Donald Trump is Insane ** HUAWEI **



The Trump Administration has requested that Canada detain a Foreign National and CEO of a Chinese Multinational Corporation. 

This act is insane and endangers every Citizen of the United States who travels outside of the United States.

Even travel through Canada is now a journey fraught with peril. If a Chinese Exec and Citizen of China can be detained and extradited for breaking laws of the United States of America, any Citizen of the United States can be detained and extradited to China or Russia or Saudi Arabia in like manner.

Dare to speak in terms considered blasphemy to Iran or Saudi Arabia, those countries can, by Trumpian precedent, now request that you be detained in Canada and request your extradition.

Trump has opened Pandora’s box on the International Stage.

Any Soldier who has committed a “crime” in any country in which he/she served in combat during any conflict can now be detained and extradited in any country at any time.

Donald J. Trump should be removed from office. He is a clear and present danger to all Americans everywhere in the World.

The detention of Huawei Technologies Exec, #MengWanzhoum, is a fearful precedent being set by the Madman in Chief of the United States of America.

Using this precedent, any State in the world at any time can detain any human being and citizen of any other State for any crime or no crime. Merely a suspicion or a vague accusation is necessary. These acts set the stage for any and every Citizen of the United States to be held for any reason up to and including simple acts of retribution.

If this stands, no Citizen of the United States or any State is safe when traveling in the world.

President Donald J. Trump is not President of the World. He is not the ordained master of the world. He is endangering every Citizen of the United States and he has not the courage or the intelligence to think through this incompetent, erroneous and dangerous act.

Trump is making the world unsafe for the Citizen of the United States. A greater danger is that a move such as this would be undertaken with Trump being left in the dark.

This is an intolerable act and, the act in and of itself, should be grounds for Impeachment.


The Palestine Lie and Marc Lamont Hill

Marc Lamont Hill is a fool. He is ignorant. He is wrong.

Support for Palestine is:

1. Support for the Enemies of God/Allah (if one is a believer in such things as Gods, in general and/or the God of Abraham specifically).
Either that or the Palestinians are so ignorant that they do not know that Palestine is derived from Philistia who were THE enemies of God.
2. A call for the destruction of Israel (or support of said call).

Every Palestine movement has called for the destruction and violent end of Israel and the death of the Jews.
3. A call for another Saudi Arabia.

Palestine is not going to be an enlightened nation wherein freedom and liberty will reign supreme. Hamas, Fatah, the PLA/O all call for an Islamic Nation based on Islamic Law. It’s another petty religious tyranny waiting to be formed. Saudi Arabia, Iran….Palestine.
4. Palestine is already free and a Nation. It’s called Jordan. They have a Nation. They also have Lebanon now because Palestinians combined with Hezbollah stole that nation from the Marionite Christians and occupied it.
5. I’ll support the end of the occupation of Jerusalem when the occupation of the Holy Roman Empire and Constantinople comes to an end.
6. Jerusalem is not the holy city of Muslims. That is Mekkah. Jerusalem is THE holy city of the Jews and has been for thousands of years. If Muslims base their claim on their 1300 year old conquest and occupation of Jerusalem, Israel has the greater claim as Jews have lived there for, at least, 1,000 years longer. Jews have the greater claim.
7. If Palestine was meant to be a Nation, why did it not exist between 1948 and 1967. Instead, those lands were illegally annexed by Jordan and Egypt.

8. Palestine has never…ever…ever…ever…ever(!) been a Nation. Palestine was first made a province of Rome after the 71 AD revolts of the Jews. It was, at that time, called Judea. The Romans renamed it Palestina or Palestinia. They named it so because of the Philistines who were the ancient enemies of the God and People of Israel. It was a slight. Again, “Palestinians” took the name of the enemy of their own God. Ignorance or Stupidity. You tell me.
Palestine was, after the fall of the Western Empire, a province of the Holy Roman Empire. Thereafter, it was a province of the various multitude of Islamic Empires, Caliphates
and Petty Kingdoms that conquered it. Those various entities, excepting the Crusader States, retained that name for that province. Palestine has never been a State. It has never been a Country. It has never been a Nation. It has never been a Kingdom. It was always a part of some Nation, State, Country or Kingdom


All else is lie or propaganda.
Finally, if Israel is an occupation and has no right to exist, every Nation from Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq to Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, India, Pakistan and Indonesia, likewise, is an occupation and has no right to exist.
All of those nations were created in the same era and in the same manner and with the covert or overt support of the same “colonial” Western Powers.

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The US Media Has Always Been An Arm of the State



“You furnish the pictures and I’ll furnish the war.” – William Randolph Hearst, January 25, 1898

It is known (though somehow not well known) that the US Media has been in the pockets of Big Government and has been for decades, if not, since the beginning.

I know for a fact that papers were party papers, at least, as early as the Jacksonian Era.

World War II saw the US media become a propaganda arm of the State.

There was #OperationMockingbird.

Approximately 50 of the [Agency] assets are individual American journalists or employees of U.S. media organizations. Of these, fewer than half are “accredited” by U.S. media organizations … The remaining individuals are non-accredited freelance contributors and media representatives abroad … More than a dozen United States news organizations and commercial publishing houses formerly provided cover for CIA agents abroad. A few of these organizations were unaware that they provided this cover.

I see the US media as, primarily, an arm of the State. They support all wars but especially those initiated by the Democrats.

This is a major reason that I discount the majority of this Russia nonsense. Russia is not a historical enemy. The Cold War was a 70 year historical anomaly brought on by our foolish defense of the Europeans.

The United States of America has more in common with Asia than with Europe. More so now, since soon, Europe will become a religious nightmare due to migration of millions superstitious illiterates.

How long before we hear of Russian soldiers bayoneting Crimean babies in their cribs.

Nayirah, the lying little Kuwaiti trollop who was used to deceive the American people and take us to Bush’s War. It turns out that the young lady wasn’t just some random Kuwaiti girl. She was the daughter of the Kuwaiti Ambassador to the U.S.

#FreePalestine = Genocide

st,small,215x235-pad,210x230,f8f8f8.lite-1u1Is supporting the #FreePalestine movement a celebration of genocide?

The name Palestine originates with the Romans who had just committed genocide, stopped short and forcibly ejected the Jews from their homeland and caused all manner of hardship, death and destruction in the name of Empire all so the Romans could continue to occupy the Kingdom of Judea.

A few hundred years later, the Islamic Empire continued that tradition of conquest, genocide and occupation.

Israel finally gets their homeland back and the myth of the Palestinian Nation is created to steal that land from them again.

Palestine has never existed as an independent State. The lie of Palestine was created in 1967 when the Arab Muslims finally realized that they could not “drive the Jews into the sea” or “make the Med run Red with the blood of the Jews.”

Support of Palestine is support of genocide.


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I’m of two minds.

I fully believe that the US should continue to take in immigrants. We simply need to do it better. We owe that to ourselves and to them.

We also need to be a bit selective. We do not need what is happening in Europe. Floods of immigrants who violently take over neighborhoods and the like.

I am pro-immigration. I’m anti-fuck it let’s take anyone who arrives at the border.

Eric Swalwell should move to China


“Ban assault weapons, buy them back, go after resisters,” Eric Swalwell

And who will be tasked with going after resisters?  Who will willingly and joyfully follow those orders.

American Law Enforcement is the answer.

The Police are not your friend. Law Enforcement is always the first line of tyranny.

Democrats are scum. Law Enforcement are their Pets.

White Guilt




There is nothing that I find more abhorrent in this world more an American with White Guilt.

I completely understand why Black people would have resentment towards the United States. I understand why other minority groups and the poor would have resentment.

I will never understand the concept of White Guilt. I find these morons incomprehensible.

These people should be exiled to China.



Elvis Presley Was Not a Racist


“I thank God for Elvis Presley. I thank the Lord for sending Elvis to open that door so I could walk down the road, you understand?”

Little Richard 1970

“I wasn’t just a fan — I was his brother.”

James Brown on Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley was admired by Rock Artist of his time. He was, rightly, viewed as a door crasher for many artist. That included many Black Artists.

No, Elvis did not steal Rock N Roll.
It existed. He riffed on it. He took an art form and made it his own. He did so in exactly the way that millions of other artist had done since the dawn of civilization.

Only recently with the advent of the American Social Marxist who lives for nothing more than hatred, division and victimhood has “cultural appropriation” become “a thing.” All Artist across time have borrowed from one another. This act of drawing inspiration and borrowing culture has always been with us.

Elvis Presley was not a Racist. He was not a bigot. He stole nothing. The American Left is mad. The American Left is hatred personified.

The Washington Post and their Racist Minions should all move to China where social marxism is the law. Leave America out of your madness. You have caused enough damage.

Elvis sang about T.H.U.G.L.I.F.E before Pac.

The Hate U Give Little Infants Fucks Everyone

The “Shine my shoes” comment is a baseless lie.

James Brown said, “I love him and hope to see him in heaven. There’ll never be another like that soul brother”

James Brown

“Elvis Presley was the sweetest, most humble and nicest man you’d want to know.”

Muhammad Ali


The Death of LTG Abdul Raziq Achakzai



“The brutal police chief of Kandahar has been killed along several other officials,” a Taliban statement said.


The death of LTG Raziq was a National Tragedy. It has caused dissension among the ranks in the ANDSF and the ASSF.  It as caused a rift in relationships between the Coalition and the Afghan National Security Forces.

This cannot stand.

This is what the Taliban want.

It cannot stand.

Despite what the Taliban have said about him. LTG Raziq was a national hero of the Afghan people. He was a solid ally of free people and those who love life and liberty throughout the World.

The lies of the Taliban had led to Green on Blue incidents between US Forces and Afghan Forces. This was their intent. This was their strategy.

It cannot stand.

If Afghanistan wishes to be free. If Afghans wish to be masters of their destiny. If the people of Afghanistan wish to define their lives as they see fit. It cannot stand.

The United States has made mistakes. The United States is working hard to bring peace and stability to Afghanistan. Again, the United States had made mistakes.

The only mistake that the United States has made as concerns LTG Raziq is that he was not protected as befit his importance to the National and International situation and his importance to the cause of Peace and Liberty.

We should have protected him as if he were the last breath of Liberty in Afghanistan. We did not. We failed.

And so did the Afghan people.

The people of Afghanistan are failing again in allowing the spread of malicious rumors intended to prop up the interests and strategy of the Taliban. The Afghan people should defy these rumors. They should deny these rumors.

No United States Citizen, General or Soldier had anything to do with the death of LTG Raziq.  The Taliban admitted to killing him.

In a statement, the Taliban referred to Gen Raziq as a “brutal police chief”. It said it had targeted both him and Gen Miller, but the Pentagon denied that the US commander was among the key targets.

For me, he was a personal hero. I know of his exploits and I respected him as a hero of Afghanistan.

It is time for the people of Afghanistan to step up. To throw off the yoke that the Taliban would place upon their necks. There can be no return to public shootings of women in the Kabul Olympic stadium. There can be no return to executions and beatings because a man has not grown a fist full of beard or is late to Masjid on Juma.

It is time for the people of Afghanistan to deny these insane rumors and to tell the Talban that they cannot rule them. That they will not allow a return to Taliban interpreted Sharia.

NO! The US did not kill LTG Raziq. 

The United States would be insane to have done so.

Who profited and continues to profit from the death of LTG Raziq?  ONLY THE TALIBAN!


The #MeToo Movement is a Lie


The Real Fave of the #MeToo Movement

Judy Munro-Leighton and Julie Swetnick should be charged and put on trial. If found guilty, they should be sentenced to the same term that the person whom they accused would have received for those crimes.

Michael Avenatti should go to prison.
The #MeToo movement has zero standing with me when women like these and Christine Blasey Ford can make up events and be taken seriously by the Left.
These women and this attorney belong behind bars.
House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris and Dianne Feinstein should all be censored by the House and Senate for their respective roles in undermining the SCOTUS hearings. Cory Booker 2020 should be right there with them.
Feinstein should be impeached, tried and incarcerated.

Until these people are brought to justice, the #MeToo movement is dead.

After this farcical “trial” or job interview as the Left likes to call it, the careers of Corey  Booker, Kamala Harris, Dianne Feinstein and Nancy Pelose should be over. How does one take seriously the clown car mob mentality of these unprofessional liars. They each knew that every word that they uttered during the Kavanaugh hearings was based upon a foundation of lies. Yet, they moved forward with it and lied to the American people over and over again over a period of weeks.

Some of these people belong in prison for their actions.

Yet, nothing will happen. Truth no longer has meaning for the Left. They love their lies. They are comforted by them.

kamala h

Laughing about the Lies she sold to America

The Great White Lies of Don Lemon

lemon idiot

Don Lemon says that White People are the greatest Terror Threat in the United States of America.

Don Lemon CNN is a liar.

The greatest “terror” threat in the United States are the gangs surrounding the drug war. Included in that group are the State Enforcers of the Drug war. They are no better than the street gangs and other cartels that murder in the name of non-FDA approved pharmaceuticals.

I believe the death toll of Islamic terror in the US is around 100 deaths per year. “White” terror kills about 40 per year. The terror of the Drug War kills over 10,000 per year. Those deaths generally come at the hands of Black inner city gangs, Mexican and other Latino gangs, a few Cracker gangs in trailer parks and rural areas and by the Thin Blue Line.

Gangs are responsible for 80% of homicides in America each year.

Anyone who subscribes to the White Terror fear mongering is a slavish Leftist who subscribes to White Guilt or a bigot who is simply searching for another justification to hate White people and blame us for their own failures.

ny drug gang

An Open Letter to Rachel Maddow (and other media slugs)

download (19)The Rachel Maddow Show
So…um….Rachel, what was the purpose of the hype and lies and propaganda that you have been spreading since the election of Donald J. Trump?
What exactly have you accomplished with your constant attacks on a sitting President of the United States of America?
In so far as I can tell…NOTHING!

In a just world, everyone who helped promote this toxic narrative would apologize profusely and spend the rest of their lives being mocked and marginalized. In a world wherein pundits and politicians can sell the public a war which results in the slaughter of a million Iraqis and suffer no consequences of any kind, however, we all know that that isn’t going to happen. Russiagate will end not with a bang, but with a series of carefully crafted diversions. The goalposts will be moved, the news churn will shuffle on, the herd will be guided into supporting the next depraved oligarchic agenda, and almost nobody will have the intellectual honesty and courage to say “Hey! Weren’t these assholes promising us we’ll see Trump dragged off in chains a while back? Whatever happened to that? And why are we all talking about China now?”
Presidents and Congress should be held accountable for their actions. The Media should be tools of this accountability. I have seen no one in the media actually pursuing that accountability. What I see, instead, are talking heads and airheaded pundits sowing division to score political points aimed, not at accountability, but at scoring political points in pursuit of power at the behest of their chosen Party.
You, Rachel, are as culpable for the criminality of the State as any President or Congressman. When your party is in power, you lie for them. When your party is out of power, you lie for them.
You should be behind bars along with Obama, Hillary and every other crooked politician and lying “journalist” in the US. You are not a People’s Press. You are a party apparatchik, a mouthpiece for criminal incompetence and abuse of power.
I am no fan of Trump. You and those like you enable him. You are the reason why he was elected. You are the reason that no truly qualified candidate will step forth to aid the Nation in our hour of need.

You are so arrogantly ignorant that you STILL have not figured out how Trump plays you all. Time and time and time again.


The Hypocrisy of Hillary Clinton and the Women who Vote for Her

Hillary Clinton enabled her husband, Bill Clinton, to prey upon women for decades. Most recently, she stated the following:

“My husband’s relationship with Monica Lewinsky was not an abuse of power.”

The many followers of Hillary Clinton will defend this statement even as they have spent that past twenty or thirty years prosecuting men in power for doing exactly what Bill Clinton did. Bill targeted a young woman and used his power and influence to get her to have sexual relations with her. Yes, a blow job is sex.

0Epws8EWI4Yet, these same feminists rail against and have an issue with Trump who paid women for their services. He pai

d. They profited. Stormy Daniels is an excellent example of this. Stormy “Horseface” Daniels twenty years later is simply attempting to get paid again because she was on the downside of her porn and pole dancing career.

Bill Clinton is alleged to have raped, sexually assaulted and sexually harassed up to FOURTEEN women. Bill Clinton used the trappings of his office to coerce Lewinski into having sex with him. Why else would she save the dress?

Show me a Trump victim? Send forth a woman who has accused Trump of Rape or sexual assault. Where are the women who have accused Trump of sexual harassment. Paying a Porn Star for sex and then paying her to NOT disclose it is NOT  sexual harassment.

Trump said; “If you are rich or famous, women will let you do anything.” Bill said; “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”

Trum gave an example of the kinds of things that women will LET you do if you are rich or famous: “grab ’em by the pussy”. Bill gave us an example of extreme semantics in “defense” of his sexual relationship with Monica Lewinski.

Note the acknowledgement of consent in Trump’s example. Note the evasion in Bill’s.

“Women will let”

  “is is”

Trump didn’t say that a rich or famous man can do as he pleases. He said that women will LET [ALLOW] a rich or famous man to do these things.

There is no victim there.

Women who seek rich and famous men to use that wealth and fame to their advantage are not victims. They are predators.

Bill coaxed a young impressionable woman into the most intimidating office in the world and got a blow job. The Oval Office was designed to intimidate foreign dignitaries, Indian Chiefs and Warlords and World Leaders. I’m sure Monica felt right at home in that room and completely comfortable saying “No” to “the most powerful man in the world.”

The women Trump mentioned are women who allow and, in most cases, encourage these acts on the part of men in exchange for money, access, power, influence, etc.  Trump did not say that he walked around grabbing women by the pussy regardless of the desires of those women. Trump said that women will LET men do these things. It’s a huge distinction that, of course, faux feminists and Social Marxists refuse to recognize or acknowledge.

Bill bullied and intimidated Lewisnki. He’s a predator. Hillary is his enabler. I can actually see Hillary in the Oval Office while the thing was going down. “Oh yeah;” says Hillary; “Bil likes it like that.”

What’s more! Trump is correct. There are MANY Millions of Women out there who will LET men do what they want including but not limited to grabbing their pussies simply because a man is rich or famous. If you can’t acknowledge this, you are lying to yourself. You are a liar. You are probably one of the women who act in this manner and are, therefore, in denial.

Trump empowers Women. Hillary Clinton used her power and influence to destroy Women on behalf of her husband and in pursuit of power. The power and influence of Hillary Clinton came, in part, from the millions of “feminist” women who vote for and worship her. They enable her. She enabled Bill. Monica is their victim.

Yet, there are others who were victims of Hillary and her minions:

Even CNN admits that a whole lot more women have been abused than most people realize.

“There are about 14 women who could be said to have made claims at one time or another (about Bill Clinton,” CNN contributor Errol Louis accidentally revealed on air this Thursday morning.

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What should be done about the Saudis?


What should Donald Trump do about Saudi Arabia and Jamal Khashoggi?

What should The United States do about Saudi Arabia and Jamal Khasshogi?

I keep hearing the Politicians, especially those on the Left, ask these questions? As if the United States of America is the only ally or strategic partner of Saudi Arabia. As if the United States of America has a responsibility to police every action of every Nation and every people on this Planet.

What should Donald Trump do about Saudi Arabia and Jamal Khashoggi?

What should The United States do about Saudi Arabia and Jamal Khasshogi?


Neither Donald Trump nor the United States of America should do anything in response to Saudi Arabia’s alleged actions regarding Jamal Khashoggi. This is not our responsiblity as a Nation or as a people.

This alleged crime occurred (or did not occur) on Turkish soil in a Saudi Arabian embassy. Whatever happened did not happen on US soil or in an Embassy of the United States of America.

download (15)If we do anything at all, we should recommend to the aggrieved Nations that they take it to the United Nations and let the Nations of the World decide how to handle the events surrounding Jamal Khashoggi.

This is exactly why the UN was created. This is the raison d’etre of the UN. It can serve no other real purpose. It has thus far served no real purpose (except to line the pockets of the Clintons and various other supra-national entities).

Let the Nations of the World decide together how to deal with this issue. Let the UN bring it to the Security Council or the International Crime Commission.

Then we shall see the true hypocrisy out there. Much of this loud talk will dissipate.

Saudi Arabia is not the responsibility of the US. They are a strategic partner. They are a customer of US Defense and Petro Corporations amongst others.. They are a sovereign nation.

Those Nations, such as Turkey, who are aggrieved by the alleged actions of the Saudis should take their case to the United Nations. Let those grievances be aired. Let the Nations present their allegations and their evidence in the open. Let the Saudis argue their narrative. Let the Nations of the World decide.
Is this not the expressed desires of the Globalists? That the world exist and operate as a unified whole? Why now do they argue for unilateral action on the part of The United States and President Donald J. Trump?


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The Erroneous Left and Word Usage Nazism

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Catey Hill of Moneyish tells us that we should NOT use GUYS to speak to groups of people because it is not “gender inclusive. I’ve always understood “guys” as gender neutral. I was born in 1968 and have always referred to groups of Males and Females as “guys”.

There is a story behind most slang that could be offensive to any number of hypersensitive Leftists people.

Why not, instead, stop being so sensitive and looking for offense under any and every rock.

Let’s go with “slave driver.” Apparently, the uber sensitive White Guilt people on the Left and some Black people are under the erroneous impression that ONLY Black people have ever been slaves and that ONLY White Europeans in America were ever slave masters.

This is wholly erroneous.

Black people were enslaved for about 400 years in the United States. Yet, they were enslaved far longer IN AFRICA and in the Middle East by Arab Muslims and Africans. Africans were enslaved in these areas LONG AFTER THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR and Abolition in the US.

Curiously, some Black folks have taken Arab Muslim names despite this historical fact. Irony.

Greeks and Slavs were enslaved in Rome for over 1,000 years. Greeks and Slavs, among others, were enslaved by Arab Muslims for over 1,000 years. How long were Jews enslaved by the Pharaohs of Egypt? Indians and Irish were also enslave in America.

Yet, you White Guilt folks on the Left seem disinclined to acknowledge these facts in order to make Black Democrats feel like especial victims. I can only assume that this is a tactic to keep a majority of Black Americans from going Kanye on you.

To sum it up, there is not a “Race” on planet Earth who have not been subjugated, enslaved, conquered or occupied & oppressed. No special group of people who have been exempted from history.  Only the Western Left seems to not know this.




Russian AAR — Chechnya

Chechen War

The Russian Army learned many lessons from its experience in Grozny. These

(1) You need to culturally orient your forces so that you don’t end up
being your own worst enemy simply out of cultural ignorance. Many times
Russian soldiers made serious cultural errors in dealing with the Chechen
civilians. Once insulted or mistreated, they became active fighters or
supported the active fighters. Russians admit they underestimated the
effect of religion on the conflict.

(2) You need some way of sorting out the combatants from the
non-combatants. The days of uniforms and organized units is over. The
Russians were forced to resort to searching the pockets of civilians for
military equipment and to sniffing them for the smell of gunpowder and gun
oil. Pretty crude. Trained sniffer dogs were used, but were not always
effective. Nevertheless, dogs are probably the best way to determine if a
person has been using explosives or firing a weapon recently.

(3) The psychological impact of high intensity urban combat is so intense
that you should maintain a large reserve that will allow you to rotate
units in and out of combat. If you do this, you can preserve a unit for a
fairly long time. If you don’t, once it gets used up, it can’t be rebuilt.

(4) Training and discipline are paramount. You can accomplish nothing
without them. You may need to do the training in the combat zone.
Discipline must be demanded. Once it begins to slip, the results are

(5) The Russians were surprised and embarrassed at the degree to which the
Chechens exploited the use of cell phones, Motorola radios, improvised TV
stations, light video cameras, and the Internet to win the information war.
The Russians admitted that they lost control of the information coming out
of Grozny early in the operation and never regained it.

(6) The proliferation of rocket propelled grenade launchers surprised
them, as well as the diversity of uses to which they were put. RPGs were
shot at everything that moved. They were fired at high angle over low
buildings and from around buildings with little or no attempt made to aim.
They were sometimes fired in very disciplined volleys and were the weapon
of choice for the Chechens, along with the sniper rifle. Not only were the
Russians faced with well-trained, well equipped Chechen military snipers,
there were also large numbers of designated marksmen who were very good
shots using standard military rifles. These were very hard to deal with and
usually required massive fire power to overcome.

(7) As expected, the Russians reiterated the need for large numbers of
trained Infantrymen. They said that some tasks, such as conducting logpack
operations, could only be conducted by Infantrymen, the logistical unit
soldiers being hopelessly inept and falling easy prey to the Chechens.

(8) They found that boundaries between units were still tactical weak
points, but that it wasn’t just horizontal boundaries they had to worry
about. In some cases, the Chechens held the third floor and above, while
the Russians held the first two floors and sometimes the roof. If a unit
holding the second floor evacuated parts of it without telling the unit on
the ground floor, the Chechens would move troops in and attack the ground
floor unit through the ceiling. Often this resulted in fratricide as the
ground floor unit responded with uncontrolled fire through all of the
ceilings, including the ones below that section of the building still
occupied by Russians. Entire battles were fought through floors, ceilings,
and walls without visual contact.

(9) Ambushes were common. Sometimes they actually had three tiers.
Chechens would be underground, on the ground floor, and on the roof. Each
group had a different task in the ambush.

(10) The most common response by the Chechens to the increasingly powerful
Russian indirect and aerial firepower was hugging the Russian unit. If the
hugging tactics caused the Russians to cease artillery and air fires, it
became a man-to-man fight and the Chechens were well equipped to win it. If
they didn’t cease the supporting fires, the Russian units suffered just as
much as the Chechen fighters did, sometimes even more, and the morale
effect was much worse on the Russians.

(11) Both the physical and the mental health of the Russian units began to
decline almost immediately upon initiation of high intensity combat. In
less than a month, almost 20% of the Russian soldiers were suffering from
viral hepatitis (very serious, very debilitating, slow recovery). Most had
chronic diarrhea and upper respiratory infections that turned to pneumonia
easily. This was blamed on the breakdown of logistical support that meant
units had to drink contaminated water. Unit sanitary discipline broke down
almost completely.

(12) According to a survey of over 1300 troops, about 72% had some sort of
psychological disorder. Almost 75% had an exaggerated startle response.
About 28% had what was described as neurotic reactions, and almost 10% had
acute emotional reactions. The Russians recommended 2
psycho-physiologists, 1 psycho-pharmacologist, 1 psychiatrist, and 1
medical psychologist at each (US) Corps-sized unit. Although their
experience in Afghanistan prepared them somewhat for the physical health
problems, they were not prepared for this level of mental health treatment.
Many permanent combat stress casualties resulted from the soldiers not
being provided proper immediate treatment.

(13) Chechens weren’t afraid of tanks and BMPs. They assigned groups of
RPG gunners to fire volleys at the lead and trail vehicles. Once they were
destroyed, the others were picked off one-by-one. The Russian forces lost
20 of 26 tanks, 102 of 120 BMPs, and 6 of 6 ZSU-23s in the first three
day’s fighting. Chechens chose firing positions high enough or low enough
to stay out of the fields of fire of tank and BMP weapons. Russian
conscript Infantry simply refused to dismount and often died in their BMP
without ever firing a shot. Russian elite Infantry did much better, but
didn’t coordinate well with armored vehicles initially.

(14) Chechens were brutish, especially with prisoners. (Some reports say
the Russians were no better but most say the Chechens were the worse of the
two sides.) Whoever was at fault, the battle degenerated quickly to one of
“No quarter asked, none given.” Russian wounded and dead were hung upside
down in windows of defended Chechen positions. Russians had to shoot at
the bodies to engage the Chechens. Russian prisoners were decapitated and
at night their heads were placed on stakes beside roads leading into the
city, over which Russian replacements and reinforcements had to travel.
Both Russian and Chechen dead were routinely booby-trapped.

(15) The Russians were not surprised by the ferocity and brutality of the
Chechens, they expected them to be “criminals and animal brutes” but they
were surprised by the sophistication of the Chechen use of booby traps and
mines. Chechens mined and boobytrapped everything, showing excellent
insight into the actions and reactions of the average Russian soldier. Mine
and boobytrap awareness was hard to maintain.

(16) The Russians were satisfied with the combat performance of most of
their Infantry weapons. The T-72 tank was dead meat. Too vulnerable, too
awkward, not agile, no visibility, poor weapons coverage at short ranges –
Russians removed them from the battle. Replaced by smaller numbers of
older tanks and more self propelled artillery, more ADA weapons, and more
BMPs. Precision guided weapons and UAVs very useful. Some need for
non-lethal weapons, but mostly riot gas and tranquilizer gas, not stuff
like sticky foam. The Russian equivalent of the M202 Flash flame projector
and the Mk 19 grenade launcher were very useful weapon. Ultimately, a
strong combined arms team and flexible command and control meant more than
the individual weapons used by each side.

*Official Russian After Action Review translated by an American

The World Will Be Ok Without Xtianity

downloadHumans have been walking the Earth for about 50,000 years. 10,000 or so of which has been “civilized.” 1700 of those years has seen Christianity. Approximately 400 of those years has seen Christianity spread beyond the Med-Euro who stole it from the Middle Eastern deserts.

I’m thinking that most of humanity did fairly well without Christianity and that we’d survive without it.

Billions and billions of good, moral humans have lived and died and been fortunate enough to never have heard of Abraham or his spawn.

“Indigenous” People’s Day




I have no problem with getting rid of Columbus. However, I have questions?

WHO was here first?

I’m not asking who was here with Christopher Columbus arrived. Who was in the area that now comprises the United States, Canada, Mexico and the rest of the Americas first?

Does anyone know this?

Who of these so called “indigenous peoples” were simply folks who conquered, raped and pillaged BEFORE the arrival of Europeans?

There are theories about the land bridge. There are theories about Phoenicians arriving thousands of years ago. There is evidence of Welsh, Vikings, Romans, Jews, Chinese and others arriving before the 1492 expedition.

Who was here first? Who migrated to the Americas peacefully and inhabited lands in which no Homo Sapiens had existed before?

When someone can tell me that, I’ll be interested in celebrating THOSE people.

Everyone else were simply conquerors of another era who have no justification for whining that someone else came and took from them what they had previously taken from others.