The NCAA is a Basket Case

87696bd8-c033-4c45-a254-fe897ff65d2b-Howard_053019_kdseqnsseqn_4I hate the way the NCAA censors and erases history. Those games happened. Those schools should be able to proudly display accomplishments…even if they were “tainted” by scandal.

The favored treatment of UCLA, John Wooden, UNC, Duke and Coaches Smith and Krzyzewski are cases in point.

All schools have had scandal. Yet the NCAA simply ignores those scandals. These are clear cases of favorable treatment.

It would seem to me that if there was anything closely resembling consistency in what is considered “justice” in the NCAA, UCLA, Wooden, UNC, Smith, Krzyzewski and Duke would all have wins, seasons and Championships erased.

With Juwan Howard returning to Michigan as the head coach of the basketball team, the NCAA should take time to address these issues with Michigan, the Fab 5 and the rest of the collective that is the NCAA Basketball union.


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