Hillary’s Avoidance of FOIA


“Someone using the wrong email address…:”

The issue that most can’t seem to comprehend was the avoidance of FOIA. This is why Hillary had her own server.

SERVER…not email address. A whole Server for her State correspondence. Correspondence for the people, on behalf of the people. Correspondence that should have been available BY LAW to the people should they request it.

That was the issue.

She was actively breaking the law. She broke the law when she deleted those emails.

FOIA is the Freedom of Information Act. It is designed to make the Government more transparent.

Now, having read many of those emails, I fully understand why Hillary didn’t want the public reading them. They detail a State Department which was out of control. They detail her sordid CGI pay for play, money making scheme at the State Department. They detail her scamming the American people. They detail her stealing the primary.

So, no, it wasn’t a distraction for Americans. I can see how a partisan Democrat would think them a “distraction.” An American, however, sees the emails and the server for the threat to #Liberty that they were.

The Media purposely avoided this discussion.

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