Equality is a Sham

Male equals female

All people are equal or should be treated equally in so far as Civil and Human Rights are concerned.

However, the Left does not stop there. The Left wants equal outcomes. That is IMPOSSIBLE. Not improbable but impossible.

No two people are alike. Inequality is inherent in the human condition. The default for all Humans (Homo Sapiens) is poverty. No human is born with wealth or a place in life. All is given after birth or earned after birth.

The peasant who becomes King or the scion of wealth who becomes a pauper all entered life naked and exposed. That moment, we are all equal. After that, much depends on self initiative and/or the initiative of those to whom we are born.

Equality of outcome is a pipe dream unless we are going to disable some purposely so that they cannot achieve.

Life is neither fair nor equal. Humans are the same.

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