Good Guy with a Gun Stops Bad Guy with a Gun in 2.5 Seconds

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In a Texas church near Fort Worth, a good guy with a gun takes out a bad guy with a gun in 2.5 seconds.


The Left claims that this never happens.

Imagine if those Good Guys with Guns had been prohibited by a Beto O’Rourke fascist gun grab from carrying firearms into that church.

There would have been dozens killed.

This particular attempt at a mass killing involved a shotgun. Not the mythical “Assault Rifle” that Democrat love to use as a prop with which to fear monger the American people.

Every proponent of Gun Control should be hounded out of government. All of them should be shunned. All of them should be chased out of public spaces. They should all feel shame. Yet, they do not. These monsters hate Liberty. They know that the only way to maintain Liberty is a well armed populace. They would disarm Americans and remake us into Europeans and slaves for our own good.

Vote every one of the Gun Control cowards out of office in 2020. All of them.

They can move to China if they wish to live as slave.



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