Sports in the USA

Sports in the USA are dead to me.

Until they stop dragging politics into every aspect of Sports, I’m no longer watching.

College Football
College Basketball

I’m over it. I’m tired of the preaching.

I live my life as egalitarian as it is possible to live. I’ve always spoke out against racism when I have encountered it. I’ve done so to the detriment of familial relationships and friendships. I’ve done this my whole life.

John Calipari was the last straw. His bloviating on White Privilege was a bridge too far.

Changing the name of Rupp Arena because of aspersions cast by people who never knew Rupp and swear that he is a Racist despite spending his life quietly helping Black Athletes get to schools out of the South is too much.

It would seem that one is guilty in this age only if a single accusation comes forward. No proof is necessary. Only accusation and abject ignorance.

Americans need an education and quick. Else it may be too late and we will destroy the last, best hope of mankind.

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