Afghan wants out

This is XXXXXXXX Son of Major XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX, the lecturer XXXXXXXXX police academy, which explain my dad history in the below.

XXXXX son of Mullah Jan, are currently a major and a lecturer at the XXXXXXXXX police academy before the Taliban regime. The fact that he will be in the field of teaching by American and foreign instructors has given us practical teaching and graduation certificates of courses, so he has received several attacks and threats of violence. On the date 21th April 2011, at car bomb had exploded on our town ace car which was specifically for our delivery, killed several teachers and seriously injured my dad and others. Give me a chance at asylum, it will be your humanitarian.

I believe that Mr. XXXXXXXXX and his family poses no threat whatsoever to the national security and safety of the United States of America or any of its allies. He is a fine , upstanding law-abiding citizen.

COVID Fascism

Fear not. The Government will save you by destroying your life!

This is exactly what the Democrats and the rest of the Left want to happen in America.

Taliban, Democrats and Biden Have One Thing in Common: Gun Control

Despotism thrives on #GunControl.

Taliban Burns Facebook on Freedom of Speech

It’s horrible when even the Taliban can burn America on Freedom of Speech.

That’s when you know you’ve hit rock bottom, Facebook.

Facebook is code for Fascism.

Kabul has Fallen; America is Disgraced

The Taliban have won.

Thanks George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Donald Trump and Joe Biden!

19 years! Thousands of lives lost. Tens of thousands of wounded and injured who will never be the same again. Billions wasted.

This is a disgrace.

I know he didn’t lose it alone, but, for me, Joe Biden will always be the guy who lost Afghanistan. He left without a thought to consequences.

#MeToo & White Woke

I’ve noticed over the past few years decades that when a American Politicians get in trouble with #MeToo or Women ,in general, it usually falls into two categories:

CATEGORY 1: Republicans:

Infidelity with Porn Stars

CATEGORY 2: Democrats

Sexual Harassment
Quid Pro Quo
Child Molestation
Dick Picks
Carnal Knowledge
Sniffing Women’s hair whilst shoving their fingers up the woman’s vagina

Yet, the #MeToo movement targets the Republicans and not the Democrats.

That’s how you know that the #MeToo movement is a lie.

It’s the same with #BlackLivesMatters. Ralph Northam and David Dorn prove that #BlackLivesMatter is a lie.

#BlackLivesMatter and #MeToo are political tools used by Democrats to attack Republicans. No Democrat actually cares about Justice or Equality. They care about Power. That is all.

There is also this.

Accuse a Republican = #BelieveHer

Accuse a Democrat = #SilenceAndDefiance or #DestroyThatBitch