One Shot, One Kill: Why Can’t American Law Enforcement Do That?

The Texas Church shooter was taken out with one, well aimed bullet to the head.





I have never seen a Police involved shooting start and end in 2.5 seconds with one bullet fired.

People, the experts and police apologists, tell me that it is because Police are under pressure.

Well, the guy who killed the Texas Church shooter was under immense pressure. Had he missed, he’d have likely drawn the fire of the killer.

Yet, you see in the video. The murder kills two men within seconds. Instantly, the Citizen raises up and advances towards the gunman whilst aiming and firing his firearm. One well placed bullet in the head later and it’s all over.

That never happens with the Police. They fire dozens of times endangering everyone around them. I don’t think Law Enforcement Officers even take the time to aim. Often times, I’ve read in the after action reports in the media that Police Officers shoot each other and THEN charge whomever it was that they were shooting at.

Are American Police undisciplined? Are they incompetent?

The guy who took out the shooter is an ex deputy sheriff, I’ve read. These guys are like Army reservists. They’re rarely as good as “the professionals”. Except this guy just put the “professionals” to shame in 2.5 seconds.

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