Truths Ta-Nehesi Coates and the 1619 Project Do Not Want You To Know


See for more lies and propaganda. The brilliant Dr. Coates can dissemble with the best of them.

I’ve personally never heard a credible case for reparations. Reparations for slavery is a scam. It is another example of the true goal of the Socialists and their divisive inclusivity. The American Left simply desires to vilify descendants in America of Western European origin and “Whiteness”.

I find it interesting that today’s racial activists have focused on the White Anglo-Saxon Protestant. Most of the Americas went untouched by England. The majority of slaves and the majority of the Americas was colonized by Spain. Somehow, these LatinX activists forget that the Spanish were the most heinous and brutal slave power in the Western Hemisphere. The Spanish committed genocide and murdered all who failed to adapt to Spanish culture and religion. This is why so many in Latin America are Catholic and why so many of the peoples of the Americas speak exclusively the Spanish language. Spain murdered the local cultures out of the locals leaving only the Spanish culture in place. Despite, this violence, Spain and “Latin-ness” escapes their condemnation of the LatinX activist community. They simply hate White people. Spain was so successful in destroying the African and the pre- Colonial Americas’ Indigenous people’s sense of self that most identify more with “Latin-ness” or being Spanish and speaking Spanish than they do with any identity that predated their ancestors enslavement. Yet, Latin American activists firmly believe that America, the United States, and England were the cause of all of their problems. To the Latin American, they’ve forgotten Spain existed. The White European, especially the English, are the great villain. If they were to stop and look inwards, they would come to understand that the Spanish culture which they celebrate is the great villain of their existence.

Yet, these activists, like Coates, Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib  are not looking for truth. They need a villain. They must have a villain. They have chosen the White Man and “Whiteness”.

Without a villain, they can have no victims. Without victims, they cannot survive.

Until we stop creating victims, it’s gonna be really hard for America to survive.

If we do not stop creating victims and, instead, start empowering people, America will . not survive.

Reparations is just another victim scam of the Left. It’s another way for a few to enrich themselves from the many. It’s another way for lifetime “public servants” to continue to become multimillionaires.

Whilst the poor get poorer, the Public Servants get richer and richer.




Reparations: A Democratic Party Scam

When all of the tribes and kingdoms of Africa pay reparations to all of the ancestors of slaves whom they sold into slavery, I will consider thinking about the possibility of reparations.

If the supporters of this tax can trace the owners of slaves and the corporations which directly profited from slavery, I will support legislation creating a targeted reparations tax paid directly by those persons and their descendants who can be proven to be profiting from slavery or be in the possession of monies gained from slavery.

A general fund created from income taxes should never be considered. There is no proof that the general populace profited directly from slavery. That cannot be proven.

If it can be proven, show me that proof.


African captured by Africans in Africa to be sold East to the Arabs or West to the Europeans.

There is not one slave holder in my ancestry. Half of my family came to the United States in the 1880s. The other half was poor White folk who owned no slaves and was made destitute during the Great Depression. Before the Great Depression, they were merely poverty stricken. The only members of my family who fought and died during the American Civl War fought for the Union. My family paid all dues owed at that time and, yet, never owned slaves.

For what do I owe when it comes to enslavement of the African American. How am I more in debt to the ancestors of the enslaved African Americans than the Africans who originally sold them out of Africa?

How is the average American more indebted to the average African American than the original bondsmen in Africa who profited immensely and who still profit to this day?


Arab Muslim Slavers transporting Africans east to Arabia.

No one can ever answer these questions. Instead, I get called a racist or tole that I have no empathy. Correct on that mark. I have no empathy for folks who just want “free” money stolen by the State from their fellow citizens.

Someone show me definitively how I, an uninvolved, non-affluent, White American am in debt to ancestors of slaves over 150 years after slavery ended at the cost of my ancestors lives when the Africans who enriched themselves by selling those ancestors in to slavery owe nothing.

If the answer involves “White Privilege”, the argument ends before it begins.

In the end, Reparations is naught but another leftist scam meant to keep African Americans on the Democratic Plantation. Same old Master. Same old Slaves.

American Lynchings & Bobby Rush


Congressman Bobby L. Rush

Asian, Hispanic and White Americans were lynched in America as well as Black Americans.

That doesn’t matter. It only matters if one have the correct skin color. That seems racist to me. #Racism #InstitutionalRacism

No one knows the exact numbers of lynchings that occurred in the United States. However, it is estimated that there were around 6,000 between the end of slavery up until the 1960s. I’m not certain why the estimates always start AFTER the end of slavery but…they do. Not my decision. I would think that any extra-judicial killing in any era would be horrific. The Justice of the State is usually horrific and perverted enough. Mob justice…much more so. Such is the case if one is Black, White, Chinese, Christian, Muslim, Homosexual, Straight, Republican, Democrat, Libertarian or Tulsi Gabbard.

Of the lynchings that occurred in the US, around 60 percent of the victims were African Americans or Black Americans. The other roughly 40% were said to be White Americans. I’m certain these numbers are off, though, as they rarely take into account Asians and others who were in the US at that time.

Chinese were treated with rough “justice” during that timeframe. The lynch mob took after many a people in the West and there weren’t a whole lot of Black people in the area in that time frame as most Black Americans were living in the South up until the early to mid 20th Century. One could be hanged in the old West for being a horse thief or murder or, well, at the behest of any judge wishing to build a hard reputation. Most don’t count hangings at the hand of the Law as lynchings. Yet, I see the Law as more or less a lynching for anyone who isn’t wealthy.

Representative Bobby Rush doesn’t care about any of that, though. He certainly doesn’t care about any Chinese who were lynched in America. That doesn’t serve his purpose or his Masters. The only lynchings that matter to Bobby Rush or the Democratic Party are those of Black Americans. This helps their numbers. It keeps the primary victims down and out. It keeps the primary victims of the DNC in line. Towing that party line. Voting Democrat. That is all that matters. Bobby’s Democratic Masters certainly do not want you reading that the South was controlled by them when these lynchings were taking place. Please don’t remember that. Hillary, Bernie, Liz and Joe do not want you to remember the real history of the DNC.

America is odd in that we, so often, think in terms only of Black and White. We forget that there have been others in this Nation.

For instance, there have always been the Indians and Hispanics. How many of those folks were lynched in that same time period. Before and after…?

Yet, we pretend that lynching was some kind of Blacks only horror. I suppose it makes it easier to continue to make Black Americans feel the vicim. Victims are much easier to disempower, to disenfranchise and control. This is why the Democratic Party is forever telling Black Americans that they are victims.

To the Democratic Party, the Black American will always be a slave and the DNC will always be the Master.

Isn’t it odd that Bobby Rush just stated that all Black people look alike.

The Party of Bobby Rush was, in fact, in control of the South 1877 all the way up to the 1960s when all of those Black Americans were hanged by the neck in those lynchings. Again, just forget that.

Lynching, or Mob Justice, as it was called in that era was horrific for any of its victims. None more-so than the victims of the Mob who were innocent. We could take a lesson from this in our era of virtual lynchings where guilt is presumed regularly upon any accusation from a pre-approved political group or individual.

What is justice in America? Does Justice exist in America? It seems to me that the Lynch Mob still exists and is still a weapon of the Democratic Party.

Some things never change…

What Gets Trump My Vote in 2020

LEFTIST OUTRAGE about everything.

The utter lack of tolerance displayed by the Left.

The complete hypocrisy of the Left.

The hatred of the Left.

The Violence of the Left.

The State Worship by the Left.


The complete and utter disregard of the Constitution of the United States of America that the Left displays and acts upon.

The Racism and Bigotry of the Left disguised as compassion and empathy.

The fact that the Left cares more about ILLEGAL immigrants than Americans.

The disrespect of Leftists directed against minorities who don’t agree with them 100%.

I can’t stand Donald Trump even as I agree with many of his policies.

I didn’t vote for him in 2016.

Yet, I am seriously considering voting for him in 2020.


Because I hate the Progressive Left.  There is simply nothing progressive about them. They are hate personified.

Life is Suffering…and that’s not a bad thing.

I was watching this video of Jordan Peterson and it made me think about my life…again. Peterson is an extraordinary specimen of Homo Sapiens. This man gets it.

On gratitude for life and living. He is spot on.  Has my life always been a grand adventure. By no means, has it been. I grew up the child of an alcoholic. I was poor. I remember summers through which a decent meal was a miracle of giving. Father was a drunken fool out on a binge. Mother absconded with us to some secret location to avoid his violence. Extended family ignored us and were embarrassed by us. 

But we made do. We laughed and loved each other and lived. We survived.

In the end, by some divine intervention or just plain old perseverance, my four siblings and I grew into successful adults. Each of us have had our trials and tribulations. Each of us received guidance and assistance along the way. In the end, though, we’ve all had successes and have become as independent and productive as we could not have dreamed growing up with an abusive father.

I often tell people that I was held back 18 years in life. I didn’t come out of my childhood and grasp the reality that my life was of my own choosing until I was 30 years old. Part of that is that I joined the Army when I was 17. One abusive relationship to another. 

The Army didn’t know what to do with a kid like me so it shunted me aside. In time, though, I learned how to thrive in the Army system. A few years later, I outgrew the Army. It seemed to me that it held me back from something. Perhaps, I was right. Time will tell. I said my farewells to the Army and rejoined the rest of the world as a sovereign individual. 

I am grateful to the Army. I was allowed to grow up there…with some guidance. I was fortunate in that system. It can destroy many people like me. The shiftless person who is distrusting of authority. A combination of negligent leadership and good leadership pushed and pulled me along. 

After leaving the Army and joining the civilian world, I attended a bit of university. Both traditional and non-traditional. 

One day out of the blue, I was called by a representative of KBR and thus began my journey into the wider world. I was conscious of the world but, even though I’d traveled in the military, I never completely accepted that it was there. Yes, I’d traveled in the military. I’d been stationed in Germany, Egypt and Korea. I’d traveled to France, Panama, Israel,  and Jordan. I didn’t spend a great deal of thought on the rest of the planet, though. It was there. I’d probably die without seeing it.

After KBR hired me, I broadened my scope. Accidentally. at first. Then with purpose. I traveled to Thailand. Then all over Southeast Asia. Then China. Then the Middle East and other parts of Europe and the Mediterranean. 

After KBR, I joined other outfits. MPRI came first. Then Mantech, AECOM, Dyncorp and Raytheon. I was a clerk at first. Then I moved on to become an advisor working with various parts of the Afghan National Defense Force.

I met extraordinary people and witnessed extraordinary events. I felt danger closely. I was shot at and bombed and rocketed and mortared. I felt death first hand and heard it whisper my name. Yet, I do not fear death.

Why? Because I felt that I had lived and was grateful to have lived as I had for as long as I had. Death had no hold over me nor the fear of death.

That brings me back to Mr. Peterson. Yes, life is suffering. Yes, I had experienced suffering. I’ve also experienced joy, love, passion and exceptional pride in accomplishing something greater than myself.

I had help along the way. Yet, the major decisions and many minor had been mine. I chose to go. I chose to live. Others helped me along the way. Opportunities had been extended. I chose to take those opportunities and to succeed within the scope of those opportunities. No one forced me to do so. I did not allow fear to hold me back. I took chances in life and those chances paid off for me.

None of those opportunities or successes would have come my way had I not chose to take hard paths along the way. I would not be who I am had I not suffered along the way.

For all of that, I am extremely grateful.


Impeaching President Trump

75th Anniversary of D-Day, Portsmouth, UK - 05 Jun 2019
Impeaching Donald Trump results in one of two things:
1. He is successfully impeached, prosecuted and removed by the HoR and Senate respectively.
This guarantees that one of the nut jobs running on the Democratic Party ticket wins which dooms the country to insanity as we have never believed possible. Witch Hunts to make Colonial Salem blush. Leftist Agendas canceling every good thing that existed in America. A crash of the stock market so spectacular as to be theretofore unimaginable. People imprisoned for thought crimes and speech. The Bill of Rights not abolished but eradicated.
2. The idiots of the House fail to impeach or the Senate fails to prosecute and remove.
Trump is guaranteed #Election2020. God only knows what he’ll do in his second term.
I like some of what Trump has done.
I loathe the Left more than I am apprehensive of a second Trump term.
I prefer the 2nd scenario.
I’m not great fan of Trump but better him than any Democrat alive at this moment.

A Challenge to Leftists and Feminist

Trump stated truth:   If one is wealthy or famous that women will let a man do anything and gave as an example; “grab ’em by the pussy.”

There is no falsity in that statement. It is absolutely true.

Why do you ignore the truth? Does it intimidate you? Are you one of those women who allows famous and wealthy men to do as they please with you and the fact that the statement describes your innermost truth frightens you.

I know for a fact that women out there…some…not all…but millions will, in fact, allow wealthy and famous men to do as they will with them.

There are thousands of American women who travel to the Middle East (Dubai) for 25,000 and 50,000USD weekend. They are paid specifically to allow wealthy Arab men to do as they please. One item that is specifically part of that menu is anal sex for Muslims believe that anal sex is halal whereas vaginal sex is haram.

So, pls, tell me what in that statement by, then civilian, Donald Trump was false and what part of it offended you?

I’ll wait. You won’t dare answer truthfully for the truth is the last item on the Leftist Feminist agenda.

Trump’s exact words follow:

 Yeah, that’s her. With the gold. I better use some Tic Tacs just in case I start kissing her. You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful — I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star they let youdo it. You can do anything.

Bush: Whatever you want.

Trump: Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.

(Emphasis Red/Bold/Italics are mine)

Nothing in that statement is false. Women will allow wealth and famous men (a Star) do anything. That is a true statement.

Citizenship Question on the 2020 Census

download (6).jpg

The Purpose of the US Census:

Secondly, the U.S. Census is important for the purposes of distributing funds to the public. Taking a count of the people in the country helps the Federal government decide what areas of the population are in need of what services such as: welfare, housing projects, parks and other things mandated by the federal government.
The Democrats want to count illegal immigrants in the Census and not have them annotated as such so that they can boost the number of Leftist Socialist members of the House of Representatives.
This is why they do not want the citizenship question on the Census. This is why nearly the whole of the platforms of a majority of Democrats running for President in 2020 revolves around illegal immigration.

The Democratic Party doesn’t care about actual Americans. They care only about power.

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It’s only Racist if Colin Kaepernick says it is and Colin says that Obama is a racist

The Islamic Republic of Egypt is NOT Pharaonic Egypt

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Egypt is upset that a “King Tut” artifact was sold by Christie’s auction house in London. 
I don’t see it. The Islamic Government of Egypt has no more legitimate claim to Pharaonic Egypt than did France, England or the Mongols. Egyptians themselves sold much of this to outsiders. The government of Egypt now extant is not an extension of Pharoanic Egypt. This government is Islamic. If this Egyptian government goes full Sharia, they’ll destroy all of these ancient Egyptian artifacts because of Sharia.

As the current nation of Turkey has absolutely nothing to do with the Greek, Roman or Eastern Roman civilizations that existed in the area before Muslims conquered and occupied Constantinople, this current iteration of Egypt has absolutely nothing to do with and nothing in common with that of ancient, pharaonic Egypt. It would  be hilarious to make a connection.

The governments that now stand atop Cairo and Constantinople are as much thieves and interlopers as Britain, France or any other colonial power from Europe. They are all foreign to the area. They all conquered those places. They all occupied those places.

Britain or France have as much claim to those artifacts as the current occupational States of Egypt and Turkey. The only thing that the current Egyptian government has in common with Pharoanic Egypt is the name.

That Muslims stole the name Egypt and used it for legitimacy does not make Egypt any more legitimate than the Palestinians calling themselves Palestine or if the Israelis had called their State the Kingdom of Judea. Egypt is not really Egypt. They are Arabic Islamic occupiers who use an ancient name as propaganda.

If they are real Egyptians, they should throw off the yoke of Islam and reopen the altars to Osiris, Isis, Amen-Ra and the other Egyptian Gods. Otherwise, they are simple occupiers and propagandists.

#FreeOccupiedConstantinople #FreeMemphis #FreeLuxor #FreeThebes #FreeMakkah #FreeDamascus #FreeLondinium #FreeGaul #FreeTroy #FreeCarthage 


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Constantinople before it was colonized and occupied by Muslims and renamed Istanbul


Joe Biden Admitted the Russian Hoax

“While Putin’s trying to undo our elections, he’s actually undoing elections in Europe. Look at what’s happening in Hungary, look what’s happening in Poland, look what’s happening! You think that would happen on my watch or Barack’s watch? You can’t answer that, but I promise it wouldn’t have, and it didn’t,”

Joseph Biden

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Colin Kaepernick, Nike and Betsy Ross


These Africans are beings sold as slaves by Africans RIGHT NOW!

Betsy Ross was born into a Quaker family. She grew up a Quaker. She was born in Pennsilvania which was a free State and had already abolished slavery. It is as likely as not that Ross was on the anti-slavery side of the equation.

If the Flag of the United States of America is offensive and reeks of slavery then so to does every African Flag extant.

Slavery is ongoing in Africa. Africans are being sold as slaves as I type this.

Is Africa offensive and does it carry slavery connotations?

If the answer is no, then Colin Kaepernick is a hypocrite.

Are you a hypocrite, Colin Kaepernick?

Nike is hypocritical as well.

There would have been no African slave trade were it not for Africans selling their brothers and sisters enmasse for hundreds and thousands of years.

Everything African is offensive and has slavery connotations.

This includes Egypt and Islam which originated in Arabia in the Middle East.

As a matter of fact, being African and Black Pride is offensive and carries connotations of slavery because Africans were extremely proud of their Slaving history and became extremely wealthy from the sale of human beings into bondage.


If this shoe is offensive and has “slavery connotations”…


How is this shoe not offensive and how does it not have “slavery connotations”…


Egypt is one of the first empires to hold slaves. Essentially Egypt invented slavery. Egypt started slavery thousands of years before the United States of America existed and there are slaves being bought and sold in Egypt right now.

And then there is this shoe…


Africans grew immeasurably wealthy from the African slave trade to the Americas and elsewhere. Africans grow wealthy from selling and trading in the human bondage business at this moment.

No! White people are not solely responsible for slavery or the enslavement of millions of Africans.  If everything White is offensive to people like Colin Kaepernick, why isn’t everything Black and African equally offensive to them. Is Colin Kaepernick a simple minded racist? More and more, it would seem that this is an explanation for his behaviors and mindset.

I was a supporter of Colin Kaepernick as you would inevitably find by perusing my blog. I am reconsidering that support and finding myself more and more on a different side. It would seem that Colin Kaepernick has initiated a War on Whiteness.





Kids In Cages — The Immigration Lies of the Left


What should be done with these children who are taken to the border and across the border by their criminal parents, guardians and kidnappers?

Should we put them out on the street. Simply throw them across the border? Shoot them? Euthanize them?

Perhaps, we should place them in your home so that you can take care of them since you feel so for them?

Those “cages” are simply fenced in containment areas. Such would be used for any person who committed illegal acts. And I’ll remind you that crossing into another nation without the proper documentation/permissions is illegal. It is a criminal act.

Perhaps, the parents should be held responsible for dragging their kids to the border and preying upon the bleeding hearts of Leftists who can’t operate in reality and, therefore, encourage these parents and other more nefarious persons to drag children into these circumstances.

The United States Government did not ask these people to come. The United States Government did not invite these people to come. The United States Government did not snatch these folks from their homes in Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Colombia and Honduras and place them into cages. These people took it upon themselves to attempt to enter into the country illegally and/or under false pretenses.

If there are children in cages, it is the fault of the parents and the criminals who have kidnapped these children and are trafficking them across international borders.

You speak to humanity and humanity’s values. What human value is it to encourage people to run to the US border and overwhelm that border with thousands of folks when the Border Control and Customs and Immigration folks do not have the capacity to deal with that large, abnormal influx of migrants.

What human value is it that states that you demand that others fund your desire to allow these people to come to America and become a drain on the taxpayer?

What human value is it that demands that I fund your charitable impulses?

Please. Do tell.

If you care so much about these people, why aren’t you there caring for them instead of in your home preaching self righteous nonsense.

Get a move on. Kids in cages are suffering because you are too lazy to get off of your duff and help them!

Humanity and Human Values


100% of all jailed US criminals and 100% of pedophiles are Homo Sapiens.

Humanity’s values? That’s laughable at best.

Humanity has brought us socialism, greed, abortion, communism, religion, conquest, occupation, Nazism, fascism, slavery, rapine, pillage, war and every other evil that has ever been perpetrated upon humanity.

Why does humanity get a pass when you are so hard on Christianity?

That’s a bit hypocritical, don’t you think.

Humanity’s values are not values. They are conditional and inconsistent, violent.

What are these human values that you believe exist.

For most of human history, we have preyed one upon the other.

Yet, I’m supposed to believe that humanity has values other than war, violence and lust.



Thou Shalt Have No God Before Me…except the State. Romans 13:1-2

What if the anti-Christ created Christianity?



Romans 13:1-2 New International Version (NIV)
Submission to Governing Authorities

13 Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. 2 Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves.

In the Roman Empire, the law of the land was that one must worship the Roman Emperor as God.  Were Christians who refused to do so sinning against God?

Does not worship of a mere mortal emperor as God directly contradict the First Commandment?

Did Christians ever stop to think that the Book of Romans was inserted as Roman propaganda.

Constantine the Great made Christianity an official religion of the Roman Empire in the 4th Century AD. After he did so, he convened a council in Nicaea to craft the Christian religion and establish doctrine and dogma.

In effect, a Roman Emperor decided what was Christian and what was outside of official Christianity. A Roman who was not baptised until his death. A Roman who decreed himself a Divine Entity on par with the God of the Christians.

No Christian whom I know who is aware of this questions this system or the addition of Romans to the official catechism that became the Roman government approved version of the Holy Bible (book) of Roman Christianity.

Prior to Constantine the Great, several Roman Emperors decreed Christians to be heretics or, generally speaking, rabble rousing madmen primarily because they would not participate in the officially sanctioned State religion of Rome. Jupiter Maximus was the supreme being and the Emperor was a God on Earth. All Roman Citizens were to worship this divine emperor whilst on Earth.

If we take this Romans chapter and verse at face value, it would seem to dictate that Christians were wrong in refusing to worship the emperor as divine.

This directly contradicts the First Commandment:

“I am the LORD your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. You shall have no other gods before Me” (Exodus 20:2-3).


No other gods before me. No other Gods should be worshiped. Certainly, no other God should be set higher than YHWH.

How do we account for this contradiction?

Was the Book of Romans a forgery and not written by the Apostle Paul as we are taught. If so, how do we trust any book in the Roman Emperor’s Bible. Each Book was chosen because it supported the State and Official Culture of the Roman Empire under Constantine the Great.

Obey the State. Worship the Emperor as Divine. Thou shalt have no other Gods before me.

Romans gives false doctrine that contradicts Ieshua’s teachings. Give unto Caesar that which is Caesars. If we are truly Children of God, nothing belongs to Caesar. If we are spiritually connected to the God of Abraham and he is the One True God, there is no way that the Romanized Christianity of our age can be truth. It is a falsehood. It is a lie.

Perhaps, the anti-Christ has been in control of the Church for 1600 years in the form of the Papacy sitting upon the chair of Peter. What if the anti-Christ created Christianity?






MASS KILLINGS – It isn’t the Guns! It’s the People that are the Problem.

Why is this happening?

Why do these incidents continue to occur?

It’s not the firearms. It’s the people.

The Leftists keep concentrating on inanimate objects. A firearm can kill no one. People have to pull the trigger.

These people have an issue. There is something that these people have in common that pushes them to these acts and it isn’t the firearms.

What is it that causes these people to hate life, freedom, themselves and others such that they are willing to murder randomly?

Stop blaming the fucking guns. The guns are beside the point.

In countries with strict gun control, they are killing folks with whatever is at hand. Knives, machetes, sledge hammers. Hundreds of people were killed in the Balkans with sledgehammers and mallets. The Khmer Rouge murdered millions with blunt objects.

This is a human issue. It’s not a “gun control” issue. This is going to continue to be a challenge until we start to investigate why people resort to killing their fellow humans as some sort of purging of their own hatred or angst or….whatever it is.

Concentrating on the firearms will solve nothing. It will simply change the methodology and the tools.

Take away the guns and they’ll use knives, machetes and bombs.