Light Fighting is only for the Home Team


I think that there is a place for the old NTV and the old light, unarmored HMMWV type vehicles.

We have weighted down our forces so much so that we are no longer agile in great part because we [our political leaders] are frightened to death of casualties of any sort.

Though, part of the reason for this is that most of our wars are not wars that are “of necessity.” Most of our wars are not for defense of the Nation or against existential threats.

The wars with which our politicians and Presidents have involved us since the end of World War II have been either political or commercial wars. There has not been a true threat to the US since the American Civil War.

Not even World War II was an existential threat to the United States of America even though the American people were fooled into thinking that it was. Neither the Germans nor the Japanese had a force capable of invading and conquering the United States of America.

Politically, a light force with lightly armored pax and vehicles is non-viable for the US Military today because politicians cannot afford high casualties because all of our wars are motivated by economics as opposed to a real, existential threat.


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