Jesus was no Refugee


Joseph was traveling with his family within the Roman Empire. There would have been no border crossing.


Screen Shot 2019-12-27 at 9.36.49 AMStop lying, Democrats!  Stop lying, Pete Buttigeig! Stop It! Stop it!  SOP IT!

In the Bible, Joseph was leading his family to his hometown for the Roman Census within the Roman Empire. Jesus would have been born a Citizen of Judaea which was a client State of the Roman Empire. Joseph was not poor. He was either a Stone Mason or a Carpenter in the town of Nazareth. He was probably a solid member of the Middle Class (if such had existed at that time). Jesus was not born to poverty. These are lies that Leftists like to use to spread their Orwellian doublespeak propaganda. Buttigieg is an obvious liar and spreader of lies, fabrications and deceptions. Apparently, he has more in common with Jussie Smollet than being homosexual. He creates his own “facts” as well.

By the time of Yeshua and Paul, the land of Israel (Judea and Samaria) had been part of the Roman Empire for several decades. The first emperor, Julius Caesar, granted rights to Jewish communities because their ancestral laws predated RomeJews had legal privileges as a collegia (defined by Roman law as religious & legal entities), giving them the right to assemble, have common meals and property, govern and tax themselves, and enforce their own discipline.

All of this authority was placed under the auspices of the Synagogue and its legal body, the Sanhedrin. The Jews were also given exemption from military service and emperor worship. They were the only non-pagan religious group in the Roman empire to have these rights. Under Roman law, no new religions were allowed and all other religious societies (other than Judaism) were forbidden by Caesar to have presence in the city of Rome. All of these factors led to much resentment and the formation of a social anti-Jewish sentiment among the population. (1)

Joseph was not running from conflict, war, famine, drought or anything else. He was heading to his ancestral home to be counted because the Senate and the Emperor wanted a good count of the people in the Empire. It was a census. They weren’t be prosecuted. They were following the rules of the Nation in which they lived and of which they were members as recognized by Roman Law.

The State put Joseph and his Wife and Baby Jesus on the road and at that manger. The kind of State which Buttigieg and his ilk wish to impose upon the Free Citizens of the United States of America.

Why did they stay in a manger? Joseph was late and, apparently lacked planning ability,  and there was no room in what passed for hotels and inns in that age. Joseph asks for a room to rent. He’s not begging. He wants comfort and security for his wife and infant whilst on the road traveling.

They weren’t refugees. They were traveling and would return home to Nazareth once the census was finished. Once their obligations to the Senate and People of Rome had been fulfilled.

Again, Jesus was not a refugee. I’m not a Christian and I know this. Mayor Pete claims to be a Christian but, apparently, has never read the Bible or studied history.

This lets you know with a certainty that Democrats who sell this line of inane nonsense are not really Christians. If they were, they would know that Joseph was not a refugee fleeing some war torn city because of war. Caesar Augustus had granted Citizenship to the Provinces following the example of Julius before him. Jesus was born a Citizen of a client State in the Greatest Empire the Western World had known to that point.

Joseph lived in the Roman Empire. The Roman Empire at this time was at peace. Octavian had taken power during a war which, by the time of the birth of Jesus was over. Peace was in the land. Augustus was the Prince of Peace of his time. He brought a peace to the Empire that it had not known for 50 years or so.

Rome was stable at the time of the birth of the little Christ. Perhaps if Jesus had been born in the lands to the North of Rome, he might have been a refugee. Rome was on the march in the geo-political realm which we now call Germany and Eastern Europe.

The only refugees would have been OUTSIDE of the Empire. Perhaps in the bedouin world of the Arabs of Arabia not far off from Judaea or, as mentioned previously, in the Germanic tribal lands to the North.

Jospeh was traveling WITHIN the Roman Empire. Neither he nor his family were refugees.

Later, Joseph had to flee to Egypt because the State was attempting to murder his child. The State wanted to abort little baby Jesus and, according to Biblical lore, wanted to abort the Life of the Baby Jesus. They wanted to kill Baby Jesus before he could grow into a threat to the Empire or the safety of the Jewish Elite in the Province of Judaea. Depending upon whom you believe.

A more apt comparison would be the The Democratic Party to the Pharisees.   These leaders of Roman controlled Judaea were the Rulers and Judges who exercised local power at the behest of Rome. That is the better comparison here. Progressives persecute the followers of Jesus in our age all the while pretending to be Christians themselves.

This misconception of Jesus as a refugee is a perfect example of Progressive arrogance, ignorance and devious deception. We have an open homosexual who claims to be a Christian telling devout Christians that they aren’t Christian enough because the wish to not be controlled by an all powerful State. Liberty is an evil to Buttigieg. Giving more control and power to the State, he says, is the Christian thing to do. Buttigieg pretends to be Christian. What he truly worships is the State.

I am not Christian. Even so, I can read the Bible. In the Bible, homosexuality is called Sin. There is no refining it. There is no way to argue this. Homosexuality is Sin. It is called abomination. Therefore, in accordance with the Bible and the professed belief of Mayor Pete, he is in a constant state of Sin. Yet, he wishes to lecture others on Christianity based upon this Progressive fabrication that Jesus was a refugee.

Buttigieg uses Christianity. It is a tool for him. He’s no more Christian than I am.

I’ve never understood why Homosexuals have such a great desire to please a mythological creature who hates them and calls them abominations and considers their very existence a sin. It’s a self hating form of cognitive dissonance.

The thinking must go somewhere along these lines:  “I’m Christian and God hates me because I’m homosexual. Therefore, I can stop hating myself because God does it for me. AND I can use this same God to express my hatred for my fellows in humanity for not accepting me as a homosexual.”



Jesus was a Citizen.

Jesus was not born into poverty.

Mayor Pete is attempting to deceive

you because he is a Progressive prevaricator.



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