Mexico Was a Colony of Spain


Those were never the borders of Mexico. Those were the claimed borders of the Spanish Empire. Completely different claims. Britain, France and Russia claimed parts of those lands for hundreds of years as well. The Map and the MEME are propaganda and lies.

Does that mean that it is going to be a province of Spain again? You know…because in 1784, Mexico was a Spanish Colony. Not an independent nation. New Spain aka New Mexico was ruled by slightly darker Europeans until the revolutions of the early 1800s.
After that, it was ruled by descendants of slightly darker Europeans who were not much different in skin color. Even now, the Affluent Elite are mostly the Castilian Caste (Mexican citizens of European descent) of Mexico. These people proudly trace their lineage straight back to Old Spain and the Proud Empire that crushed the locals over the course of three centuries. They make up somewhere around 20% of the population of Mexico.
“To keep power, the Spanish and criollo elite perpetuated the idea of ‘Spanish’ being equivalent to ‘civilized.'”
They have those same prejudices in China, Thailand and, yes, even in Africa.
All of this fake gnashing of teeth pretending that the United States and Europe are the only nations who have prejudicial notions based on skin color is based on ignorance.
Having traveled to many of these nations AND studied their cultures through reading and discussion with locals, I can say definitively that color based preferences are universal.
The Liberal, though, rarely takes time to research these things. The Liberal works from a point of ignorance of the world around him/her. The Liberal thinks about the world through a perception of guilt. This is arrogance for the Liberal thinks that by self blaming, he is made a better human. When the Liberal points out the sins of his own people, he feels that this elevates him/her.

It does not. It simply highlights their ignorance about the world around them. Many Liberals are willfully obtuse. They do not wish to know about the world. They wish to project their preconceived notions upon all of the peoples of the world and they think themselves superior for having done so.


Imperialism is based on economics. Race may be an excuse as is religion but it is never the actual reason.

The map has the year 1784. The map does not have the year 1848. 

Mexico was a nascent nation even then with factions fighting for control. Aside from that, Texas had already fought for and gained independence prior to that time. Therefore, not all of those lands were taken from Mexico. Mexico only became a Nation and is now only a Nation because of Spanish (European) Imperialism.
In taking lands from “Mexico,” these United States acted no differently than any other Nation on this planet. They acted no differently than the Mexicans themselves. Texas independence was fought by Locals as well as immigrants. It wasn’t a White vs Brown War. Although, today’s propagandists will have us think such was the case. The Texan Army was made up of White, Brown and Red people.

Who says that Mexico had more right to exist than we had to take those lands?

What mystical fairy can we call upon to make Mexico’s Imperial case over America’s Imperial case?

Mexico was never a Nation until the people who wanted it to be so made it so through violence. How is their violence more ethical than ours?

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