Young Afghans Step UP!

The Afghan military needs leadership.

They have some good young leaders out there. Hopefully, a few of them decide that the sacrifice to help their people is a worthy effort for them. Gather these soldiers. Train them up. Lead them.

The Afghan political leadership is weak and corrupt. If they truly loved Afghanistan, they would get out of the way and let some young turk lead the way through this current crisis and into the future. The old, corrupt men need to get out of the way. Their way has led Afghanistan to disaster. They are selfish, decrepit old men. They need to go.

Afghanistan is a creation of the West. It’s a money cow and nothing more. The old men like Karzai, Abdullah and Ghani have failed because they lined their pockets and the pockets of their cronies for the past two decades. It is time for these and other greed driven warlords to get out of the way. They’ve done immeasurable damage.

I don’t know if Afghanistan will survive. I don’t even know if it should exist. Centralized government has never existed in the geographical area that we call Afghanistan. The Soviet Union tried to install one. The US tried to install one. Perhaps, it should not exist. It may never exist.

If Afghanistan is to become a real nation as opposed to a puppet government based entirely upon some outsider nation’s patronage, the old line must give way. The young leaders must step forward and step up.

It’s either that or Afghanistan splinters and we will get some mix of Taliban (Pashtun), Tajik, Hazara and possibly Da’esh led mini-States constantly warring upon one another as proxies of Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, the US, India, Russia and China.

The Taliban cannot accomplish much on their own. What no one is talking about is that Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are arming and supporting these Taliban groups. Make no mistake. There is no monolithic Taliban power in Afghanistan. These Taliban groups are not warring in a vacuum.

I’m sure that China and Russia have pet groups in Afghanistan. I’m equally certain that Iran has their set of pet groups.

Iran does not want a Sunni Taliban power on their border.

India has no love for the idea of a Pashtun Wahhabi bent Taliban led power in alliance with Pakistan.

Neither China nor Russia want a Wahhabist Sunni (Salafist) Taliban fomenting Islamic Extremism into Western China, the Central Asian Stans and bordering regions.

The US should be working with Russia, China, and, yes, Iran to put the Taliban down and to keep their Saudi-Paki induced madness from spreading into the Central Asian plains, China and Eastern Europe. We should have been doing this for the past 20 years. Alas, we’ve allowed our arrogance to make us ignorant and we are here at the end of our Afghan epic having wasted two decades and two trillion dollars with our greatest triumphs being the creation of Dubai as a financial center of the Middle East, flooding the world with Afghan opium, Afghan multimillionaires and a few thousand newly minted Americans in the Afghans who served as interpreters. We also brilliantly created a National Defense force that has fallen apart in the first minutes after our departure.

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