Poverty Is and Shall Be Until Humans No Longer Exist

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This is a lie. Poverty cannot be eradicated.

#Poverty will never end. Poverty is the baseline of human existence. Humans are born into poverty. Humanity came into being in poverty. Everything outside of poverty must be created, earned, built. No human deserves poverty. No human deserves more than poverty. Poverty simply is. It cannot be eradicated anymore than breathing or the body’s need for H20 can be eradicated.

All humans are born into poverty. Familial wealth or lack thereof matters not. At any moment, an infant can be thrust out of familial affluence into the chaos that is human existence. Stark naked poverty is the essence of the human experience.

Poverty is as ineradicable as ignorance. Rome rose and became one of the greatest civilizations in history. Still there was poverty and ignorance within the Roman world. Rome fell and all that it was and all that it overcame was lost. A few lucky, opportunistic citizens of Rome escaped the chaos, poverty and ignorance that followed the fall of Rome. These persons and their families became the ruling classes of what followed Rome. Poverty and ignorance multiplied again.

Just as Rome fell, Western Civilization will fall. When it does, poverty and ignorance will again multiply and become dominant. This is the history of humanity. We build greatness. Then we find a way to undo ourselves. Usually our undoing is Liberalism or what some call Progressivism. The West is fading now. Poverty will not be eradicated. The fall of the West brought on by self hatred and denial of the cultural greatness that made the West possible will propagate poverty and its sister ignorance. The Left, as evidenced by what is happening in the large American cities and the State of California, is accomplishing the very opposite of their supposed goals.

Poverty can be temporarily alleviated or ameliorated. Yet, there will be no end to it until there is an end to us.

The only way to eliminate poverty is to eliminate humanity.

Thus there is no way to eradicate poverty. For if humanity does not exist, neither do our philosophies and ideologies.

Those who wish to rid the world of poverty have only one plan. To create the all powerful State. A State that powerful is a danger to all of humanity. A State that powerful is the end of humanity.

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