Palestine was NEVER a Nation

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Palestine has never existed as a State.

It was a Province of Rome, of the Ottoman Empire, of other Arab Islamic and Turko/Kurdish Islamic Empires.

Palestine has always been a tool of Empires.

That is the funny part.

All of the ignorant Leftist fools who are against Imperialism and Colonialism have championed THE longest existing tool of Empire still extant.

Palestine was created by Rome to punish the Jews. The Roman Empire in the East ultimately fell to the Islamic EMPIRE. Various Islamic Empires rose and fell over the centuries after the fall of the Eastern Roman Empire. They all kept the Palestine name for that Province.

That province was NEVER a State. It was never a Nation.

Yet, most Leftist Social Justice Warriors are too stupid to realize that they’ve been duped.

Israel has committed no crimes that every other Nation now extant and in history have not committed. By virtue of being American, Syrian, Egyptian, Iraqi, Chinese, Russian, English, British, Canadian, Mexican, Irish, Scottish or any other member of any other Nation-State, you are guilty of the same crimes of which you accuse Israel.

Except…the Western Social Justice Warrior pretends that they are better because they are willfully ignorant of your own history.

Show me one Islamic nation now or in history that has not committed the same “crimes” as Israel. You will have to lie to do so.

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