, especially those who are ill or show flu like symptoms.

In the report by Daily News, there were no details as to the exact location in Thonglor where the group had been ‘partying’ for two days.


Note the part where it says that those who DID NOT share the drinks and smokes were not infected.

That speaks volumes.

They were in the same room. Drinking, smoking and partying for hours. Yet, were not infected.

It takes more than just sitting next to someone to get the virus.

If you take precautions, you’re going to be ok. I’ve been all over Southeast Asia since the outbreak of China’s little plague. I’m healthy. I’m 50 years old and I smoke. When COVID19 first broke out, I was partying my ass off in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Afterwards, I was in Luang Prabang, Laos when people in Asia initially freaked out and started buying up all of the hand sanitizer and face masks.

It is pretty much back to normal here in Asia as far as I can tell.

About a month ago, I visited a buddy in Landstuhl, Germany. I have not been sick at all. No symptoms of anything except a hangover last Saturday morning.

Take the recommended precautions and you will be ok.

If I’ve survived jumping around SEAsia, Europe and the Middle East for the past two months, you’re going to be ok.

As of this moment, I have zero symptoms of anything unless one counts disdain for the US Media and their panic inducing, breathlessly fabricated fear mongering as a symptom of some virus.

WARNING: Thailand has Banned Single Use Plastic Bags as of 1 January 2020



All you late night partiers, who, like me, love to stop in Seven (7-11) or Family Mart at 0h Dark Thirty after a night of partying to pick up some late night goodies, BE WARNED.

If you don’t want to walk home with hand fulls of coke bottles, water bottles, candy bars and chip bags, remember to bring along a re-usable bag. Pack it up. Put it in your pocket. Either that or be prepared to buy a re-usable bag every night of your stay in LOS.

Same goes for all Department Stores and Food Markets like Villa Market, Foodland and Tops. They’ve all gone away from single use plastic bags.

I know some people think this is nonsense or stupid. I agree with the policy. I don’t agree with State mandates or the Government nanny Stating  all over people. Corporations should have come to this decision on their own.

I had already begun to limit my use of single use bags of any kind. I’ve been carrying my backpack with me for about a year now. It’s a little, very light, mesh bag that works for everything except for large purchases.

No, I don’t believe that man has as much affect on Climate Change as the Leftist, Socialists, Statists and Fascists who use Greta Thunberg as their little brainwashed puppet. That doesn’t matter. Plastics are horrible and we dump them everywhere. I’ve seen enough animals in the wild stuck in plastics to last me a lifetime. I’ve also seen way too many beaches covered in trash for my tastes. People who litter are disdainful turds who should be locked up inside their homes never to see the light of day (preferably by their family and friends).

Be responsible people or stay home.

The Mainstream Media are…

These people are paranoid, delusional and hysterical.

They’re proclaiming the end of the world over the death of Soleimani.

It’s not going to happen.

World War III will not start over Iran.

No one cares that much about Iran. Not even Vlad Putin.

Putin is not going to go to war with the United States of America over Iran.

These people are nuts. Jake Tapper and Rachel Maddow are the most ludicrous out there. Those two should not be in the media. They should be in an insane asylum.

They should report the news and stop the commentary. They are forever in error. FOREVER!

War Powers Debate


This debate has been necessary since, at least, World War II. This discussion has been urgently necessary since Vietnam. It seems, however, that Democrats only wish to discuss the War Powers Act when there is a Republican in office.

FDR, Truman, JFK, LBJ and Obama, amongst others, dragged America into foreign adventures left and right. Korea, Vietnam, the Middle East are all conflicts into which Democrats have dragged America.

Republicans always seem to get the distasteful job of dragging us out.

Only George W. Bush has led America into new and stupid wars with the Iraqi invasion of 2003. In that war, Democrats willingly went along for the ride with the full knowledge that the “justifications” were wrong and deceptive.

Democrats have been deceiving America into war since World War 1 when Wilson lied America into the first global European catastrophe. Yet, they only seem to wish to protest these wars after they’ve led us into them and handed them off to a Republican.

Truman’s incompetence and lackadaisical, communist baiting drug America into the Korean War.

JFK placed America into Vietnam. Johnson lied us into a full blown war.

FDR involved us in the Middle East.

Obama destroyed Syria and Libya. Those two wars will be disastrous for the Middle East, Africa and Europe for decades to come.

Now, only AFTER Obama has committed his human rights and war crimes does Sheila Jackson Lee find herself desirous of a War Powers Act debate.

The Authorization for the Use of Military Force was an unconstitutional piece of legislation from the moment that it was approved and signed. Congress cannot abdicate its authority to take the nation to War. It should never have contemplated such a foolish move.

The US War Machine from 1910 to 2010:

A little perspective:

If Ilhan Omar Suffers from PTSD, she Should Step Down.

Sheila Jackson Lee wants to redefine or refine the Iraq Era AUMF. I’m all for it. I only wish she’d have felt that way before they voted on the original authorization, during the Bush Administration or during the Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton reign of terror across the Middle East and the entry of the United States into Ukraine.

While we’re at it, refine the role of the United States in Europe. Explain and define the US role in NATO. One of these intelligent people must be able to explain to me why the 44 nations of Europe need the United States of America to defend them from Russia and/or each other. What, now, is the purpose of NATO? The only reason that I can see for its existence is to sell war and weapons to weak Eastern European pawns as we put the newest Red Scare on them and each other. I suppose if we push the Putin boogie man successfully enough, Raytheon, Boeing, Northrup Grumman, General Dynamics and a few other select arms maker can become more fabulously wealthy and their lobbyist can spread more cash to the criminals in Congress.

  1. PTSD would explain quite a bit about Omar.
  2. Refugees often suffer from some form of PTSD.
  3. If Omar suffers from PTSD she is not fit for office. She is mentally not stable enough to represent her constituents.
  4. No President should have the ability to war with impunity.
  5. It is unfortunate that these “brave” democrats didn’t build up their courage and confront Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton on their war mongering. Instead, they defended them. See Benghazi.
  6. Trump is simply a President. Judge him on his actions and his policies. Individually and singly.
  7. Perpetual War is no good thing regardless of who is waging it. The Deep State, the Republicans or the Democrats. It should be discouraged. Perpetual war, like political correctness, censorship and cancel culture, etc, will lead to the destruction of this Republic.

These are partisan statements. If there were a Democrat acting against Iran, these “courageous” women would remain silent or support that Democrat.

Partisanship via political party is an act of Treason.

We are Americans first. Democrats, Republicans, etc somewhere down the line.

I celebrated the death of Qassim Soleimani. The man was evil. He wanted to spread the wretched Shi’a Islamic Revolution of the decrepit old Khomeini all over the Islamic World. Good riddance.

That doesn’t mean that I want or support perpetual war.

America should pull out of Europe and the Middle East. They’re both full of shithole countries that do nothing but murder, oppress and hate. That is especially true of Europe.

It is time for Europe to defend herself. Bring US troops home. Europe can afford it. They can cut back some of those entitlements.

BIG BLUE in the BELK BOWL 2020

New Years Eve at Noon in the Belk Bowl. Kentucky defeated VA Tech. The game was actually played in 2019 but I watched it in Bangkok, Thailand. For me, it was the year 2020.  Yes, that means my New Years Countdown was also, and more importantly, a countdown to watch my Cats in the Belk Bowl.


This was a crazy game.

In the last two minutes Kentucky scores on Offense AND Defense.

Everyone knew that Bowden was gonna run.

Still…they couldn’t stop him.

Kentucky won 37-30 over Virginia Tech.


It’s all uphill from here.

I’ll call it now.

In four years. Coach Stoops will have Kentucky Football in the College Football Playoffs.





NCAA Football: Missouri at Kentucky


Jack Dorsey is a Fascist

social media censorshipm 480Apparently, if one is famous one can issue actual threats of violence and death in Twitter.com.

If one is not so famous, one must kowtow to the fascist dictatorship of Jack Dorsey and his minions.

My account at Twitter was suspended because I told the totalitarian turds in power in Iran that I hoped that they were next. Dorsey loves his mass murderers, dictators, religious fascists and terror lords. Dorsey hates freedom of expression.

Dorsey should move to Iran or China. He will fit right in.

May he burn in the Islamic Hell.

Screen Shot 2020-01-08 at 5.59.44 AM

jd antifa

Coincidentally, he dresses like an Antifa coward.


Why Are Americans So Offended By the Words; “WHERE ARE YOU FROM?”

download (2)Where are you from?

Were you born here?

Only in America are people so offended by those simple questions.

Why are Americans so easily “traumatized”? Is it simply fashionable for the people of the wealthiest and one of the most modern and comfortable post Industrial societies in the World to feign trauma and outrage? Does this highly public and publicized outrage and virtue signaling some kind of national symbol of America being out of touch with reality? Americans commit suicide at an extraordinary rate. Children the world over are truly and violently victimized. In places like India, women are gang raped in what is almost a regular, daily and real outrage. Women in the Islamic world are forced into rooms to be kept out of the eyes of men for the honor of their husbands, fathers and brothers. In these same places, women are forced to be chaperoned and covered lest they be outraged, raped and beaten.

These are true victims. These are true outrages.download (3)

Yet, in America, we are [faux] outraged and censored even when we question others over such small “offenses” as the use of pronouns. We become incensed and feel victimized when someone innocently asks us the nature of our origin or citizenship. Americans become unhinged when women are asked to prove allegations of rape and harassment. The Left becomes enraged when a woman is not automatically believed when they bring twenty year old allegations to light against a candidate for Supreme Court.

The world over, there are real and ongoing violent and truly outrageous events and incidents. In Africa, women are being kidnapped, raped and enslaved. In the Middle East, women are beaten for appearing in public uncovered. Children the world over are murdered, raped, kidnapped and enslaved by suicide bombers and apocalyptic groups like al Shabab, al Qaeda and the Islamic Qaliphate.

download (6)

White Guilt Liberals: The Most Offended Animal on the Planet. Inventor of the Virtue Signal.

Religious minorities are persecuted in these far away places. When I say persecuted, I don’t mean that they are forced to say “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas” or that they are being outraged by having a Christian wish them Merry Christmas. I speak of true persecution. Religious minorities are being denied basic human rights. The right to assemble and worship. The right to believe as they see fit. The right to leave one religion and enjoin another without being put to death.

In America, women believe that they are being persecuted if all members of their sex are not wholly believed regardless of facts and events when they bring allegations of rape or harassment. Despite the fact that many women out there use sex as a weapon against men. Women were outraged when Trump stated that women will allow wealthy and famous men to do anything including grab them by the pussy. Donald Trump is regularly, wantonly, deceptively misquoted on this point by the left.

Instead of the Left being honest and admitting that women do, in fact, use sex and attraction to gain entry into upper circles of society, they instead decry Trump for speaking to the fact honestly because they are offended by his vulgarity. The Left being offended by vulgarity after decades of promoting vulgarity is beyond obscene. It’s pornographic. download (5)

In the end, Trump never stated that he had grabbed anyone by the pussy. He used that as an example of what women will allow men to do in exchange for access to wealth and fame. Those women who are called gold digger by all segments of society.

In America, if a Black person decides that he or she wishes to dissociate themselves from the Democratic Party, the Left attacks. This is the same Democratic Party that accuses anyone else of Racism for questioning anything thing a Black Democratic Party member might do. It is, apparently, acceptable for a Democrat to speak in the most bigoted terms of “minorities” when those same words would bring the wrath of Jack Dorsey’s hypocritial twitterati down upon an Independent, Libertarian, Republican or anyone else not directly associated with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her lynch mob.

America is addicted to outrage. Faux or otherwise.

Having lived outside of the United States for the better part of three decades, I see it clearly. The Left has made rational debate impossible. The Right has slowly joined in on the incessant faux outrage and constant virtue signaling and emotional manipulation. It is as if the whole of the United States of America is going through some form of emotional trauma brought on, not by actual abuse, but the unavailability of a favored flavor of Starbucks Coffee.

download (4)The KKK is flapped about incessantly as if they are some kind of existential threat to American culture and political life. Yet, the KKK’s membership is known to be but .003% of the total population of the United States of America. White Supremacist kill less than a third of a percent of those killed by American Law Enforcement. Yet, if we listen to the mad ramblings of Don Lemon, we would be led to believe that White Supremacists are setting off suicide bombs in our department stores, supermarkets and shopping malls on a daily occurrence.

The greatest threat to Liberty has been and always will be the State. The Soviet Union and communism destroyed Liberty. Nazi Germany and national socialism destroyed Liberty. Fascism was used as to destroy Liberty in Italy.

Today, Liberty is being besieged again. This time by Democracy. national outrage and virtue signaling. Americans, especially the naive socialists amongst us, would surrender Liberty for a little security from words. Americans would exchange our natural rights as humans in order to be protected by the State from being offended.

download (4)

Faux Outrage and Virtue Signaling Personified

This is the age in which we find ourselves. Americans who are too weak to hear words. Americans who willingly surrender the right to freedom of association, contract, assembly, speech, religion and the right to self protection to the State and a hand full of technology corporations such as Jack Dorsey’s Twitter and Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook in order that a few harsh words might not upset them for a few seconds. Americans today would rather silence dissent than tolerate differences.

Americans of today will bring about the destruction of Liberty.

download (9)

download (6)

Jussie never got his Justice. He was protected from it by the same people who demanded that justice be brought down upon the mythic White Supremacists whom he claimed attacked him.

download (2)

Jack Dorsey and Iosef Stalin are Soul Sisters

I’ve been around the world. I’m asked all of the time; “Where are you from?” I’ve been asked this since I moved to Georgia when I was 12. It never occurred to me to be offended. I’m often mistaken for a “foreigner” in America. I’m, quite often, told that I’m not really an American any longer because I haven’t lived there for such a long time. It never occurred to me to be offended by this. I was often made to think or to pause. What truth is there to these questions and statements.

I have friends and acquaintances from all over the world of many religions, nationalities, sexualities and ethnicities. Yet, when I come to the United States or interact with Americans, I am sometimes accused of being “racist” or of being a “White Supremacist” because I don’t agree with White Guilt, White Privilege or because I don’t fall in line with the current randomness of LGBTQ radicalism.

America is not sane. It is THE most privileged Nation on the planet. Yet, nearly everyone believes themselves to be a victim of some sort.

If it weren’t so sad, it would be funny.

I’m glad to see that folks like Dave Chappelle and Ricky Gervais are fighting back and attempting to bring some sanity back to American discourse and life.