Islam is NOT a Race

All of the persons in this photo are Muslim. Brainwashing transcends race.

All of the persons in this photo are Muslim. Brainwashing transcends race.

A message to all of the idiotic talking heads and assorted others of the Left:

Islam is not a race.

Islam is a religion.

There are White Muslims.

There are Black Muslims.

There are Arab Muslims.

There are Asian Muslims.

There are Chinese, American, Uzbek, Kyrgyz, Tajik, Irani, Afghan, Russian, French, British, Paki, Punjabi, Indian, Indonesian, Malay, Thai, Cham, Khmer and German Muslims. There are probably even a couple of Mexican Muslims out there somewhere.

Even if I absolutely HATE all Muslims, I am not a racist. A racist is a person who hates other races or believes that their race is superior to other races.

If I do not like Islam, I am still not a racist. Islam is a religion. It is not a race. I repeat; ISLAM IS A RELIGION. ISLAM IS NOT A RACE.

I have Muslim friends who are White, Black, Asian and Arab who live in America. They range from folks who were born in and grew up in America to Afghans who emigrated to America after helping US Forces fight the Taliban and assorted other insurgents in the Afghan War.

Again, idiots, Islam is a religion. It is not a race.

If I abhor all religions does that make me Islamophobic? No, I do not fear Islam any more than I fear Christianity. I see all religions as an affront to humanity. I see all religions as a direct assault on humanity, on love, on peace and on brotherhood. Religion creates division. Religion creates hatred. Religion condemns. Religion is the single greatest source of tension and conflict between human beings in the history of humanity. Religion is evil. Pure evil. It is deception. It is a lie.

Even so, my beliefs as expressed above do not mean that I hate one single human being. I simply detest the beliefs that have been programmed into their minds via the ignorance of their parents, family and environment.

You are only Christian because you were born in a Christian region. You are only Muslim because you were born in a Muslim region. The same is true of all religions and all people with a minuscule exception. Even those who convert to one religion from another do so based on having been programmed to need a God and an exterior guiding moral force.

You are made to believe that you need a God. You do not. You need no religion to be moral. You need only listen to your soul.

Again, Islam is not a race. It is a religion.

Christianity is, likewise, a religion and not a race.

The next time you feel that you need to use the term Islamophobia or you feel you need to call someone a racist because they make negative statements about Islam, stop, shut your mouth, form your hand into a fist and hit yourself in the face.



That Citizens should be treated with respect and that the Police are not overlords but servants who should respect the very law which they are charged with enforcing.

That the LEO should know and respect the Constitution.

That Police should be held to a standard that is, at the very least, equal to that of the American Citizenry.

That Police should be non-abusive and knowledgeable of the law.

That America is a land of Liberty.

Yeah, that is some fucked up shit. I can see how you would think that I am part of the problem.

Sheep mindlessly follow the safety of the proximity to their shepherd as they sense that they are being protected from predators such as wolves when in reality they are being led to the slaughter.

But, yes, you are correct. I am the problem.

That I believe that a State Agent should have no right to detain me, abuse me or to even bother me so long as I am abiding by the law and trespassing upon the rights or property of no other.

I can see that I am the problem.

I should be more like the State Thugs and murder and commit mayhem.

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