Afghan wants out

This is XXXXXXXX Son of Major XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX, the lecturer XXXXXXXXX police academy, which explain my dad history in the below.

XXXXX son of Mullah Jan, are currently a major and a lecturer at the XXXXXXXXX police academy before the Taliban regime. The fact that he will be in the field of teaching by American and foreign instructors has given us practical teaching and graduation certificates of courses, so he has received several attacks and threats of violence. On the date 21th April 2011, at car bomb had exploded on our town ace car which was specifically for our delivery, killed several teachers and seriously injured my dad and others. Give me a chance at asylum, it will be your humanitarian.

I believe that Mr. XXXXXXXXX and his family poses no threat whatsoever to the national security and safety of the United States of America or any of its allies. He is a fine , upstanding law-abiding citizen.

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