#MeToo & White Woke

I’ve noticed over the past few years decades that when a American Politicians get in trouble with #MeToo or Women ,in general, it usually falls into two categories:

CATEGORY 1: Republicans:

Infidelity with Porn Stars

CATEGORY 2: Democrats

Sexual Harassment
Quid Pro Quo
Child Molestation
Dick Picks
Carnal Knowledge
Sniffing Women’s hair whilst shoving their fingers up the woman’s vagina

Yet, the #MeToo movement targets the Republicans and not the Democrats.

That’s how you know that the #MeToo movement is a lie.

It’s the same with #BlackLivesMatters. Ralph Northam and David Dorn prove that #BlackLivesMatter is a lie.

#BlackLivesMatter and #MeToo are political tools used by Democrats to attack Republicans. No Democrat actually cares about Justice or Equality. They care about Power. That is all.

There is also this.

Accuse a Republican = #BelieveHer

Accuse a Democrat = #SilenceAndDefiance or #DestroyThatBitch

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