I Hate Keanu Reeves


I near people say some form of this all too often.

I don’t get it.

I like him.

He’s a character actor. Nothing wrong with that.

John Wayne was the same. Stoic figures and such.

I don’t get the “I hate ………” actor or music group.

OK. Don’t spend your money to see their movies and STFU.

What have you created? What have you done in your life? What have you done with your life? Who have you touched? How many lives have you touched in a positive manner?

If you can’t answer those questions and say that you’ve accomplished any of these things, you should really fuck off somewhere and figure out why you have wasted your life whilst the people whom you are whinging and moaning over have done SO FUCKING much more than you.

Last thing. If you are a Celebrity Worshiper or someone who pays so close attention to the lives of Actors, Musicians and other celebrities whom you do not personally know and have come to hate or Love them, you need to get a life.

P.S. this is directed at no one in particular. Pls feel free to take offense but only if you are guilty of being a selfish shit?




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