I’m writing this in Bangkok, Thailand. 11 people in my neighborhood (Thonglor) were diagnosed within the last 24 hours. Here’s the story from the Bangkok post.


Thailand has reported 11 new coronavirus infections, bringing the total number of cases reported in the country to 70.

The 11 were part of a group of 15 who had been partying together in Thonglor, Bangkok between 27 and 29 Feb.

Health officials said the group became infected after they had been sharing a glass of drink and a cigarette while at the party.

One of the group had been in contact with someone from Hong Kong who has since left Thailand, Public Health Ministry Permanent Secretary Dr Sukhum Kanchanapimai announced during the daily COVID-19 briefing on Thursday.

Members of the group started to report feeling ill and from 4 March went to hospital complaining of respiratory issues.

Dr Sukhum said those in the group that had not shared the glass and cigarette had not been infected. Dr Sukhum said that news of the 11 infections should act as an important lesson, advising people to refrain from coming into close contact with friends, especially those who are ill or show flu like symptoms.

In the report by Daily News, there were no details as to the exact location in Thonglor where the group had been ‘partying’ for two days.


Note the part where it says that those who DID NOT share the drinks and smokes were not infected.

That speaks volumes.

They were in the same room. Drinking, smoking and partying for hours. Yet, were not infected.

It takes more than just sitting next to someone to get the virus.

If you take precautions, you’re going to be ok. I’ve been all over Southeast Asia since the outbreak of China’s little plague. I’m healthy. I’m 50 years old and I smoke. When COVID19 first broke out, I was partying my ass off in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Afterwards, I was in Luang Prabang, Laos when people in Asia initially freaked out and started buying up all of the hand sanitizer and face masks.

It is pretty much back to normal here in Asia as far as I can tell.

About a month ago, I visited a buddy in Landstuhl, Germany. I have not been sick at all. No symptoms of anything except a hangover last Saturday morning.

Take the recommended precautions and you will be ok.

If I’ve survived jumping around SEAsia, Europe and the Middle East for the past two months, you’re going to be ok.

As of this moment, I have zero symptoms of anything unless one counts disdain for the US Media and their panic inducing, breathlessly fabricated fear mongering as a symptom of some virus.

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