Why Germany Refuses to Play a Bigger Role in NATO

NATO should be disbanded. We waste bBillions on OTAN.
Billions of American tax dollars wasted on European Defense. The Euros are affluent enough and recovered enough from World War II to defend themselves.
The US should retreat from Europe. We should not lift a finger in European defense unless they pay for it.
If they start another World War, the US should stand by and watch as they destroy themselves again. In no way should America allow another Wilson or FDR to emerge and bamboozle us into another European debacle. I don’t care if Putin nukes Berlin. That is a European problem.
We can sit by and wait. Once they’ve finished demolishing themselves, they can pay us for the products and services necessary to rebuild what they have destroyed.
The monster lies dormant in Europe. 60 or 70 years cannot resolve 2000 plus years of psychopathy, rage, hatred, distrust and bi-polarity.
Personally, I think the current refugee “crisis” is awakening the monster. Not too much longer, a history blink of an eye, the great rage and antipathy of the people of Europe will awaken and the genocide will begin.
I don’t think the Muslims realize what they are doing to themselves. Many Muslims will die over the next three or four decades. They are setting themselves up for an Islamic Holocaust.
“Never again” has never solved anything. The Euros can pretend that they have evolved. Yet, they are human. They are still human. They will turn to violence. It has already begin in the North.
When it does happen, America should sit back and watch. We should not allow the Wilsonian Statists to drag us back to Europe. We should sit back and watch them burn.

The XX Committee

One of the stranger aspects of the slow-motion crisis over Ukraine caused by Russian provocations and aggression is the uneven response from NATO members. While Alliance states located closer to Russia, which experienced Moscow’s occupation during the Cold War, generally have taken the threat of aggressive Kremlin moves seriously – Poland and Estonia especially – the reaction of some NATO members has been lackluster. In particular, responses in Germany to the Ukraine crisis have been tepid, to use charitable language, and excessive sympathy for Moscow’s actions and attitudes is so commonplace that Germans have a word – Russlandversteher – for it.

Why Germany displays such misplaced sympathy for Russia, despite Kremlin misconduct in Crimea and eastern Ukraine, is a complex issue that is rooted deeply in German history, and cannot be divorced from the broader tendency to anti-Americanism that has become vocal in recent years. That said, Germany’s unwillingness to do…

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