Fame, Power, Fortune and Women

The Trump “Grab ’em by the pussy” statement is not untrue. I’ve seen it and experienced it in action. Women will do a lot of things to be associated or “get with” a powerful, famous or wealthy male. I know this for a fact. I’ve been mistaken for a wealthy and famous person before.

On one occasion, I was in a bar and talking to a guy about returning from Afghanistan. I couldn’t talk about what I did as it was confidential. After stating something to that effect, I was “accused” of being CIA or some kind of Secret Squirrel Operator (at the time, I was in really good shape…).

The rest of the night, women were throwing themselves at me. I could do anything I wanted that night. I got offers for some lust filled nights.

I’ve also been in places where people thought I was an NFL player. I don’t know why. I could pretty much do anything I wanted in those moments. When I was in the The Old Guard, I had women put their phone numbers in my pocket. Women would drive by our barracks and flash their boobs at us. I’ve also hung out with College Basketball Players. Women were throwing themselves at me thinking that I was one of them.

When women find out that I’m a published author, they act differently towards me (and my book is far from a best seller…).

I’ve also hung out with some heavy hitters in places like Cambodia.

Women act completely different towards you when they sense power, fame or fortune.

I’ll note here that in the video in question, Trump never says that he will grab or has grabbed any female by the pussy. He stated that women will allow famous men to do anything. He qualified that by using an example which was “grab ’em by the pussy.” Most of the media and Hillary Clinton’s crew of imbeciles and decepticons are running with a statement contrived by them to obfuscate the truth.

The people feigning shock at Trump’s statement are engaged in deceit, faux outrage and outright denial of reality.




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