Mainstream Fear: Vote Third Party


Democrats and Republicans fear alternative voices. They fear real talk. They fear truth.

A vote is supposed to be personal. It should be driven by one’s conscience. Not by the collective.

No vote should be given to a party simply because otherwise “it would be wasted.” No valid human in a Representative Republic should vote for a Candidate simply because the dominant parties feel that they should or demand that they do so.

Democracy is one person, one vote. We live in a Representative Republic. It’s not a collective. That’s communism and socialism. In the United States, the minority is supposed to be protected from the majority. Hence, we are not a pure democracy.

Democrats and Republicans are arrogant. They are Statists. They worship the State and hate Liberty.

Vote 3rd Party and be proud of it. Eventually, one of the 3rd Parties will rise high enough to knock the (D) and the (R) down. We need this. America needs this. The people need this.

Vote Third Party!




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