Evil is a Religious Fabrication


Evil was created by religion.

Men are creatures who live in duality. We are good and bad. We are never all of one or the other. I know of no perfectly good creatures. I need no God to explain this to me. I need no God to pretend to allow me free will only to punish me for exercising same.

Evil is and has always been based on perception.

There are very few actions which are considered evil universally.

You might say murder. Yet, the State, which is the true religion of every age, has murdered millions and called it good and necessary. We kill to eat. We cause directly and indirectly the death of millions in the name of profit, greed, religion, love, envy and all manner of things.

Murder, it would seem, is only evil when committed by an individual against the will of the State or Religion.

Theft is another. Yet, the State and the Church have stolen trillions from humans. Taxation is theft in the guise of State mandate. It is backed by violence.

Rape, pillage, plunder and slavery have been considered both evil and a right of conquest.

What evil is there that has always and is always evil?

There exist none.

Evil is what we consider it at a particular time and place.

Homosexuality was/is considered evil. Marrying outside of one’s race has been considered evil. Sex outside of marriage has been considered evil.

Women were persecuted for centuries for having sexual intercourse outside of wedlock. If found to be soiled on the wedding night, it was permissible to murder young women who did not show first blood.

What is evil? What has always been evil?

Can you truly say that anything is evil and always evil?

Satan is a figment of the religious imagination. He does not exist. If he did, he is not evil for he is a creature of God. If God created him, he cannot be evil. He may be fallen but we are all redeemable…even the angels.


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