MASS KILLINGS – It isn’t the Guns! It’s the People that are the Problem.

Why is this happening?

Why do these incidents continue to occur?

It’s not the firearms. It’s the people.

The Leftists keep concentrating on inanimate objects. A firearm can kill no one. People have to pull the trigger.

These people have an issue. There is something that these people have in common that pushes them to these acts and it isn’t the firearms.

What is it that causes these people to hate life, freedom, themselves and others such that they are willing to murder randomly?

Stop blaming the fucking guns. The guns are beside the point.

In countries with strict gun control, they are killing folks with whatever is at hand. Knives, machetes, sledge hammers. Hundreds of people were killed in the Balkans with sledgehammers and mallets. The Khmer Rouge murdered millions with blunt objects.

This is a human issue. It’s not a “gun control” issue. This is going to continue to be a challenge until we start to investigate why people resort to killing their fellow humans as some sort of purging of their own hatred or angst or….whatever it is.

Concentrating on the firearms will solve nothing. It will simply change the methodology and the tools.

Take away the guns and they’ll use knives, machetes and bombs.

The NCAA is a Basket Case

87696bd8-c033-4c45-a254-fe897ff65d2b-Howard_053019_kdseqnsseqn_4I hate the way the NCAA censors and erases history. Those games happened. Those schools should be able to proudly display accomplishments…even if they were “tainted” by scandal.

The favored treatment of UCLA, John Wooden, UNC, Duke and Coaches Smith and Krzyzewski are cases in point.

All schools have had scandal. Yet the NCAA simply ignores those scandals. These are clear cases of favorable treatment.

It would seem to me that if there was anything closely resembling consistency in what is considered “justice” in the NCAA, UCLA, Wooden, UNC, Smith, Krzyzewski and Duke would all have wins, seasons and Championships erased.

With Juwan Howard returning to Michigan as the head coach of the basketball team, the NCAA should take time to address these issues with Michigan, the Fab 5 and the rest of the collective that is the NCAA Basketball union.


John McCain was hated by Democrats


John McCain was hated by the Democratic Party. Until, that is, Trump started openly hating on him. Now, McCain is the “hero of the Republic.”

McCain was a war monger. There never existed a possible intervention with which John McCain would not lovingly spoon in his 1970s waterbed. McCain loved interventions more than he loved Cindy.

Aren’t Leftist Democrats supposedly against these interventionist policies?

How, then, is John McCain suddenly the Great Hero of the Republic to the Democratic Party , CNN & MSNBC?

Oh…because Trump hates him. That is the simple explanation.

This is absurd. The United States of Absurdistan.

It’s also called duplicity, hypocrisy and deviousness.

Stop pretending to love and admire John McCain simply because Trump reviles him. Deep in your hearts, you, the Democratic Party, revile McCain as much as you hate Trump.

The only thing transparent about the Democratic Party is their dirty tactics, smear tactics, duplicity and hypocrisy.

trump 2020 9





There Were Viable Alternatives in Election 2016

There were viable alternatives in the 2016 Election. Americans were too cowardly to choose a better candidate. Instead, they stuck to the “lesser of two evils” paradigm which is killing this Nation.

20% of eligible voters in the US hated Donald Trump

20% of eligible voters in the US hated Hillary Clinton

That is 40% of eligible voters.

Another 20% or so hated both candidates.

That is 60% who either did not vote or voted against a candidate instead of for a candidate.

Instead, that 60% could have voted * F O R * a candidate.

They could have voted for the Libertarian Candidate or for the Green Peace Candidate.

I voted for the Libertarian Party and Gary Johnson.

Americans had alternatives. Americans were simply too stupid to do so.

Someone please come on here and tell me that Johnson would have been a worse President than Donald Trump.

Please. One of you daft, party line following morons come and tell me this so that I can smack you upside the head.

Instead, you let diversionary tactics such as “he didn’t know what Allepo was” and other inane, meaningless smears turn you off to a viable alternative.

Johnson has had more success in life than 99% of Americans. Yet, these same people felt that they were better than he.

Basically, what I’m saying is that you, Americans, are stupid and you suck.

To make matters worse, Democrats want to allow 16 and 17 year olds to vote. We have folks who are 30 & 45 & 69 & 56 who cannot vote intelligently. It’s no wonder that the Democrats want children to vote. They love unintelligent, emotional, uninformed voters. The Emocratic Party thrives on emotional voters and diversity of lack of information and UNtelligence. As does the Conservative Leftist Republican party of fools.

Samuel L. Jackson Hate Donald Trump

And now we know why:   SIMPLE GREED

Sam doesn’t want to pay his Mother’s medical bills. He wants YOU, the Tax Payer, to pay them.

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“‘You’re an actor. Stick to acting.’ No, motherf–ker. I’m a human being that feels a certain way. And some of this shit does affect me, because if we don’t have health care, sh-t, and my relatives get sick, they’re going to call my rich ass. I want them to have health care. I want them to be able to take care of themselves. This is how I feel. And I count to one hundred some days before I hit ‘send,’ because I know how that sh-t is.”

Samuel L. Jackson

Having health care provided by the State is not taking care of oneself.

What Sam wants is for the State (i.e., the Tax Payer) to take care of his relatives instead of his “rich ass.”

That is some sorry ass shit.

I don’t give two shits what he says about Trump but that is the real motivation of most of the Hollywood types. They want their less affluent relatives to be cared for by the State (i.e, the Tax Payer) so that they do not have to spend their own money on their own relatives.

That is some regressive fucking shit, Sam!

What a piece of shit.

I’ll still go see his movies because I go to the movies to be entertained and don’t give a fuck about the political opinions or, in this case, the lack of compassion, stealth hate for relatives and the poor, or complete fucking greed of these millionaire actors. I pay to be entertained. Hollywood educates only the fools and the daft.

Bottom line, the justification for Sam Jackson’s hatred for Trump is that Sam might have to pay his Mother’s doctor bills.

Ain’t that some heartless shit.

Morals Morals Morals War Mongers

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It is funny that the party of no morals is going after Trump over moral scruples.

It’s FUCKING hilarous.
Kinda like an evangelical going after someone for prostitution and that evangelical is Jimmy Swaggert.
This is all….ALL…..all about war. It’s about the Neo-Libs teaming up with the former Neo-Cons to keep pushing towards war with Russia or China or Iran or NoKo or anyone who can keep those receipt waterfalls for the Military Industrial Congressional Complex.
Sorry Lefties, you’ve been sold out. You are now [again] the Party of War.
I’m all for it.
Let’s crash this market.
Whatever does that, I’m for it.
I do have a question, though.
What does a check prove?
Trump gave his lawyer a check for 35,000USD. That proves exactly what?
Does Cohen have an email that says; “Mikey, take dis 30 Grand and give it to da ho. Take da udder 5 Grand fo yo’self. Buy your wife [or mistress] something nice.”

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Americans Are Hypocrites

In times of national emergencies such as would have to occur for a draft, the standards would be lowered. Women will be pressed into the Infantry enmasse. Many women who simply should not be anywhere near a battlefield.

Result – Lots of dead women on the battlefield causing lots of dead men on the battlefield.

We won’t learn the lessons the easy way. We never do.

We need a Kasserine Pass or a Ticonderoga or a Pearl Harbor or a 9-11.

That’s why the politicians and other leaders of this country stand by and allow these events to occur.

There has to be an event that shocks America out of complacency and self righteous ideologies…out of their false sense of security. Unfortunately, the effects of these events (that we call tragedies) are short lived and Americans fall back into their self righteous, indignant cocoons within five years.

Witness the “torture memos” and the reactions to them in 2005 vs 2010.

After 9-11, it was “do whatever is necessary to make us safe.” In 2010, it was “how could America be involved in torture? How could America play loud music and keep those poor terrorists awake for more than 8 hours a night. How could you savages waterboard those poor terrorists!?! America is better than that!!!”

Americans are full of shit 90% of the time and get their shit together for a short time ONLY AFTER some event awakens them to the realities of life and this mean ass, violent world.


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I quit Facebook a long time ago. I quit because Facebook employs idiots, morons and social justice warriors who do not care about facts. They care about emotions. Facebook is run by Fascists and Socialists who idolize Adolf Hitler, Iosef Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, Pol Pot and other totalitarian criminals and monsters.

Today, they put a friend of mine in Facebook jail for this statement:

Well, illegal immigrants are all criminals else they’d not be illegal immigrants. Bad meme.

There is nothing factually incorrect in that statement. If a person crosses the border into another country of which that person is not a Citizen, that person is an illegal immigrant. That person has committed a crime.

A criminal is a person who commits crimes.

That statement may hurt the feelings of social justice warriors and overly emotional idiots who Facebook employs. However, it is factually correct.

Facebook defines “hate speech” thusly:

We define hate speech as a direct attack on people based on what we call protected characteristics — race, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, caste, sex, gender, gender identity, and serious disease or disability. We also provide some protections for immigration status.

“Illegal Immigrant” is a word that is specific to none of those categories. It is a descriptor that could include members of any or all of those groups. A person does not become an illegal immigrant by virtue of belonging to any of those categories. They do so based upon an action. One becomes an illegal immigrant by virtue of a choice to enter another Nation illegally.


Facebook is insane, dishonest and needs to be destroyed. It needs to be  annihilated. It needs to be wiped from the Earth because it is a social virus. Twitter should be given the same treatment. Mark Zuckerberg & Jack Dorsey should be exiled to the ends of the Earth and threatened with immediate and prejudiced termination if they attempt to return and may they both burn in the torment of Babylonian Hell for eternity.

The minions of Facebook need a dictionary. They need to learn the English language. Facebook purposely employs weepy, whiney, weak people to enforce their “standards.” Facebook and its minions hate Freedom.

facebook is stupid



trump 2020 9

Why does no one care when a Black American is killed by a Black American?


I want to talk to Black Americans. This is for you.

Black Americans frequently joke about “Crazy White people” and “White kids shootin’ up schools.”

Yet, a Black American is more likely to be a victim of a mass shooting than a White Ameican.

White Kids do shoot up schools. For whatever reason. I think it is drug related.  LEGAL DRUGS.  Black people tend to shoot in their own neighborhoods and target people in their homes and on their own streets. It’s not that Black people are less violent. It is that Black people choose to shoot people at a different location (on the street near or at their homes). Black Americans are more likely to be a victim of a mass shooting. The Shooting usually happens to Black people in Black Areas and the media does not report on it for a few reasons:

1. Black Lives are not valued by the Left and are, therefore, not reported on when murdered.
2. Black Shootings happen away from other Americans in mostly Black Neighborhoods.
3. CNN & MSNBC and other mainstream media do not care about Black people. The killing of a Black person or a group of Black people is not newsworthy to the mainstream media. Every so often, Fox News does mention the Black Death Rate and are called racist for doing so.
It seems that many Black Americans have bought into the whole “only White people shoot people” narrative. The reason that you, Black American, know about the White kids shooting White Kids in White schools is because it makes the news. Those same news sources have decided that the deaths of Black people are not newsworthy as has the Democratic Party.
Black shootings occur just as frequently, if not more, as White shootings. The Democratic Party doesn’t care about those shootings, though. Not even Barack Obama cared enough to talk about it. You fall for it because you are dependent upon Leftist News sources who do not care about you and other Black people.
You cling to their narrative because it makes you feel better. It also serves the purposes of the Democratic Party.
Perhaps, it is time for a majority of Black Americans to question unquestioned loyalties to one party or another.

Ask yourself a question;

Why does no one care when a Black American is killed by a Black American?


Gillette – The Best A Man Can Get?

DLzy2enWsAAthDtWho else is going to moralize to us? Next, NAMBLA will tell us how to be good “big brothers” to little boys?

I can never help but remember that it is the loudest voices of morality who are often the most guilty.

The TSA can lecture us on groping and invasions of privacy.

When is Gillette going to make a commercial for the ladies?

It can discuss how they use men for money. The anti-Gold Digger commercial.

They can also talk about the false charges of sexual harassment and rape.

While they’re at it, they can hit on the Pregnancy Rate of women in the Military at times of war and deployment.

They can also talk about all those times that women lied on the stand and sent innocent men to prison for rape in the Jim Crow Era….as well as today.

Then they can get with Raytheon, Halliburton, Lockheed Martin and the rest of the Defense Industry big dogs and preach to us about peace.

Oh…next the Clinton Global Initiative can preach to us about transparency and corruption.

Then…Facebook and Google can preach to us about privacy.
Twitter can preach to us about freedom of speech and moral outrage.

Law Enforcement and the Association of District Attorneys of America can combine with Private Prisons and preach to us about Justice.

Fuckin’ Hell! It’s the mother lode of virtue signaling.


trump 2020 9


US Foreign Policy is Moronic

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If we were honest about our intentions and didn’t try to cover it with “good intentions”, Judeo-Christian faux morality and lollipops, I’d be all for global domination.

But the Government of the United States and the Neo-LibCons tax my patience with their lies and cover ups. They insult my intelligence.
We want to dominate the world in order to continue to create profits for our multinational corporations. Ok. Got it.
Instead, we get (in no particular order):
They hate our freedoms.
We’re the good guys.
Look, I’m wearing a White hat.
Intelligence Insulting Morality
Fake attacks and slogans from them:
Remember the Maine
Remember the Lusitania
The Tonkin Gulf Resolution
9-11 justifying invading Iraq (forget all about that UNOCAL stuff….nothing to look at there or all that money that we gave the Taliban. lol)
Telling Saddam Hussein that we had no interests in local conflicts such as that between Iraq and Kuwait and then invading Iraq because of that conflict
Incessant, consistent and idiotic conflict with Iran that can be directly traced to a US Coup ran by Kermit Roosevelt and the CIA.
Meddling in and being involved in Israel’s domestic and foreign policy stupidity.
Freedom Fries!
Invading and meddling in nearly every country in Central and South America at the behest of United Fruit, Sullivan and Cromwell, several banks and the moronic war on drugs.
Hey, let’s support these drugs lords to take out these drug lords and then we’ll support more drug lords to take out those drug lords and then we’ll support those drug lords to take out other drug lords resulting in the drug lords being situated right up against the Texas and California borders and thousands being murdered by the thugs……
…..and then we’ll deny that we had anything to do with it.
Oh…we’ll also demonize the people who flee the drug lords that we, partially or wholly, created and who are murdering them for control of territory and because they don’t want to be involved in the drug trade.
Yeah, that’s my opinion of the past 70 years of US Foreign Policy.


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John Calipari Will Not Coach Kentucky To Another Final Four


Coach K now out recruits John Calipari R E G U L A R L Y.

His teams come out soft and disorganized.
Sure, they come together and make it to the Sweet 16 or Elite 8. And that’s really cool for some people. Some of us would like to be a little bit more than competitive. A bit more on the dominant side of the game again.
Cal did a good job with super HIGH level elite recruits.
He also flopped in the Final Four with one hell of a team that was, up to that point, undefeated. He lost that game. His coaching did. He gets conservative with small leads and loses games like that. It’s happened more than once.
Cal has spent his wad. He will not make another Championship game because he can no longer recruit those super teams or the Top 10 Elite players in the numbers that he could 6 or 7 years ago.
I suppose some are cool with that.
I called it with Tubby in 1999. I said that he’d never make another Final Four. He did not.

Cal will not make another Final Four.

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But he is going to have a lot of  recruits on Final Four &  Championship squads…elsewhere.


The list of health concerns and conditions CBD has been shown to benefit include:

Get America out of Syria and the Middle East

Early withdraw will lead to more terrorism.
Late withdrawal will lead to more terrorism.
No withdrawal will lead to more terrorism.
Alcohol withdrawal will lead to more terrorism.
ATM withdrawals will lead to more terrorism.

Two things will lead to less terrorism directed against the American people:

1. Complete withdrawal from the Middle East (Islamic Nations elsewhere as well) and the affairs therein.
2. Complete withdrawal from Israel’s national security interests.

End the interventions.

Withdraw completely. download-10

Is America a Christian Nation?

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I don’t mind the US being a “Christian nation.”

I do mind Christians forcing their beliefs on the individual.

Morality and Religion are not the same thing.

I loosely follow Buddhism. I call myself a Chaotic Buddhist. I give freely and constantly to causes that I believe worthy. I do not believe in the divinity of Ieshua or that the God of Abraham is the one God. I don’t believe or disbelieve in God, a God or the Gods. I believe that they may be there but that, if they exist, they do not involve themselves with our affairs. If they do, they’re either incompetent or evil…or just plain unable to communicate effectively. All of the religious writings that I’ve read are…well, let’s just say that they’re poorly written and not convincing. The Books of the people of Abraham read like a schizophrenic madman communicated them.

More than that, every moral teaching in them can be found in the teachings, wisdom and writings of Shakyamuni (the Buddha), Zoroaster and Mani. Zoroaster and Mani probably took theirs from that of the Sumerian prophets and teachers. Buddha probably learned from some older monk on the path to nibbana as well.

Morality is not unique to Roman Christianity. It wasn’t even unique to Ieshua from whose followers the Roman State stole Christianity.

The US need not be a Christian Nation. It need only be a moral nation.

I’m not saying that Christianity was NOT a foundational supporting system of the United States of America. It undoubtedly was such. Some of the founders were devout followers of Christ Jesus. Some were deists who generally worshiped “Providence” or the “Creator.” It is a debate that will go on until all tongues are silenced. Nonetheless, it is an unnecessary debate.

Christians have been violent and immoral throughout their history. Christians have murdered enmasse, at least, as many of their fellow humans as did the atheists and communists and communist atheists. Muslims have acted likewise. As have the Jews. Buddhists have done the same. Hindus…maybe more as human sacrifice was a greater part of their orthodoxy.

It matters not. Moral people act differently than religious people and morality is not synonymous with religiosity.

America needs to be a moral Nation.

No moral Nation has ever had a Vietnam War and an LBJ. That was, from beginning to end, an immoral war and that President lied to the American people in order to back us into that war and then sacrificed thousands of young Americans to maintain that facade.

America has had epochs of morality and epochs of immorality. Chattel slavery was immoral. The Civil War was immoral. Jim Crow was immoral. No nation that produced the War on Drugs or which empowered such inhuman filth as J. Edgar Hoover is completely moral. I could go on and on with this.

Bringing the light of Liberty to the world was moral.

The many missions upon which Americans have been sent out to selflessly help others in the world was morality.

Though done for less than selfless reasons, the Monroe Doctrine and the Marshall Plan were moral acts.

I know of no Nation which has been all moral or immoral. No people such as this has yet existed.





That Feeling When You’re First In Line For Bread



The Leftist Media attempted to make this into a sexist attack. It is not. It is a political attack AND it hits the mark.

The video is in the public domain. She is in the public domain. It’s fair game.

Sorry, not sorry, Ocasio-Cortez, not everything is about your vagina. Not every attack on you is due to your sex or gender. Most attacks on your are due to your political views. That you are a woman is beside the point.

You cower behind your vagina every time someone levels a bard or political commentary at you.

That you hate men does not mean that all men hate you. Many, if not most, men love women and accept them as equals and partners. We’re not all hateful, misogynist, Leftist scum like the men in your life.

Ocasio-Cortez is a Social Justice Moron

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That said, there are some areas wherein she and I are in agreement.

But not because of “socialism.”

Tax policy

I agree with taxing the top 1 to 3 percent highly. Their income is, in large part, earned due to their being business leaders, CEOs, Owners in the United States of America. The US military makes it possible for these folks to reach global markets. They benefit disproportionately from the United States of America. They should pay more for their out-sized benefits and opportunities which are created on the back of the United States of America and her Citizens.

***I also believe that people who do not pay taxes should not be allowed to vote.***



The Democrats created the student loan problem. The State has created this issue. The American people went along with it. The American people should pay the price for their folly. Perhaps, they would think in the future and elect more worthy representatives.

Big Business is particularly guilty as they are the ones who started to require meaningless degrees for positions/occupations that a blind masturbating monkey could accomplish after a weekend booze binge.



I am for going Green. I am completely for renewable energy. Eventually, fossil fuels are going to dry up. Fossil Fuels hurt the environment. Fracking and the like may have emerged as the single greatest oil resource on the planet and made American, again, an energy power house and energy self sufficient. That said, it is killing us slowly but surely. It pollutes everything and it enables the war on drugs.

She may be a bit over ambitious in this BUT this is America. We should be up to this challenge and the Wealthy Elite will benefit from this.

PetroCorps are already investing in research and development of this tech. I don’t see why we can’t put American elbow grease into it and get this done.

Her Green New Deal is not that far fetched.



I disagree that health care is a “human right.”

I do believe that it is insane that Citizens of the “wealthiest country in the world” have a difficult time accessing healthcare. Part of the problem is that US healthcare subsidizes world healthcare.

In a Nation this wealthy, there is no reason that someone should die from a treatable disease or be indebted for life to Big Pharma or Big Medicine. Both of which GREATLY profit from being in business in the United States of America and the taxpayer dollars of its citizens.



US Immigration is a bureaucratic nightmare. I’m currently going through the process with my girlfriend. She has everything that the idiotic site says that she needs and was still denied a tourist visa despite the fact that I stated that I would pay for everything and that we had no desire to live in the US AND that we’ve been together for TEN FREAKING YEARS.

It is not as simple as just saying; “HEy State Department Bureaucrat, I’d like to visit America.” and BOOM, you get a VISA. I fully believe that they turn people down as a money making scheme.

She and I went to Europe together. No issues. We traveled to Israel, Turkey and Egypt together. No issues. We’ve been all over Southeast Asia, China and a few other places together. No issues.

Not America. America is special. The US Gov thinks that everyone wants to come to the States and be illegal and get an under the table job and not pay taxes. They’re fucking cunts and I’d like to beat a few of these bureaucrats asses.

We need immigration reform. America has benefitted greatly from immigration. What is now called illegal immigration was, one hundred years ago, just people coming to America.

We’ve gone too (2)

Most illegals are simply looking for a better job. If an illegal gets here and establishes themselves and is contributing, they should be allowed a path to citizenship. All of these business owners who are being deported is freakin’ insane.

What should happen is there should be a lottery. For every illegal immigrant who has contributed, they should take one lifetime welfare recipient and deport that piece of shit.

Impeachment of President Trump

Partisan hackery.

If one of these investigations finds some impeachable offense, get rid of his ass. It would be a first and I do not believe that the system will allow it.

The precedent would scare the shit out of everyone on the hill.


download (14)Arab-Israeli conflict

Why is Israel held to a standard to which no other Nation is held?

Explain that to me and we can converse.
Every other Nation that has won territory in battle/war kept it unless it gave it away in the peace process/treaty that ended that war.

Every Nation in the Middle East except Egypt was created post Ottoman implosion in similar manner to Israel. Only Israel is expected to give her minorities a special autonomy.

Turkey would balk at this. Iraq did balk at this. Iran would balk at this. saudi Arabia would and has balked at this. Egypt would balk at this. Syria is in a civil war because she refused to do so AND the same people who want Israel to give up these “occupied” territories want Syria to remain whole.

The attitudes of the Left towards Israel is, in my opinion, based upon bigotry. They see Israel as a “White” nation. It is not.


Puerto Rico


Puerto Rico made it’s bed. Why should we bail them out?

We should abolish the idiotic, Big State limitations placed upon them. Other than that, Puerto Rico should sleep in the bed that they made.


Private Prisons

Should be abolished.

Anyone who owns a private prison or supports private prisons should be thrown in a private prison as it burns to the ground.

But mostly, I want to know why, all of a sudden, she has decided to cake on so much cosmetics. She looks like a freakin’ clown!

The Threat of China

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China is a different animal.

But why are they openly talking about going to war or attacking a US Carrier Fleet?

Because we are acting in an offensive capacity towards them.

Why are we enforcing the sovereignty of Taiwan? What do we get out of it? Hong Kong returned to China. They may attempt to break away. That is being openly discussed on the streets of Hong Kong. It’s one reason that China is getting testy in the world. Shianghai and Guangzhou (sp?) are two other possible break away provinces/cities.

China has plenty of internal issues that will not go away by focusing attention outward.

Of course, we should have a Navy capable of defense against a Chinese threat.

And….we do.

We’ve actually got 10 times the Navy of the rest of the world combined.

China can talk all they want. They have not the projection power of the US. Yet. They won’t have it for some time.

If they attack us, it is because we are THERE. Not because they are invading America.

You have to ask yourself the same questions with China as with Russia.

Are you prepared to go to war with China over the South CHINA Sea or Vietnam or the PI?

Personally, I’m not.

Now, would I be fine with going to war against China WITH Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, India and a few other PAC Nations. I might be.

However, I do not believe that this will occur.

No one can tell for certain but I believe that it is more likely that China dissolves AGAIN before they have a chance to start a war with the United States of America.

China is, technically, about 3,000 years old. It has been a united China for about 15 to 20% of that time. Most of that was because of the Mongols.


So, again, exactly why are we going to war with China? Because of a few Admirals who have openly spoken of attacking US Carrier Fleets. That is a bit hypocritical. US Generals and Admirals publicly speak of attacking China all of the time. Hell, we’ve had, at least, two US Generals openly speak of nuking China in the past (Stillwell and MacArthur). I’m sure that there have been more.


The USSR is dead – The Party is Over

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The Soviet Union is not Russia. They are two completely different entities. This has been a difficult adjustment for the American Military Establishment. They want….absolutely must have…Russia as the same threat as was the USSR. It is not so.

Russia does not have the same territorial or political ambitions as those of the NOW DEFUNCT USSR.

If we act foolishly, without wisdom, as the Hillary Clinton Wing of the GOP/DNC wishes, we may create that existential threat. Our stupidity may lead to our demise.

Again, I’ll ask.

What war with Russia?

Why would we go to war with Russia?

Because we want them to be the USSR?

Because they want the same type regional sphere of influence that we have in the Western Hemisphere?

What would the intent of a war with Russia be? What would be their goals? What are our goals?

Exactly why would we go to war with Russia?

Because they took BACK the Crimea?

Because they use influence in Eastern Europe and the Balkans?

Would you war with Russia if they invaded Estonia or Latvia?

Think of the sheer lunacy of World War II wherein Britain and France declared war with Germany over the German invasion of Poland. End result of that stupidity was that the USSR occupied and took control, not only of Poland, but the whole of Eastern Europe.

So…exactly why are we going to go to war with Russia?

Should we prepare for war with Mongolia, Bhutan and Uruquay as well?

Russia is an ahistorical enemy of the US. We only came into conflict with them because of communism. Communism no longer exists in Russia. It’s a autarcho-fascism that lives there now. And we have no enemy therein. The people of Russia can decide for themselves what they wish to allow or tolerate in their own government. It is not for us to say.

There is not one single solitary reason for the United States to go to war with Russia.

AND….we should build down NATO and let the Europeans police their affairs now. They’re grown people who want to go their own way. We have no interests there. Europe is the past. Asia is the future.

When Russia builds a navy capable of spanning the oceans and carrying an invasion force large enough to invade and occupy the United States of America, I’ll be right there with you.

I see no reason to fight Europe’s wars with Russia when Europe is financing the Russian military might via petro/natgas purchases throughout the years and decades. This is foolish. It’s downright stupid.