Imaginary Race, Contrived Privilege

scientific_racism_irishWho said it was easy to be successful?

I would say that Michael Jordan would take umbrage of your characterization of his work ethic and that his path was easy.

Oprah as well. She fought tooth and nail to get her opportunities.

Luck is preparation meeting opportunity. You have to have the courage to take that step.

You have to make friends and win people over.

And, hell yes, it is difficult. Nothing in life is easy.

You start poor. You are different from society at large.

This is the same in any country.

Being a dark Thai in Thailand. Being a Khmer in any country in Southeast Asia including Cambodia. Being a dark Indian or an “untouchable” or other lower caste in India. Being from a minority ethnicity in China.

What you call “White Privilege” is merely being a member of the dominant cultural/national sect, tribe, religion or ethnicity.

This is why I do not subscribe to this lunacy. It may be “White Privilege” in America. However, in Malaysia, it could be called Chinese Privilege. In Thailand, it would be called Tai privilege. In Afghanistan, it is tribal privilege. In Russia, it could be Muscovite Privilege or Kievan Privilege. In Saudi Arabia, it might be called Wahhabi privilege or Arab Saudi privilege. In Iran, it would be Persian privilege. In Kenya, it would be the Kikuyu.

This is universal. This “privilege” exists in every nation on the planet.

No, American, you are not unique. Not even in your bigotry, racism or discrimination.

No, I’m not saying that it is just. I’m simply tired of the Liberal Leftist Fantasy that this is a uniquely American or uniquely White American trait.

Hard work can get you places. Smart work gets you further. Intelligent, creative work gets you even further.

Yes, having a silver spoon will set you far in advance of your “peers” in America and in every other nation on the planet.

Is it fair? Hell no! Is it life and has it always been the way of life on this planet? Hell Yes!

Will this change? Not likely.

The only way that prejudice, bigotry, discrimination end on this planet is if all humans perish. Every last one of us.

Racism is a contrived European Colonial Construct designed to do exactly what we are allowing it to do — DIVIDE AND CONQUER!

As long as the ignorant masses continue to play the race game, we lose.

Race as it exists today is an imaginary dividing line that was brought into existence by the Monarchs, Plutocrats and other Elites of Europe.

In Roman times, Romans considered themselves a race apart from the Greeks, Germanic Tribes, the Gauls, etc. Each of those considered themselves of different racial stock from Rome.

Prior to European Colonialism and the African Slave Trade, European Elites divided themselves “racially” from the peasants.

Now, they have the ignorant masses fighting each other over the color of their skins. How stupid do we have to be to continue to fall for this.

Yet, we revel in it.

White people think themselves superior to Black people. Black people hate Latinos and Koreans. Koreans hate everyone. Jews are reviled by the masses (although this predates the creation of Europe as a supra-National collection of monarch States). Everyone hates and distrusts everyone else and we point the finger at each other over slights real and imagined.

How pathetic are we!


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