Racial Disharmony and Resegregation

Seems to me, we are going backwards in race relations.

The goal was to integrate and to have skin color become meaningless.

I’m told that I shouldn’t judge people based upon their skin color and I do not do this. I do judge based upon accents, though. lol

So…no judgment based upon skin color.

Yet, I still see an ever expanding set of distinctions for awards based solely upon color.

Black Engineer of the Year Award
Black Athlete of the Year Award
Black Entertainer of the Year Award

Is there something about engineering that is specific to the color a person’s skin?

I know what the reaction would be if some organization created a White Engineer of the Year Award. It would be derided as racist, WHITE SUPREMACISTS, horrific…the organization would be boycotted, canceled and much gnashing of teeth and great lamentations to the heavens would be set upon the idiotic social media world and by those minions who live their life electronically and no where else.

I remember an interview with Barry Gordy from the 70s. He said something to the effect that the goal of Motown was not to produce the Best Black Entertainers or the Best Black Music. His goal was to produce the BEST MUSIC and BEST ENTERTAINERS in the world.

When did we move away from that and why?

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