Norway ~ The Great White Hype


The Left goes on and on complaining about White People, Old White men, White this and White that…

They bitch about ‪#‎WhitePrivilege‬.

They tell us all of our problems were and are created by White people.

Coz Whitey is BEE–AY–DEE…BAD!!!


They turn right around and tell us that we should be more like Norway.

Norway is one of the Whitest fucking Nations on the Whole Motherfucking Planet.

Up to and possibly exceeding 90% Crackerdom.

Another Nation mentioned is Iceland. It is also over 90% Cracker.

So, mayhap, you Lefties and LibDems are just a bunch of racist bastards afterall.

Why aren’t you pointing to all of the great success stories on the African Continent? You racist sumbitches!



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