Trillary is Evil


Trillary is evil.

She is no better than Hump and Hump will be no worse than Trillary.

Hump wants to deal with Russia and China.

Trillary wants to wage war upon them. Economic, if possible. Real World Conflict, if she must.

Trillary will expand the “War on Terror.” She will draw the US deeper into conflict.

Trillary is a Neo-Con every bit as much as Dick Cheney. She even has her own War Profiteer Corporation called the Clinton Global Initiative which profits from misery, war, famine and catastrophe.

Much of our foreign policy revolves around the petrodollar. So long as we control the flow of oil, we are Masters of Global Commerce. We, the US Gov’t, cannot abide independence out in the global realm. Therefore, we war upon or sow chaos wherever we cannot persuade. If they will not heed and heel, they reap our whirlwind.

evil-hillaryThe folly of that is the rise of groups like ISIS.

They are our creation.

One can thank FDR, Truman, Kennan, Ike, Dulles Bros and on up to Clinton, Bush and Obama. Of course, Trillary has voted for, supported and pushed for these actions in her term as Senator and SecState.

And the Clinton Global Initiative profits from it and spreads largesse to cronies across the globe.

So long as people vote for personality and propaganda as opposed to policy, it shall be so.

A vote for Trillary is a vote for the status quo. Sure, it gets a woman in the White House. A woman who is as much Neo-Con as Dick Cheney. A woman who has never met a war she would not support. A woman who has ties to an organization in the CGI that is no different than and, actually, much more nefarious than Halliburton could hope to be.

But…that is apparently what the Democrats want now.

As long as the poor and minorities get a few crumbs and they can look good by taking in a few thousands of refugees who are likely to cause all sorts of interesting problems which will lead to greater centralization and more power for the Federal Government.

I suppose if one cares not for Liberty and only for faux equality of the masses excepting the elite, it makes sense.




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