This is Me!


I have friends and family members of every color, religion, creed, ethinicity and any other moronic label that foolish humans wish to place upon us.

I’ve broke bread, fought with and against, loved, hated on and been intoxicated as hell with many, if not all of these people.

I’ve helped White people, Black people, Brown people, Women, Alphabet people and other kinds of people become gainfully employed and I’ve fired a few of them, too. I’ve refused to help some folks get a job because they weren’t worth the bother. I knew they’d give up, quit or be fired and ruin opportunities that I could possibly give others.

I’ve traveled half of this world and loved every minute of it. I’ve met thousands upon thousands of my fellow humans. I’ve stood in front of Tiananmen Square for 30 minutes as a few hundred Chinese folks took their photo with me. Probably because I had long blonde hair, a decent tan and was in decent shape. China is fascinated by some crackers. I’ve taken photos with thousands of people across this planet and was always happy to do it. Being the only White person that folks have seen in their lives is sometimes an interesting experience.

I’ve had people come up to me and ask to touch my hair. I cannot count the number of children (and adults) who have reached out (without my consent) and touched my arm or ran their fingers through my hair. I was never offended by it.

I have been attacked because of my skin color more than once. Always by Black Americans. I never held that against Black Americans.

I have encountered humanity at her best and her worst. I’ve met the Taliban face to face. I’ve met Iranians face to face. I’ve stared down North Korean soldiers in the DMZ and also caught their smiles. I’ve seen the victims of bombs and rockets and bullets in Afghanistan, Thailand, Cambodia, Korea, Egypt and Israel.

Despite any of that and because of a great deal of it, I meet each of my fellow humans as my brother or sister. All of them. I treat everyone equally and with dignity owed to a fellow human.

I’ll never stop this.

With all of that in mind, I always wonder why the only place that I’ve ever been called a Racist is in my home country. Not even the Taliban accused me of Hate or Racism. They just accused me of being a cheap American because the Russians gave them more money. Only in America, can you love your neighbor as yourself and still have folks accuse you of Racism or “Hate”. Most often, I’ve been accused of being a Racist by White Guilt Liberals. Occasionally, I’ll be called a Racist by a Black Liberal American. There have been occasions that Conservatives have done so as well. In all of these cases, I’ve come to understand that these people act out because of their own self loathing. These people hate themselves and lash out at the world because of it.

I feel sorry for these people.

They’ll never be happy. They’ll die with acid in their guts, bile in their throats and cancer in their hearts.

Unhappy and alone.

Eventually, this Woke worm will turn.

Wait for it.

It will come.

Then normal rational human beings will come to the fore and lead us to something more resembling a Unity.

Unity and Acceptance is what is needed in life.

We unite and accept each other as human beings.

First, though, we should probably destroy Facebook and Twitter.

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