The “OK” Symbol

download (2)Every time the @DNC   and the looney Left goes, well, looney over a new word or symbol being coopted by neo-Nazis or some fringe lunatic racist group, they give those groups power. How are they so ignorant that they do not understand this?

People have been using the OK symbol since I was a child.

People have been playing the “Circle Game” and beating hell out of each other since I was a kid.

At least.

For about a decade now, people have been using that same hand signal when they make a three point shot in basketball.

Suddenly the Lunatic Left sees half a dozen morons in neo-Nazi uniforms using that same symbol/signal and it is now super duper officially a neo-Nazi, White Power signal.

These same Leftist ignore the extensive use of this symbol when Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama Joe Biden and any other Leftist Socialist minion uses it BUT go off road insane when anyone else uses it.

The Left doesn’t seem to understand that they lend these meaningless groups power when they assign THEIR meaning to symbols.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez,  Nancy Pelosi and their minions at MSNBC and CNN give these groups more power and legitimacy than they could have ever hoped to have every time they reference them and give power to their usage of language.

It’s time to get these morons out of Washington and out of the Media. These people empower the fringe racists and bigots whom they pretend to oppose. I firmly believe that Nancy Pelosi, AOC and the Democratic Party wish to legitimize these fringe groups so that they can say; “See, I told you so.”

The Left is a sick group of people who need therapy.


download (6)

OK.  If Sharpton uses it, I believe it is racist.

Black Power logo

Black Power –Acceptable .   White Power — Unacceptable .  HUH???



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