The First Black Blah Blah Blah

Folks are always celebrating the First Black to do something.

Well…it’s second place. No matter what you say or how you justify it, it’s, at BEST, second place.

Why are Black Americans always comparing themselves to White People.

Do Nigerians celebrate the First Black Person to do blah blah blah?

Probably not.

I’m thinking that Saudis, Indians, Thai, Chinese, Malians and a great many others across the planet don’t do this either.

Only in America do we celebrate someone because they were the first “skin color” to do something or the first “sexuality” or the first Neptunian Transgender Life Form to kick a field goal in the Trans-galactic Football League (TFL).

When Black people get over this strange desire to compare themselves to White People, we’ll all be free. Yeah, life for Black people in America has been hard. It’s been a challenge. It’s been a challenge for a good deal of other people, too.

And we’ve not been real cooperative along the way. However, I’ve never celebrated the First Po’ White Trailer Park Trash to win a Super Bowl. And, let’s be honest, there’ve been a couple.

Stop comparing yourself to White People.

Be the FIRST to do something. Stop trying to be the first Black person to do something that White people did. Who cares.

Be the first HUMAN to cure cancer.

Be the first HUMAN to set foot on Mars.

Be the first HUMAN to find peace between the so called Palestinians and the Israelis.

Be the first HUMAN to liberate Constantinople.

Be the first HUMAN to end famine.

Be the first HUMAN to start a business that is humanitarian AND profitable.

Be the Founder of the First Political Party that actually gives a fuck about Humanity.

Be something other than the First Black Person to do something that some Cracker did a long time ago.

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