American Lynchings & Bobby Rush


Congressman Bobby L. Rush

Asian, Hispanic and White Americans were lynched in America as well as Black Americans.

That doesn’t matter. It only matters if one have the correct skin color. That seems racist to me. #Racism #InstitutionalRacism

No one knows the exact numbers of lynchings that occurred in the United States. However, it is estimated that there were around 6,000 between the end of slavery up until the 1960s. I’m not certain why the estimates always start AFTER the end of slavery but…they do. Not my decision. I would think that any extra-judicial killing in any era would be horrific. The Justice of the State is usually horrific and perverted enough. Mob justice…much more so. Such is the case if one is Black, White, Chinese, Christian, Muslim, Homosexual, Straight, Republican, Democrat, Libertarian or Tulsi Gabbard.

Of the lynchings that occurred in the US, around 60 percent of the victims were African Americans or Black Americans. The other roughly 40% were said to be White Americans. I’m certain these numbers are off, though, as they rarely take into account Asians and others who were in the US at that time.

Chinese were treated with rough “justice” during that timeframe. The lynch mob took after many a people in the West and there weren’t a whole lot of Black people in the area in that time frame as most Black Americans were living in the South up until the early to mid 20th Century. One could be hanged in the old West for being a horse thief or murder or, well, at the behest of any judge wishing to build a hard reputation. Most don’t count hangings at the hand of the Law as lynchings. Yet, I see the Law as more or less a lynching for anyone who isn’t wealthy.

Representative Bobby Rush doesn’t care about any of that, though. He certainly doesn’t care about any Chinese who were lynched in America. That doesn’t serve his purpose or his Masters. The only lynchings that matter to Bobby Rush or the Democratic Party are those of Black Americans. This helps their numbers. It keeps the primary victims down and out. It keeps the primary victims of the DNC in line. Towing that party line. Voting Democrat. That is all that matters. Bobby’s Democratic Masters certainly do not want you reading that the South was controlled by them when these lynchings were taking place. Please don’t remember that. Hillary, Bernie, Liz and Joe do not want you to remember the real history of the DNC.

America is odd in that we, so often, think in terms only of Black and White. We forget that there have been others in this Nation.

For instance, there have always been the Indians and Hispanics. How many of those folks were lynched in that same time period. Before and after…?

Yet, we pretend that lynching was some kind of Blacks only horror. I suppose it makes it easier to continue to make Black Americans feel the vicim. Victims are much easier to disempower, to disenfranchise and control. This is why the Democratic Party is forever telling Black Americans that they are victims.

To the Democratic Party, the Black American will always be a slave and the DNC will always be the Master.

Isn’t it odd that Bobby Rush just stated that all Black people look alike.

The Party of Bobby Rush was, in fact, in control of the South 1877 all the way up to the 1960s when all of those Black Americans were hanged by the neck in those lynchings. Again, just forget that.

Lynching, or Mob Justice, as it was called in that era was horrific for any of its victims. None more-so than the victims of the Mob who were innocent. We could take a lesson from this in our era of virtual lynchings where guilt is presumed regularly upon any accusation from a pre-approved political group or individual.

What is justice in America? Does Justice exist in America? It seems to me that the Lynch Mob still exists and is still a weapon of the Democratic Party.

Some things never change…

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