The Islamic Republic of Egypt is NOT Pharaonic Egypt

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Egypt is upset that a “King Tut” artifact was sold by Christie’s auction house in London. 
I don’t see it. The Islamic Government of Egypt has no more legitimate claim to Pharaonic Egypt than did France, England or the Mongols. Egyptians themselves sold much of this to outsiders. The government of Egypt now extant is not an extension of Pharoanic Egypt. This government is Islamic. If this Egyptian government goes full Sharia, they’ll destroy all of these ancient Egyptian artifacts because of Sharia.

As the current nation of Turkey has absolutely nothing to do with the Greek, Roman or Eastern Roman civilizations that existed in the area before Muslims conquered and occupied Constantinople, this current iteration of Egypt has absolutely nothing to do with and nothing in common with that of ancient, pharaonic Egypt. It would  be hilarious to make a connection.

The governments that now stand atop Cairo and Constantinople are as much thieves and interlopers as Britain, France or any other colonial power from Europe. They are all foreign to the area. They all conquered those places. They all occupied those places.

Britain or France have as much claim to those artifacts as the current occupational States of Egypt and Turkey. The only thing that the current Egyptian government has in common with Pharoanic Egypt is the name.

That Muslims stole the name Egypt and used it for legitimacy does not make Egypt any more legitimate than the Palestinians calling themselves Palestine or if the Israelis had called their State the Kingdom of Judea. Egypt is not really Egypt. They are Arabic Islamic occupiers who use an ancient name as propaganda.

If they are real Egyptians, they should throw off the yoke of Islam and reopen the altars to Osiris, Isis, Amen-Ra and the other Egyptian Gods. Otherwise, they are simple occupiers and propagandists.

#FreeOccupiedConstantinople #FreeMemphis #FreeLuxor #FreeThebes #FreeMakkah #FreeDamascus #FreeLondinium #FreeGaul #FreeTroy #FreeCarthage 


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Constantinople before it was colonized and occupied by Muslims and renamed Istanbul


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