Donald Trump is Insane ** HUAWEI **



The Trump Administration has requested that Canada detain a Foreign National and CEO of a Chinese Multinational Corporation. 

This act is insane and endangers every Citizen of the United States who travels outside of the United States.

Even travel through Canada is now a journey fraught with peril. If a Chinese Exec and Citizen of China can be detained and extradited for breaking laws of the United States of America, any Citizen of the United States can be detained and extradited to China or Russia or Saudi Arabia in like manner.

Dare to speak in terms considered blasphemy to Iran or Saudi Arabia, those countries can, by Trumpian precedent, now request that you be detained in Canada and request your extradition.

Trump has opened Pandora’s box on the International Stage.

Any Soldier who has committed a “crime” in any country in which he/she served in combat during any conflict can now be detained and extradited in any country at any time.

Donald J. Trump should be removed from office. He is a clear and present danger to all Americans everywhere in the World.

The detention of Huawei Technologies Exec, #MengWanzhoum, is a fearful precedent being set by the Madman in Chief of the United States of America.

Using this precedent, any State in the world at any time can detain any human being and citizen of any other State for any crime or no crime. Merely a suspicion or a vague accusation is necessary. These acts set the stage for any and every Citizen of the United States to be held for any reason up to and including simple acts of retribution.

If this stands, no Citizen of the United States or any State is safe when traveling in the world.

President Donald J. Trump is not President of the World. He is not the ordained master of the world. He is endangering every Citizen of the United States and he has not the courage or the intelligence to think through this incompetent, erroneous and dangerous act.

Trump is making the world unsafe for the Citizen of the United States. A greater danger is that a move such as this would be undertaken with Trump being left in the dark.

This is an intolerable act and, the act in and of itself, should be grounds for Impeachment.


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