The Donald and Europe


I got news for all of you folks out there.

All of those crying that Donald Trump has made America a laughing stock in Europe.
Europe has always looked down upon America. Europe has always actively worked to weaken America. Europe has always resented America.
America went it’s own way. America decided to progress towards Liberty while the Europeans were suppressed and oppressed by Monarchies.
Those monarchies did everything in their power to destroy America.
The only period in American history wherein Europe did not actively work to destroy America was the period leading up to World War II to the 1990s. Since the end of the Cold War, Europe has acted against the United States of America.
The very concept of a European Union was taken up and pushed forward with the intent of actively seeking to punish, subvert and compete with America economically.
This is a primary reason behind Europe’s refusal to build their own military. If they continue to rely upon the US, Europe can do to the United States what we did to the Soviet Union. That being to destroy us from the inside out using our own hubris, greed and fear against us.
Europe has never been a true ally of America. Europe will always be a competitor of the United States of America.
For those who are worried about the feelings of Europe and the respect of Europe, you are fools. The Europeans fear a Donald Trump. That is one reason to vote for The Donald.
There are many reasons that I would use as justification for not voting for Trump. European criticism of Trump is not one of them. That the Europeans dislike him is actually a reason TO vote for Trump.
(By Europe, I mean the old Continent – France and Germany. Great Britain has been a fairly steadfast ally since the turn of the 20th Century. I would actually trust Russia over France and Germany.)


Just Because….Weed & Beauty are always good.

Cancer, Marijuana and Big Money


According to what I’ve read across the internets, etc, it seems that there have been two known cure possibilities for cancer (Vitamin B17 & 3-BP) and one known symptom alleviating substance (THC). All three have been legislated against by the US Government at the behest of Corporations such as #BigPharma and Dupont Chemicals.

The Cancer Industry would dwindle from a 100 Billion USD per year profit making machine to a mere 100 Million USD per year profit machine if 3-BP and Vitamin B17 were allowed to be fully tested and placed on the market.

B17 is found in nature (Apricot seeds and unpasteurized almonds, etc).

Marijuana, of course, could be grown right in someone’s backyard like bananas in Hawaii.

Marijuana and Hemp have thousands of other possibilities and could be used to make paper, plastics, etc. Big Oil and Chemical companies lobbied to legislatively criminalize marijuana and hemp in the early 20th Century and continue to do so now. Also, the logging industry has no great love of the potential of hemp as it would further erode their profit potential.

American citizens and the rest of the world are being swindled out of a healthy and environmental friendly replacement for petroleum and trees as well as being allowed to die by the criminality of the US government (GOP & DNC) and it’s Corporate Sponsors.

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