White Nationalism ~ The Rise of the Crackers!

blanatI keep asking this and no one wants to answer.

If Jewish, Arab & Chinese Nationalism as well as Black Nationalism are seen as ok and/or normal, why is White Nationalism bad?

That’s quite a double standard.

Jewish people can have their own Nation.

Black people can have their own Nation.

Chinese people can have their own Nation.

Thai people can have their own Nation.

Japanese people can have their own Nation.

Arab people can have their own Nation.

Muslims can have their own Nation.

Hindus can have their own Nation.

The only people who are thought to be RACIST or BIGOTED for desiring a Nation of their own are those of European Descent.

I’m a bit confused by this.

Personally, I don’t want a White Nation. If I have a Child, he or she will be half White and Half Asian (Thai).

Still, I want an answer to this question.

Why can all of the peoples of the Earth yearn for a Nation of their own filled with peoples like themselves and it be understood and compassion for these peoples felt EXCEPT FOR WHITE PEOPLE?

One of you Progressives or Liberals or whatever you wish to call yourselves, pls answer.

For that matter, there is a Jewish Nation. There are Buddhist Nations. There are Muslim Nations. These are seen as normal and no one bats an eye.


Do I have “Whiteness?” I don’t even think of myself as White. I think of myself as Homo Sapiens.

Yet, there is only one Christian Nation to my knowledge — Armenia. I’m not going to look it up. There aren’t many. Muslim Nations have cornered the Market across the Middle East and stretch into Asia, Europe and Africa. Yet, if a people were to arise and call for a Christian Nation, the Left would cry BIGOTRY. Actually, the less intelligent amongst the Left would cry Racism despite the fact that most religions are composed of multiple races.


There are Black Nationalists. There are Chinese Nationalists. There are Arab Nationalists. There are Islamic Nationalists.

Not a single Progressive will speak out against these folks.

Yet, a White Nationalist is the personification of evil.

Pls explain.

On a different note, does Donald Trump know any other adjectives? Everything is Great! Is The Donald really Tony the Tiger?


2 comments on “White Nationalism ~ The Rise of the Crackers!

  1. History lesson alert!!
    Nazis, in the form of Einsatzgrϋppen, initially used very willing and energetic anti-Semitic or “Nationalist” groups within the states they’d conquered to conduct mass killings of Jews in Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine Hungary, Romania, Belarus)(Jews were seen as a race). Eventually they employed German SS and Wehrmacht personnel, and finally death camps to execute the orders detailed in the Wannsee conference – the extermination of European Jewry.

    The stench of this evil, which was both calculated and savage, will hopefully forever be burned into the minds of all people of European descent, as a warning about the hazards of ethnic prejudice and actions which can flow from that mindset.

    Combine this idea with the concept of miscegenation (race-mixing) which was forbidden under Nazi law, which was illegal in the southern states of the US until the 1960’s and also illegal in South Africa until the end of apartheid, the idea of ethnic purity expressed by white people becomes suspicious.

    Then, add how many white nationalist groups in the US and Europe look upon Hitler favorably and you might understand why white nationalism is viewed with such profound disgust.

    • You’ve apparently not read a single book about World History.

      The History of the World is replete with violent nationalist movements.

      China has had several.

      Southeast Asia has had several. Talk to the Hmong about Lao Nationalism. Speak to the Thai about Nationalism and violence. Travel to Malaysia and Indonesia. Ho Chi Minh was first and foremost a Nationalist. Rwanda had a whole genocide in the 90s based around Nationalism. There is also Cambodia/Kampuchea and Myanmar. Head east towards Iran and Saudi Arabia. They are in the midst of a series of Nationalist violent encounters. Turkey was built upon a nationalist movement and conspired with Iraq and Syria to keep the Kurds suppressed.

      I don’t know what histories you may have read but, apparently, they were quite spare of detail.

      Travel down through South America. Violent Nationalism has resulted in the deaths of millions.

      The History of the World is replete with Nationalist violence.

      Any person who believes that the White version of Nationalism is uniquely violent is wholly ignorant of Human History.

      There’s your HISTORY LESSON.

      I got news for ya. Hitler’s minions used Jews as well as others such as the French and Eastern Europeans to conduct his mass killings. Jews were not his only victims.

      Then we have Jewish Nationalism and Arab Nationalism vying for highest death count and most virulent strain of Nationalist Hatred. Any person who can state with a straight face that the violence of White Nationalism it is viewed with profound disgust has not been paying attention to the Middle East and Central Asia over the past few decades.

      Also, we have the Balkans which are full of varying forms of Nationalism including Islamic.


      I smell the usual hypocrisy wafting about you.

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