Americans Are Hypocrites

In times of national emergencies such as would have to occur for a draft, the standards would be lowered. Women will be pressed into the Infantry enmasse. Many women who simply should not be anywhere near a battlefield.

Result – Lots of dead women on the battlefield causing lots of dead men on the battlefield.

We won’t learn the lessons the easy way. We never do.

We need a Kasserine Pass or a Ticonderoga or a Pearl Harbor or a 9-11.

That’s why the politicians and other leaders of this country stand by and allow these events to occur.

There has to be an event that shocks America out of complacency and self righteous ideologies…out of their false sense of security. Unfortunately, the effects of these events (that we call tragedies) are short lived and Americans fall back into their self righteous, indignant cocoons within five years.

Witness the “torture memos” and the reactions to them in 2005 vs 2010.

After 9-11, it was “do whatever is necessary to make us safe.” In 2010, it was “how could America be involved in torture? How could America play loud music and keep those poor terrorists awake for more than 8 hours a night. How could you savages waterboard those poor terrorists!?! America is better than that!!!”

Americans are full of shit 90% of the time and get their shit together for a short time ONLY AFTER some event awakens them to the realities of life and this mean ass, violent world.

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