The Man Hug


How to correctly execute a proper Man Hug:

1. Approach your intended Hug Target.
2. Extend Right Hand and grasp Targets Right Hand Firmly. Keeping the clasped hands between you and the Intended Huggee will assist with the Correct Man Hug Posture.
3. Continue into a Hug like Posture.
4. Wrap Arm around intended target.
5. Arch back whilst thrusting derriere to the rear and at all costs avoiding groin contact.
6. Give a Hearty Slap to the Back. (No More Than Two Back Pats Allowed).
7. Slowly back away while sharing a knowing smile and avoiding eye contact.
(Do not allow cheeks to touch. At all costs avoid this.)
8. End of Exercise.


NOTE: The importance of avoiding groin to groin contact is paramount. Do not ever, EVER allow groin area to come within 4 inches of the groin of Hug Target. This will cause maximum discomfort for all involved. Friendships have been ended for lesser offenses.

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