Land of the Free!?!


The Commerce Clause and General Welfare Clause have proven to be dangerous phrasings that have been expansively interpreted by various persons and bodies in our government.

If America is to remain a free people, the State must be reigned in. If not, we will be free only in so much as the State allows.

I know that you believe that you are completely free and that you can do as you wish.

I beg to differ.

Corporations rule our Nation. Marijuana is illegal for one reason. The Dupont Chem. Corp. feared the competition of hemp. They lobbied congress and it became illegal along with marijuana.

We are now, 100 years later, finding that nearly everything our beneficent, honest and incorruptible government has stated concerning marijuana is a complete lie.

Heroin is illegal unless it has been synthesized by a Corporate Pharmaceutical giant, approved by a corrupt FDA and assigned to us by a State approved doctor.

You must wear your seat belt or face a fine. In some States, they have SWAT raided houses for 35USD electric bills.

The NSA eavesdrops on you. Local and State Police eavesdrop on you. The 4th Amendment is all but nullified today.

Political Correctness is corroding Freedom of Speech.

Our President has only recently killed American Citizens without due process, any trial. Nothing but his word and the word of a secret tribunal.

The War on Drugs has all but slaughtered the Constitution. The War on Terror has shredded the same.

But we are free.

As long as we do what we are told by the all knowing, all seeing State and respect the authority of jackbooted thugs with shiny badges.

Do these things not and you will be shot.

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