“Indigenous” People’s Day




I have no problem with getting rid of Columbus. However, I have questions?

WHO was here first?

I’m not asking who was here with Christopher Columbus arrived. Who was in the area that now comprises the United States, Canada, Mexico and the rest of the Americas first?

Does anyone know this?

Who of these so called “indigenous peoples” were simply folks who conquered, raped and pillaged BEFORE the arrival of Europeans?

There are theories about the land bridge. There are theories about Phoenicians arriving thousands of years ago. There is evidence of Welsh, Vikings, Romans, Jews, Chinese and others arriving before the 1492 expedition.

Who was here first? Who migrated to the Americas peacefully and inhabited lands in which no Homo Sapiens had existed before?

When someone can tell me that, I’ll be interested in celebrating THOSE people.

Everyone else were simply conquerors of another era who have no justification for whining that someone else came and took from them what they had previously taken from others.



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