How to Win the 2020 Election Cycle

Pass REAL Police Reform Legislation.

  1. Create a National Register of Police who have been terminated for cause and another National Register of Police with justified and proven Brutality Complaints.
  2. Ban No Knock Raids federally
  3. Restrict the use of SWAT to emergencies and abolish the use of SWAT for serving warrants and checking barber shop licensing and the like.
  4. Severely restrict the use of “Military Equipment” in Policing/Law Enforcement.
  5. Abolish Qualified Immunity
  6. Decriminalize narcotics. Especially Marijuana.
  7. Abolish Civil Asset Forfeiture
  8. Require Police training in De-escalation and conflict resolution. Also, mandate training on firearms.
  9. Restrict the use of Ball Ammunition against the civilian populace. Require Police to use tools that are not deadly force such as rubber bullets, CS pellets, and other non-lethal tools…AS A LAST RESORT.  Police should not look to shoot first and any Police who utters the words “I have a right to go home to my family at night” should be ushered out. Either they are there to serve the community or they are not.
  10. Mandate training on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. If you do not know the Constitution and the Bill of Rights AND understand it, you should not be Law Enforcement.  PERIOD.
  11. HOLD MAYORS and Police Chiefs responsible for Police Corruption, Police Brutality, incompetence, indiscipline and lack of training. Hold them to account. Have hard punitive measures enacted that target Mayors and Police Chiefs for the actions of their officers.

Police are being scapegoated by Mayors and Police Chiefs. Certainly, Derek Chauvin deserves to go to prison. He acted heinously and with a callous and oddly casual disdain for the life of a Citizen. That said, Mayors and Police Chiefs set the tone. The buck should stop with them. Not with the Grunt on the Street.

Those are first steps.

Make it happen!

Then campaign on that.

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