Modern Day Leftist Sex

So….it seems that if one wishes to be a rapist, one need only be a pet of the Left. One need only be a Leftist Pet “minority” and one can rape, murder or….well…be any evil under the sun.

One need only be a pet of the Left.

If you want to molest Children, register as a democrat. They’ll protect you.

If one wishes to rape women or beat women or commit murder, register as a democrat.

Justice in the eyes of the Left is a “disadvantaged person” beating the system.

This is America in the eyes of Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris and Joe Biden.

Ashli Babbitt

If Ashli Babbitt had been a Black Male with a record of Breaking and Entering, Armed Burglary and violence, there would have been riots in every Leftist run city in the United States of America on 6 January 2021.

Alas, she was just a White chic of no known consequence. Therefore, the State can murder her with impunity.

#SocialJustice #BlackLivesMatter

More and More America’s Left is a Maoist Nightmare

Cancel Culture and Public Self Criticism and kowtowing to the Leftist Disease is creating a Maoist strain to American Life and Culture.

Mao led the Chinese straight down the hell hole of the Cultural Revolution that resulted in millions of deaths.

Puppet Joe Biden, Kamala “The Slave Master” Harris, Nancy “12 dollar Pint” Pelosi and AOC and her Marxist squad of miscreants want nothing less than to lead a cultural revolution in the United States of America.

They would create a People’s Democratic Republic of American States if they are allowed.

Real Humans must fight back against these criminal scum. If that means supporting assholes like Donald Trump…so be it.

There was NO Insurrection

On January 6th, 2021, there was no insurrection.

Anyone calling that demonstration an insurrection is either a coward or a blowhard.

That was two or three hundred people blowing off steam.

If the Capital “Riots” of Jan 6 2021 was in insurrection, then the Summer of 2020 was a full blown Civil War.

Democrats are cowardly, lying morons.

Black or White

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Why does the American Far Left aka the Democratic Party still act as though America is either Black or White?
Approximately, 30% of Americans are neither African America nor of European Ancestry.

Yet, one would not easily catch this from the Black Lives Matter/White Supremacy Agenda of the Far Left.

One would think that there were no Asians, no Arabs, no persons of mixed Ancestry.

Social Justice

It seems to me that the Social Justice Warriors out there are only interested in promoting “Justice” against White Americans.

When Hate Crimes are committed by Black Americans such as Jussie Smollet, the interest in justice wanes.

It is only when a White Person can be blamed for a “hate crime” that the Social Justice Left crawls out from under their rocks.

If a Black Male attacks and kills an elderly Asian Gent, no one cares.

If a Black Male fakes a hate crime against himself and blames it on White people, no one cares.

If that is the case, why should I care that anyone is acted against in a hateful manner. I still do. I am still concerned about all of these crimes. Yet, I ask why should I care when it would seem that Hate Crime legislation is seemingly designed to target only White Americans.

AOC Irony Alert

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The woman who wants the Government (i.e., The State) to run your Health Care is surprised that the Government failed and killed people. She wants an investigation. An investigation that will surely absolve the government of all responsibility. For there is rarely, if ever, a case where the Government investigates itself and finds itself culpable.

This is what you can expect with State run Health Care: Inefficiency, Incompetence and YOU, the Citizen, as victim.

AOC is a victim. She’ll always be a victim. This is all she understands. She wants to make you a victim.

There is no transparency in governance. This is a lie.

Racial Disharmony and Resegregation

Seems to me, we are going backwards in race relations.

The goal was to integrate and to have skin color become meaningless.

I’m told that I shouldn’t judge people based upon their skin color and I do not do this. I do judge based upon accents, though. lol

So…no judgment based upon skin color.

Yet, I still see an ever expanding set of distinctions for awards based solely upon color.

Black Engineer of the Year Award
Black Athlete of the Year Award
Black Entertainer of the Year Award

Is there something about engineering that is specific to the color a person’s skin?

I know what the reaction would be if some organization created a White Engineer of the Year Award. It would be derided as racist, WHITE SUPREMACISTS, horrific…the organization would be boycotted, canceled and much gnashing of teeth and great lamentations to the heavens would be set upon the idiotic social media world and by those minions who live their life electronically and no where else.

I remember an interview with Barry Gordy from the 70s. He said something to the effect that the goal of Motown was not to produce the Best Black Entertainers or the Best Black Music. His goal was to produce the BEST MUSIC and BEST ENTERTAINERS in the world.

When did we move away from that and why?

NBA Inclusion

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According to racial equality activist Richard Lapchick, the NBA in 2020 was composed of 74.2 percent black players, 16.9 percent white players, 2.2 percent Latino players of any race, and 0.4 percent Asian players.

Since the NBA is a majority Black American Organization, are we going to start giving special awards to the NBA’s minority communities?

Best Asian Male Athlete
Best LGBTQ+ Non-European Male Athlete
Best Athlete of European Descent
Best International Athlete
Best Arab Athlete
Best Chinese Athlete
Best Indian Athlete
Best Han Chinese Athlete
Best Southeast Asian Athlete
Best Atheist Athlete
Best Muslim Athlete
Best Mormon Athlete
Best Yazidi Athlete
Best Armenian Athlete
Best Indo-Aryan Athlete
Best Pacific Islander Athlete
Best Native American Athlete

NOTE: I purposely left out any mention of White so as not to be called a White Supremacist. That is the only skin color that, apparently, cannot be mentioned without much angst amongst the minions of the social media world.

Flag Controversy

This image provided by Kevin Kallaugher shows “I Can’t Just Sit Around…,” by editorial cartoonist Kevin Kallaugher, that is one of dozens of political cartoons focusing on the First Amendment in a new exhibit, “Front Line: Editorial Cartoonists and the First Amendment” at Ohio State University’s Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum in Columbus, Ohio. The display runs the gamut from a 1774 cartoon by Paul Revere criticizing Britain’s use of tea as a political weapon to a 2018 cartoon lampooning the blocking of online conservative commentary. (Kevin Kallaugher via AP)

Black Lives…Matter?

I have no issue with BLM as a movement. The loose organization that wants Blacks to be treated with respect by Police. I’ve got too many Black friends and I’ve researched Police and LEO corruption a good deal. I know there are issues with Police. I do not completely agree with the BLM movement and believe that it is inherently divisive and, often, achieves much the opposite of its intent. That said, I understand the appeal of the name based on the history of Black Americans in the US.

That said, the organization known as BLM is marxist scum.

It’s easy to conflate the two and difficult to separate them.

It’s a difficult conundrum for young Black Americans and, really, any Black American.

And it’s all too easy for non-Black Americans to dismiss the issue. It is especially easy for White Americans who don’t actually interact with Black Americans except on a superficial level such as being a fan of Kentucky.

Most White Americans have very little interaction with Black Americans. It’s not anyone’s fault. It just is. The average White American is clueless as to the Black experience in America. They know only what they see on TV or read on social media and all of that is caricature and some level of hyperbole.

Regardless of any of this, Lebron James is still a socially inept moron.

Twitter and Facebook Need to Be Destroyed

These two internet bastards need to be shut down. Forever.

Twitter is a disease.

Facebook is a disease.

The real pandemic has been ongoing for nearly two decades. Social Media is mentally and emotionally destroying the world.

Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey’s inventions have killed more people and wrought more destruction than Hitler, Stalin and Mao combined.

Oh yeah. Chrissy Teigen is cyber syphilis. This woman puts her whole sad sack life on the internet. WTF is that? Idiots.

The Dumbest Thing Calipari Has Ever Said.

“I could have done it today, but I’m giving these guys that are in front of him the room that they need to be able to miss shots,” Calipari said. 

He said that!

When asked why he isn’t giving more PT to Dontiae Allen. Allen, who average 40 plus in high school and redshirted last year, has been glued to the pine this year. Allen will be another in a long line of transfers out of the program who go on to become scoring threats at places like UCLA, Arizona and Illinois.

Why? Because Cal won’t play or develop his non Five Star players.

And that has led the Kentucky Wildcats program to where we are today.

1 win against a nobody and 4 losses against real competition and 1 loss to Richmond. Thank the Gods the Detroit Mercy game was mercifully canceled. Cal’s Golden Boys may have been given the room they need to lose that game as well. Kentucky may not win another game this year. This team would probably lose to Robert Morris. This team is worse than the Gillispie teams. Cal has lost his way.

And Cal will spend all year spewing stupidity such as that above and wondering why his program has not continuity.

Another year like this and I’ll be ready to part ways with Cal.

Calipari Should Donate HiS Paycheck to the Victims of COVID 19

Kentucky Basketball is now 1 and 5. It’s the worst start to a season since 1926. That’s four years before Adolph Rupp came to Kentucky. Not even Billy Gillispie had a season start this bad.

Kentucky will be LUCKY to make it to the NIT. If they do, they’ll lose to some other Robert Morris team.

John Calipari hasn’t earned one paycheck this year.

He has taken a group of talented players and turned them into a losing team.

COVID is no excuse. Every team out there is contending with COVID.

Kentucky has been on a downward spiral since 2015.

Cal has done nothing but make excuses during that whole time.

I’m not saying he needs to be fired. I am saying that whatever it is that he thinks he is doing, he isn’t doing it.

He’s losing.

He’s losing ground.

What Top Recruit is going to want to come to Kentucky to lose?

I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t lose a couple of recruits after this season.

If I were a Coach of an opposing team, I’d use this abortion of a season against him and hammer him with it time and again.

“What? Why go to Kentucky and lose? Coach Cal has lost it. Why play for a Coach who is past his prime and can’t win games. How is losing getting you prepared for the NBA?”

Cal, donate your whole annual salary to victims of COVID or to some inner city fund that helps inner city youth. You do not deserve anything for this abortion of a season.

COVID 19 May Be What We Need

COVID kills more folks in cities than anywhere else.

People in Cities are more prone to have the Liberalism Disease.

The more Liberals who die from COVID, the more Freedom will Rise.

Hopefully, COVID will kill enough Liberals that Freedom loving people will become a majority again.

COVID 19 is a Leftist Scam

No, I don’t think that COVID 19 is not real. It is. It’s real.

That said, it is a Leftist Scam.

It was a biological weapon used by the Left against that idiot Trump who never quite understood that positivity would be used against him. Trump never understood that no matter what happened, no matter how many people died, the Left MSM was going to blame him.

98+ percent of the population will never be affected physically by COVID 19. However, the Democrats made sure that COVID would affect negatively every living human being in America.

Democrats are the greatest evil in the history of mankind.