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Remember that.

Your much ballyhooed “victory” at the polls was underwhelming.

Much like that ill fated victory that Mayor Daley gifted Kennedy with those long dead Democrat voters in 1960.

Come the mid-terms, you’re going to lose Congress. Outright.

It will be gone.

Biden will have to contend with a Republican House and Senate.

Remember that as you plan and conspire to “make Trump’s allies, abettors and enablers” pay for their “sins”.

You people never learn. Democrats. Republicans. None of you ever learn.

When did you cease being Americans?

When will real American wake up and throw your corrupt parties out unceremoniously on your pathetic, tired, corrupt, decrepit, unimaginative, dead asses?

It is passed the time for a re-imagining of the body politic in the United States of America.

A third party needs to arise to defeat the dead weight that is killing America.

Yes, Republicans, you are as big a part of the problem as the socialists and White Guilters and the BLMarxists and the rest of the criminal Left.

Shame on all of you.

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