WARNING: Thailand has Banned Single Use Plastic Bags as of 1 January 2020



All you late night partiers, who, like me, love to stop in Seven (7-11) or Family Mart at 0h Dark Thirty after a night of partying to pick up some late night goodies, BE WARNED.

If you don’t want to walk home with hand fulls of coke bottles, water bottles, candy bars and chip bags, remember to bring along a re-usable bag. Pack it up. Put it in your pocket. Either that or be prepared to buy a re-usable bag every night of your stay in LOS.

Same goes for all Department Stores and Food Markets like Villa Market, Foodland and Tops. They’ve all gone away from single use plastic bags.

I know some people think this is nonsense or stupid. I agree with the policy. I don’t agree with State mandates or the Government nanny Stating  all over people. Corporations should have come to this decision on their own.

I had already begun to limit my use of single use bags of any kind. I’ve been carrying my backpack with me for about a year now. It’s a little, very light, mesh bag that works for everything except for large purchases.

No, I don’t believe that man has as much affect on Climate Change as the Leftist, Socialists, Statists and Fascists who use Greta Thunberg as their little brainwashed puppet. That doesn’t matter. Plastics are horrible and we dump them everywhere. I’ve seen enough animals in the wild stuck in plastics to last me a lifetime. I’ve also seen way too many beaches covered in trash for my tastes. People who litter are disdainful turds who should be locked up inside their homes never to see the light of day (preferably by their family and friends).

Be responsible people or stay home.

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